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Instant Custom Boxes is your ultimate choice for wholesale custom boxes of all sizes, styles, designs, shapes, and colors. We are the leading wholesale distributors of custom CBD boxes, custom bakery boxes, custom cosmetic boxes, custom kraft boxes, and many more. We ensure high tech printing and premium quality materials to craft custom printed boxes with logo to fulfill your specific packaging needs. Contact us now for affordable customized packaging boxes in bulk at 50% discount. Get free shipping across the globe! 

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An Extensive Selection of Custom Boxes With Logo

At Instant Custom Boxes, we provide a vast range of custom boxes. Explore our extensive selection to choose your desired packaging style, design, size and color. We let you request a free quote. Simply enter dimensions, and our expert professionals will come up with a free quote. No matter what your industry or business is; we have perfectly customized packaging boxes to suit your product offerings. Some of our endless variety of wholesale custom boxes include:

  • Custom CBD Boxes

  • Custom SBS Board Boxes

  • Custom Bakery Boxes

  • Custom Kraft Boxes

  • Custom Mailer Boxes

  • Custom Pizza Boxes

  • Custom cosmetics Boxes

  • Custom Soap Boxes

  • Rigid boxes & more.

Fast, Secure & Free Shipping Across the Globe!

Safe and secure movement of your products is extremely important for the reputation of your brand. The correct choice of packaging is a prerequisite for smooth delivery. Improve the efficiency and productivity of your packaging process with our support – you will save money and time with free and instant custom boxes delivery in the USA and Canada. We ensure rapid shipping without necessary delays. In addition, we provide free shipping of our custom boxes with logo with no hidden charges! 

Premium Quality Custom Packaging Boxes 

We use exceptional quality materials to manufacture our custom packaging boxes. Our cardboard boxes and custom kraft boxes are highly durable, environment-friendly, and ideal to keep your products secure and preserved. You can get your boxes shipped to your address. Simply order custom printed boxes online and have everything conveniently delivered to your door.

100% Eco-Friendly Custom Printed Boxes

Instant Custom Boxes crafts environment-friendly boxes while complying with the industry standards. Our custom packaging boxes, custom cbd boxes are made of quality materials with an eco-friendly interior to keep your food items and health products secure from potential damage. 

Our sustainable packaging is the ideal solution for all:

  • Restaurants

  • Bakeries

  • Retail

  • Cafes

  • And catering services.

Wholesale Custom Boxes at 50% Discount

Instant Custom Boxes is a wholesale supplier of affordable custom boxes. Our wholesale rates are the lowest in the market. You may also get an additional discount of 50% on wholesale orders. More importantly, there are no die and plate charges. So, pick your phone and call us now to place your order. Get free shipping as well. 

High-quality Rigid & SBS Board Boxes

For many years, our company has been manufacturing and selling rigid and SBS board boxes. We offer you to Order custom boxes with logo of various sizes. Our products are particularly reliable, durable and affordable. We work throughout the USA and Canada and will deliver your order to any location.

Get Biodegradable Box Packaging

The SBS board, and Kraft boxes are environmentally friendly and biodegradable material. In addition, it is best known for its durability and low cost. The advantage of Kraft boxes is that they are made from recycled waste paper. Thanks to this, the materials are absolutely safe for the environment, and their price is very affordable.

Customized Packaging Boxes – Unlimited Customization!

In our online shop you will find a large selection of different custom packaging boxes in bulk at low prices. Our extensive range offers you the right boxes online.

Whether gift boxes, custom bakery boxes, double wall pizza boxes, custom pizza boxes and much more. Our folding boxes are available in several types and shapes as well as in different sizes.

Custom boxes are more than just packaging. You are a first impression and there is no second chance for this.

Why Custom Kraft Packaging With Logo?

Custom Kraft is a universal solution for packaging various products. Over other materials, Kraft and custom rigid boxes have a number of advantages. Simultaneously, rigid box packaging is lightweight, flexible, easy to recycle, safe and environmentally friendly.

All Kraft boxes made in our company, in addition to the above advantages, have two more: they are of high quality and affordable price.

Why us?

Trading with our company will give you following benefits:

  1. Free Design Support!

  2. No Die & Plate Charges –

  3. Free Shipping!

  4. Free storage facility (terms and conditions apply)

  5. Eco-friendly Boxes

  6. biodegradable

  7. food-grade material

Instant Custom Boxes is your ultimate choice for precise custom packaging boxes, no matter what your product offerings are. Give us a call at (888) 801-6597 or email us at [email protected]  or [email protected] to connect with our expert professionals and place your order! 

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