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Must Acknowledge the Significance Before Choosing Package!

Everyone knows that packaging is one of the crucial factors that shape the success & failure of any brand. So, we strongly recommend you notice the following vital points when you decide to order the boxes.

  • Relevancy: The boxes should be designed according to the nature of your products.
  • Quality: The boxes must be manufactured with high-quality material to provide maximum protection.
  • Affordability: The choice of packaging should be cost-effective.

Why Choose Us!

If you are searching for boxes that can provide ultimate protection to your products, then we are the best option for you.
We ensure relevancy & that’s why we have offered free designed support to our beloved clients. We don’t compromise on the matter of quality since it is something that has helped us gain a respected position in the market. However, price is the only thing about which we always compromise to make the cycle run for both of us.
Decades of experience have brought us to a position where every client returns with an appreciative smile to us every time.

Instant Custom Boxes – Your Destination For Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Instant Custom Boxes is a renowned distributor of custom rigid boxes wholesale. We are the leaders of the market when it comes to stylish and eco-friendly custom packaging. Our offices are located in Pleasanton, CA in the United States and East York, ON in Canada & we provide our services all over the world. Being a renowned packaging company all across the globe, we create custom rigid boxes infused with color, style, and reliability.
So, if you are looking for any design, style, and size of packaging boxes, we have you covered. Our custom printed rigid boxes are stronger for heavier items as well. No matter what your products or items are, Instant Custom Boxes is your destination. Connect with our personnel now and feel free to seek assistance with your packaging ideas!

An Extensive Range of Styles, Sizes & Shapes

The variety of custom rigid boxes is exceptionally vast at Instant Custom Boxes. Custom bakery boxes, custom cigarette boxes, custom regular rigid boxes are just a few examples. You can also go for custom boxes with lids; the choice is limitless! More importantly, we have all the styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. No matter if your products are too huge, we have customized boxes with solid and durable exterior and interior for your weighty products!

Custom Printed Boxes With Free Graphic Design Support

At Instant Custom Boxes, we provide free graphic design support to our customers worldwide. With our customization options, you can get a customized design. There is no lack of color, shape, or style. We can give you hundreds of packaging ideas and get everything printed on the boxes you want. Our top priority is to listen to your needs and requirements and then strive to fulfill them!

We know promotion or marketing is the crucial element that every brand struggle for. That’s why, our experts also help you imagine, design, and materialize the best boxes that may boost your conversions.

Ultra Premium Quality Packaging!

We never compromise on less than the best! At Instant Custom Boxes, the durability of our packaging is unmatchable. Our custom rigid boxes in bulk are made of ultra premium quality materials that last longer and are too strong for heavier items.
In addition, our boxes are compatible with every kind of stuff. Whether you want to pack some bakery items or cigarettes, we have perfectly crafted boxes that cause no damage to your items. Instead, your food items or any other stuff is extremely secure. All in all, our custom printed boxes are too eco-friendly, designed with excessive care by some experienced professionals.

Rigid Custom Boxes With Your Company’s Logo

Want your company’s logo printed on your custom boxes? We have you covered! Whether you are running a bakery, a restaurant, a beauty parlor, an electronics store or any other business, we make sure your business is promoted in a positive manner. Your brand logo printed on the custom boxes would thrive your business like never before!
With our free graphic design support, we can create a precise brand logo on your rigid boxes!

Lowest Prices Guaranteed With No Hidden Charges!

Are you worried about die and plate charges? Relax, there are no hidden charges if you buy our custom rigid boxes with logo. In addition, we promise the lowest rates in the market. Against such high quality custom boxes, our prices seem too low. In the end, we aim to provide our customers with excellent and cost-effective rigid custom packaging.

A Massive Discount of 50% on Your Wholesale Order

Don’t forget to claim your discount. We provide discounts up to 50% on all our wholesale orders. If you are looking for custom rigid packaging, ensure to buy boxes in bulk to get a great discount of 50%. Adding the discount to the lowest prices in the market, Instant Custom Boxes is not just the most reliable but also the cheapest wholesale distributor of custom packaging boxes as well.

Quick & Free Shipping at Your Doorstep

At Instant Custom Boxes, we guarantee the quickest shipping. If you place your order now, your custom rigid boxes are shipped to your desired address straight away. In addition, we provide free shipping to make it even more cost-effective. So, customize your packaging design now and place your order!
Stay connected with our team of professionals for free design support. Pick your phone and dial (888) 801-6597 to talk to us about your custom rigid boxes and custom soap boxes.
Also, you are welcome to contact us through email. Our email addresses are given below:
[email protected]
[email protected]

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