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Custom Insert Boxes – The Creative Packaging Inserts!

Custom Insert Boxes, better known as packaging inserts, are creative packaging solutions. They ensure to keep your products secure within the packaging for a longer period of time. There are several types of packaging inserts such as paper inserts, foam inserts, and cardboard inserts. Apart from protecting your products, custom boxes with inserts enable you to present your products in a magnificent manner and provide a gorgeous unboxing experience.

Have multiple items to pack in a single box? At Instant Custom Boxes, we have you covered. Our custom display boxes with inserts serve as perfect ways to position your products in an effective manner. So, what about a fully customized box with an insert for your branding? Stop regular packaging and do something creative. Contact us now for incredible wholesale customized insert boxes precisely designed by measuring the shape and size of your products. Give us your specific requirements and let us fulfill your packaging needs!

Why Get Our Custom Printed Insert Boxes?

These boxes are not like other ordinary packaging containers, rather they are specifically assembled to give appropriate placement to the products. That’s why many people like to see their special items properly enclosed in these boxes. However, it is important to note that you can’t place your products or items in any kind of insert box.

Yes, as you see different internal designs of these boxes above, various insert designs are introduced in these boxes. Similarly, every box is specifically assembled to place a product with its related insert.

In order to tackle this problem, we are known as “custom” masters, and we can customize these boxes exactly according to your order. Our customization offer helps you order any size and design of boxes you want to pack your branded products.

In addition to this, you can choose the type of packaging material you want, and you can also print any exterior design for your boxes. We are experts in embossing & debussing and innovative UV spots, so all you have to do is tell your needs and we will ship you high-quality boxes with a free shipping offer.

Exclusive Box Inserts for Every Product You Have

At Instant Custom Boxes, we are proud to provide exclusive custom box inserts for every product you have. Even better, our packaging specialists are always ready to assist you in designing the perfect box you need.

Yes, whether you need custom mailer boxes with inserts, custom jewelry box inserts, or gift boxes with inserts, you can work with us to design your boxes. As a result, you can be assured that you will get the boxes you expected.

Custom Product Boxes with Inserts – Deliver a Premium Brand Experience

Having professional packaging will help you deliver a premium brand experience. No doubt, those customers will surely love the way you present your products inside the box. Yes, we are here to help you get the packaging inserts you need to display your products amazingly.

Fully Customizable Inserts

With us, you can customize your custom cardboard inserts with full print and designs that pair attractively. You can discover custom printing options you like to reflect the quality of your products inside.

Sturdy and Reliable Carton Inserts

You can get customized inserts according to the precise size of your products. By adding these inserts, you can keep your products secure in transit. Far better, these inserts will give your customers a truly memorable unboxing experience.

High-quality and Affordable Custom Package Inserts

As a reliable packaging supplier, we offer only high-quality and affordable insert boxes. When you choose us, you can expect to get the most exceptional quality custom packaging insert at low prices.

Here are convincing reasons to get your Cardboard box inserts from us!

We Deliver the Finest Quality Boxes with High Definition Print

You will get a faster and more cost-effective way to get high-definition designs on your printed packaging. All our packaging is printed with innovative printing techniques including digital and offset printing.

Our Color Models

  • CMYK

We use the most popular and cost-effective CMYK color model to print your box divider inserts.

  • PMS

If you wish to get accurate brand colors, you can go with our PMS color model.

Coating Options

We will add wonderful coating options to your custom shipping boxes with inserts. Eventually, these coatings will protect your boxes from scratches and scuffs.

  • Matte

To get a smooth and non-reflective look, matte coating is your best option.

  • Glossy

The shiny and reflective, glossy coating will make your boxes brighter.

  • Soft touch

This coating is quite the same as a matte option. However, by applying a soft-touch coating, your drawer-style box with an insert will feel like velvet.

The Immense Choice of Custom Insert Boxes!

At Instant Custom Boxes, you will find a significant selection of custom boxes with packaging inserts. Some of our masterpieces include custom boxes with cardboard inserts, custom boxes with card inserts, custom boxes with dividers, boxes with foam inserts, custom rigid boxes with inserts, and many more. Choose from this extensive selection of boxes or come up with your desired designs!

Customized Insert Packaging Boxes – We Create the Best Fit!

Want to get the best-fit customized insert boxes for your products? Simply give us a call and let us know your specific packaging needs. We are more than capable of crafting the best fit for your products. You can request a free quote. Fill in the dimensions on the form and get an instant quote for free. We have all the sizes, shapes, and colors to make the most stylish and eye-catching custom printed insert boxes. The customization is unlimited; come up with any packaging ideas and we can make it happen for you. Simple as that!

Custom Printed Insert Boxes with Logo – Leave Your Rivals Way Behind

At Instant Custom Boxes, we provide free graphic design support. We can print your company’s name, brand, or address on the boxes to make your customers remember the key information. Our custom-insert boxes with logos can serve as effective tools to promote your brand. Want to get ahead of your competitors?

Let us partner with you in increasing sales and enhancing brand recognition through this effective advertising strategy! You will be amazed to see how it works. We will be working and helping you finalize the best design with you side by side.

