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It was not a difficult task to start my biz of CBD products, being a son of millionaire, yet I wanted to make this biz unique to myself and I am really grateful to the ICB guys whose support helped me a lot to do so. Especially, their customization left no stone untrun in making my biz a brand. Thank you all of you.
I have received my first order of cosmetic boxes and i want to share my joy with you. Their packaging is just unique and elegant. Thank you Instant Custom Boxes for adding value to my cosmetics.
I had been striving to find a way to make my products branded products of my unique business and Instant Custom Boxes has contributed a lot in my success story. Now, my brand is growing due to attractive design of my cigarette boxes. Thank you ICB, I will like to be one of your repeat clients.
I appreciate your hard work done for me. I am 100% satisfied with the quality of pizza boxes I have just gotten tonight. Thank you for the wonderful experience ICB.
I have successfully launched my bakery point and good luck to me! As for as bakery boxes from Instant Custom Boxes are concerned, I am heartily grateful for your service because you have always helped me solve all packaging issues.
The baking of various flavors of the cake has been my hobby until it became my successful biz. I want to thank you ICB because your team is professional and they have added a lot of value to my work. I am happy with the high-quality cake boxes I am receiving from you people.
Thank you, guys. I got my boxes securely on time without any inconvenience.
Hey guys! Thanks for your quality work Instant Custom Boxes… I will give you a 10/10 number because you have always sent me the same quality boxes I ever wanted.
I and my whole team are beholden to your high-quality packaging services. I have opened my Mylar pouch bags and want to thank you for doing a lot of work.
Rachel Green
Hey guys! Thanks for your quality work Instant Custom Boxes… I will give you a 10/10 number because you have always sent me the same quality boxes I ever wanted.
I am grateful for your packaging services, especially the quick turnaround time and good quality boxes.
We will keep working with you guys and hope for the same quality service from Instant Custom Boxes. Your food boxes are awesome.
Gruntled with your high quality popcorn boxes. Your free design support really deserves appreciation.
Thank you for your free shipping Instant Custom Boxes. I have received my takeout boxes. I would like to thank you every time you send me such cost-effective work.
I have recieved my 4th order of gable boxes and I think you deserve my appreciation because you have always provided me with the same quality work with excellent ETA.
Beauty over beauty brings the crush! Thank you for your graceful candle boxes for my beautiful candles. I will like to be a long-term client of ICB.
I have just received my pillow boxes and I have no words on how to thank you, guys. You have solved all of my problems with your customization capability. I will keep having quotes from you in the future. Thanks
I am pleased to tell you that my brand is growing due to the creative designs of my cigarette boxes. Thank you SEP, I will like to be one of your repeat clients in the future.
I was looking for user-friendly boxes and you people have perfectly worked per my specifications. I want to thank you for your great service.
I have recieved my first order of CBD boxes and I am very happy to tell you that these boxes are according to my wishes. I hope you will keep maintaining such quality work in the future too. I also thank those guys from Instant custom boxes who had been helping me decide on better material selection and design for my boxes.
Blessed by Instant’s amazing service. Tnx
First of thank you for providing me with the most affordable packaging service. As a new entrepreneur, it had been difficult for me to manage all the packaging expenditures until I heard about Instant’s cost-effective discounts. I have checked the first order that really speaks to your loyal work done for me. Thanx a bunch.
It was the 10th order of my perfume boxes and everything is going fine. I am grateful for ICB’s most cost-effective strategy of free design support, free shipping, no minimum order limit etc. You people hv contributed a lot in completing with my most competitive competitors.