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Custom Sleeves – Affordable & Ship Worldwide

It’s a lot of work to make custom sleeves for your product. You can order all kinds of sleeves from us, from the material to the design, all at competitive prices. The sleeve prices are high, plus you need to invest in shipping, stand around in a warehouse and wait for a month before the sleeves arrive.

Custom Sleeves – A Fast Turnaround with Free Shipping!

Custom made sleeves are costly but generally not viable for one-time purchases when no high-volume order is possible. However, with Instant Custom Boxes, you can design and save up to 50% by ordering custom sleeves for your Custom Food Boxes. Instant Custom Boxes can produce high quality custom sleeves in any color or size. We cut all our local barriers to guarantee fast turnaround times and the lowest possible shipping costs. Get a quick quote online, call us and start saving today!

Custom Sleeves Wholesale are Cost Effective at Instant Custom Boxes

Have you ever had stickers or other labels fall off a product because of poor packaging? Or maybe certain products have irregular shapes that make custom packaging expensive. Our cost-efficient sleeves can be customized to fit any product – large or small. It’s perfect for businesses looking to get more bang for their buck at any stage. It also means you don’t need a big budget to get great packaging.
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Finding a custom sleeve maker that is reliable and affordable for every company can be challenging. How many hours of your time has it already cost you? You spend so much time discussing pricing, features, and overruns to get a quote only to find out the company is 4 states away or they want months to get started.
Take a look at the best solution here at Instant Custom Boxes. We offer free shipping!
Looking for a fast and efficient custom packaging solution for your collection of vinyl records? Send us an email with the details of what you need, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Depending on the type of sleeve being used, wrapping and marking up sleeves can be a time consuming process. Wrapping Sleeves takes time to cut and mark up without a visual template. Use our custom printed sleeves for more time to focus on your customers.

Branding is important and So Does with Custom Printed Sleeves

Your logo says a lot about who you are and how serious you are about your business. But spending thousands on custom branded packaging can break the bank. Our custom sleeves in bulk are a cost-effective branding solution. We offer affordable, high quality, custom sleeves with logo printed using full color printing. We aim to help you get the highest quality packing material for your budget.

Standard Sizes Are Wrong? Sleeves Don’t Fit? Excess Waste From Boxes?

You need a custom solution. A paper sleeve designer and manufacturer is exactly what you need! Our custom paper sleeves are made specifically for your needs. For example, our paper sleeves are created to order in 2 dimensions, the length and width of your product. Do you have specific lengths or depths you require? Are your goods irregularly-shaped? We can produce any custom packaging – ask us!
We are the USA’s leading experts in online custom packaging. We provide the best quality yet cheap packaging. Our wide variety of products ranges from packaging boxes to custom sleeves wholesale. We make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for by organizing our site by your product’s size and material.

Our Customers Don’t Want To Be Held Down By Senseless Systems

We ensure that every time you come back to us, a new selection of products will await you, setting us apart from our competitors.

Not able to store and organize your fragile products? Needs a way to carry them around safely? Protect your items with custom printed sleeves from water and spillages. At Instant Custom Boxes, we have the perfect solution for you to store your products and carry them around safely. This way, you can always keep your business safe if you are constantly on the move.

Need Custom Sleeves Packaging? Order Us Today!

Your current options take too long and are cost-prohibitive. Not good enough. The world needs better. One that is compliant, fast and affordable. To give any business the packaging it desires in a way that fits into any budget or timeline. To receive Custom Cosmetic Boxes without the headaches that have been standard in the industry for years – if not decades.

Managing The Packing Of Your Products With Custom Sleeves

How do you manage the packaging of your items? Today’s market is flooded with new innovative and convenient items. People want to choose how they want their items to be packaged. Fortunately for you, we are a vendor that offers custom packaging for your product. We take the time and ensure your product is packaged correctly, so there is less room for error.
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