Your Products Are Secure With Our Premium Quality Custom Boxes Inserts

As stated, the purpose of inserts is for a reason and these inserts differentiate custom boxes from all other types of boxes. These inserts keep your products fit and secure in these inserts. We create high-quality Kraft, Rigid, cardboard, SBS board, and corrugated to secure your products from damage and make them more presentable and attractive. We have quality cardboard boxes and Kraft boxes that enhance the durability of packaging and safety of your products! Contact us for reliable and durable custom-designed insert boxes in bulk.

Get Innovatively Designed Custom Packaging Insert from Us

We understand that creating an ideal design for custom insert boxes is more than meets the eye. After all, different products come in various shapes, sizes, and weights. Thus, it becomes essential to use the right materials and construct sturdy structures to securely accommodate each product. Most importantly, we will ensure a precise fit between the insert and the outer box to complete it.

Expert Support at a Free Cost

Well, now you can forget to hire a packaging designer or buy some expensive equipment to design your boxes. By getting our professional design support for free, we will help bring your packaging vision to life.

Yes, you can work directly with our dedicated packaging experts to ensure your SBS box dividers are designed to be the perfect fit.

By designing your corrugated box inserts with your ideas, you can deliver a lasting impression and secure your product perfectly. Whether it’s paper, cardboard, or foam inlays, you can fully personalize your inserts to showcase your branding.

Gain Unified Experience from Mailer Box with Insert

Your packaging box and inserts go hand in hand when it comes to displaying your product. So, let us handle all of your packaging needs in one place for a perfect fit.

From careful crafting to dedicated artwork details, we guarantee you will get a precise fit for optimal product protection.

Wholesale Custom Insert Boxes at 50% Discount

First of all, it is important to inform you that we never compromise on quality. Therefore, we pick the best material to assemble high-quality boxes. However, our prices are always effective and the affordability of our packaging service makes us the number-one choice for custom-designed insert boxes. Our rates are significantly lower compared to others. Considering the quality of our packaging boxes with inserts, these prices are too economical. In addition, we lower your cost even further by providing a discount of 50%. Get your discount by placing your bulk order. Get our custom printed boxes wholesale with inserts and make sure you get all the boxes ticked.

More Benefits from Getting Our Custom Packaging with Inserts

Our custom insert boxes are a great way to add depth and nuance to your product packaging. Far better, these boxes will help you convey information and protect your products as needed. The best part is that our custom inserts will help you develop a connection with your customers. After all, we know that customers value authenticity, care, and transparency with brands.

Thus, we help you meet your customer’s expectations by adding that extra care to keep their purchase safe. At the same time, our Mailer inserts work well in communicating key information and adding to the overall feel of your packaging.

Here are some benefits of getting our custom insert boxes!

Elevated Unboxing Experience

Adding custom inserts to your packaging can greatly elevate the unboxing experience. This way, you will get the chance to connect with your customers on a higher level.

Product Protection Is Guaranteed

Inserts in the box are highly essential because they can help customers learn more about your brand. In addition, these inserts also play an important role in customer acquisition and retention. By using our customized insert, you can get peace of mind, knowing that your products will arrive safe and sound at customers’ doorstep.


Packaging inserts are a relatively cheap addition you can place inside your packaging. Even better, with us, you can weigh different options depending on your needs. Overall, our inserts will be the most affordable way to boost your unboxing experience.


Our custom box inserts are tailored to the precise size of your products. With these inserts, you can keep all your products secure in transit. Most importantly, these innovative inserts will help you provide a memorable display for your products during the unboxing.

In simple words, adding our custom inserts to your product packaging will be a great value-add for your business. Not only do these inserts elevate your unboxing experience. More than that, they will also make your customers feel taken care of and thought of in the design of your packaging.

No Die & Plate Charges – Free Shipping!

At Instant Custom Boxes, we make sure our packaging services are the most cost-effective. Apart from our economical insert boxes wholesale, we provide free shipping. If you place your order now, you can get free shipping to your doorstep. Also, the turnaround is faster than you expect just in 8 to 12 business days. One significant aspect of our packaging services is free graphic design support. There is no die-cutting or things such as die and plate charges.

Give us a call at (888) 991-1560 or email us at  to instantly place your order. We are always there for your assistance whether you connect with us via phone or email. Simply place your order and get your wholesale custom insert boxes to your doorstep instantly!

We are also offering Custom Kraft Boxes and Custom Cardboard boxes at the cheapest price. You can customize labeling and printing according to your requirements.

Our Easy Order Process

Instant Custom Boxes is a reliable name you can trust when it comes to getting premium quality custom insert boxes. By making us your packaging partner, you can display your products professionally.

So, if you are ready to place your order, here is our easy order process!

Decide the Size You Need

Tell us your product’s specifications and decide the size you need for your boxes. Our professionals will guide you thoroughly to get the accurately sized boxes.

Send Us Your Artwork File

If you wish to apply your ideas to your boxes, you can simply send us your artwork file. Or else, you can start a design project with our free design support. We ensure that you will receive a perfect packaging design to fit your products.

Get a Custom Quote for Your Order

Once you provide all the details, we will provide you with a custom quote to help you place your order for production.

Do note that we will not start production before your approval. So, when you approve our 3D mock-up design, we will then pursue designing your custom insert boxes. Typically, we need 8 to 12 business days to complete an order. Then, we will get your boxes through quality assurance testing to ensure their performance and durability. Finally, we will be happy to deliver your boxes to your address with our hassle-free shipping service.

Well then, no need to waste more time now. All you need to do is get in touch with our customer support representatives. We are available through email, live chat, and calls.