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The packaging is playing a crucial role for the success or failure of many productions. The final step in your professional relationship with your customers to ensure future success is the packaging of your product. Your packaging boxes must look classy, beautifully textured, and must be solid and durable. Most importantly, you need to have your message transmitted to your clients. Your candles must be enlightened, votive and must lighten up the atmosphere. If you are looking for wholesale custom candle boxes to enhance brand recognition, at Instant Custom Boxes, we have you covered!
We want you to check our boxes once and you wil always appreciate our innovative work. We plan and design the packaging, keeping protection, promotion and containment as the fundamental priorities for your beloved products.

Why Do You Need To Be Careful When Choosing the Packaging?

The packaging is known as “hidden salesman” for a reason and you should ignore this fact. The more effectively you utilize the packaging, the better results you can expect. Simple is that.

Wholesale Custom Candle Boxes With Free Graphic Design Support

At Instant Custom Boxes, we have a collection of elegant packaging styles! We have all sizes and designs of ready-to-ship custom candle boxes wholesale. There is a never-ending range of custom kraft boxes, cardboard boxes, and custom rigid boxes. We make sure when your brand hits the shelves, it attracts your target customers like never before. For this purpose, we print your company logo and product images on the custom candle packaging boxes. Also, we craft luxurious boxes that don’t just captivate the attention of people but also are quite durable. So, get packaging styles and designs that are memorable. Contact us now for wholesale candle boxes at the most affordable wholesale rates. Get in bulk to avail a 50% discount!

Custom Printed Candle Boxes to Stand Out From Your Rivals

With our eye-catching and eco-friendly candle boxes, you can win the admiration of your customers. More importantly, you are guaranteed to stand out from your competitors. Our elegant and sophisticated custom gift boxes are ideal for fancy occasions as well such as birthdays and casual parties! So, we have everything to offer! We have the perfect packaging boxes for different types of candles. Also, our boxes are made of quality materials and are quite secure for your candles. Go ahead if you are keen to learn more about our packaging styles. Browse some of our custom candle packaging styles and designs. If you have your own idea, let us turn it into reality. With our free design support, we work with you to craft customized candle boxes that are precise with your vision!

Extensive Array of Decorating Your Custom Candle Packaging Boxes

At Instant Custom Boxes, we have an extensive range of decorating options for your custom kraft candle boxes. These packaging boxes are attractive enough to catch the attention of your target customers. We let you choose the colors as per the type of your candles and the vibe you prefer giving off to your customers. We tend to use excellent printing techniques and free graphic design support to imprint quality textures and pictures on the boxes.
Our team of experts ensure you get the best custom candle boxes with logo of your brand. In addition, we can print your brand message, tagline and any pattern you want. Our custom printed candle boxes are not blurred or smudged due to moisture; such is the graphics and printing quality. We strive to make your product easily noticeable, thanks to the stylish packaging styles we adopt. Indeed, a perfect way of boosting sales!
So, choose from our extensive selection of wholesale custom candle boxes, custom rigid boxes or determine your needs! We can come up with the most compatible personalized designs meeting your packaging requirements!

Lowest Prices With a 50% Discount – Free Shipping

Affordability is our priority. We make sure our prices are the lowest in the market. For this purpose, we provide free shipping without any hidden charges. In addition, we offer a 50% discount if you buy our custom printed candle boxes in bulk!

How Quickly Will Your Order Be Shipped?

At Instant Custom Boxes, we make sure no delay is caused. Once we receive your order, we deliver it straight away. We strive to ensure the quickest shipping. Most importantly, there are no die and plate charges. We provide free shipping to our customers across the world.

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There are two ways you can connect with us. Firstly, you can email us at [email protected] OR [email protected].
Secondly, you can call us at (888) 801-6597 to talk to our staff and get any information you want regarding our custom candle boxes!
So, contact us now and don’t be late to place your order!

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