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What are Custom Kraft Boxes?

Custom kraft boxes are known to be the most durable, eco-friendly, and user-friendly packaging boxes. These boxes are generally brown in color but they can be printed in several colors using some high-tech printing technologies. In addition, these boxes can be crafted in several different sizes and shapes. If you are conscious of the green environment and looking for environment-friendly packaging boxes for your gift items or products, contact us for custom printed kraft boxes at affordable rates. These are the most durable boxes as well and promise immense strength to keep your products and precious gift items secure.

Why Do Your Products Deserve Kraft Boxes?

Though you see many use cases of packaging, you should never forget the primary and the most essential objective of the boxes – protection. Yes, if a box can’t protect your products against damage and prevent any external material that can spoil the quality of your beloved products, then such packaging doesn’t make any sense. Right! Therefore, kraft has been the best choice for our permanent clients because our custom kraft boxes perfectly render the due right of protection to their branded products. With no more logic, we will also suggest you these boxes as a wise option if you prefer ultimate protection for your branded items.

Here are some of the notable features that you can expect from our custom kraft boxes:

  • High sulfur ratio and reduced lignin content make these boxes low-weighted but high-strength material.
  • They are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable. They are biodegradable because they degrade naturally without creating more wastage in the locality.
  • They are a better option than plastic due to many reasons: anti-oil immersion, moisture-proof waterproof, and low-temperature freezing.
  • These boxes are sturdy and powerful as compared to other types of paper.
  • These boxes sustain high strength compression performance that prevents any pressure of load on your products.
  • They have high tensile strength as compared to other material
  • They show higher durability as compared to any other type of bag.
  • They are the superior option for many products as they may also increase the shelf life.
  • They are printable and their paperweight, hardness, color classification, evenness, and tensile force make them unique.

Contact Us For Wholesale Decorative Custom Kraft Packaging Boxes

Instant Custom Boxes provides custom kraft boxes in all sizes and shapes to meet our valued customers’ needs. We use several different decorative accessories in order to decorate the boxes as per the customers’ specifications. The best thing about buying our wholesale kraft mailer boxes is that we have a comprehensive range of boxes in different styles, categories, and styles. You can explore our selection and choose your desired packaging style and color. If you are having trouble choosing the right kraft packaging box styles, we can help. Our expert staff can guide you through the process of manufacturing and designing. Our kraft paper boxes are quite ideal for securing your product from potential damage. Simply give us a call and give your product specifications. We can come up with magnificently crafted decorative customized kraft boxes to meet your packaging requirements.

Give Attraction & Protection to Your Product With Our Customized Kraft Boxes

Kraft is one of the most commonly used materials in the packaging industry. It not only ensures the protection of the product but also beautifies the outlook of the packaging. It provides flexibility and strength and is an eco-friendly material. Though the common color of this packaging is brown, we can provide you with kraft boxes wholesale in several colors, based on your packaging requirements. Just let us know your preferred colors that are compatible with your product and industry, and we will craft the best suited kraft packaging boxes to fulfill your desire. Our stunning and captivating packaging designs can add beauty to your product and make it more presentable. It would impress your customers and drive more sales, hence increasing your brand recognition. Call us now for custom kraft boxes wholesale!

Custom Printed Kraft Boxes With Logo For Effective Product Distinction & Promotion

Our customized kraft boxes work perfectly as promotional tools for your brand. Want to get your company logo printed on the boxes? Want to enhance the value of your product? Want to increase sales and promote your brand? At Instant Custom Boxes, we have you covered. Partnering with you, we create custom kraft boxes with logo to make your brand memorable. Our unique and distinctive boxes can easily gain appreciation from your target customers. Using quality printing, we can print your brand information on the boxes to effectively promote it among your target market. Such an effective promotional strategy can take you ahead of your competitors. Moreover, we use quality materials to manufacture kraft packaging boxes wholesale to ensure their durability and strength so that your product and gift remain well-protected.

Free Design Support – No Die & Plate Charges

At Instant Custom Boxes, we make sure you get free graphic design support throughout the design process. Our expert designers work with you to guide you through the process and print everything you require on your kraft boxes. We can print your company’s logo, brand name, and other business particulars as per your requirements. Most importantly, there are no die and plate charges, rather, there is free graphic design support. Don’t delay and contact us now for your custom kraft boxes in bulk. We await to ship your boxes to your door instantly!

Get a 50% Discount & Free Shipping on Wholesale Custom Kraft Boxes

Buy affordable custom kraft packaging boxes and custom mailer boxes in bulk and get a 50% discount. We ensure to provide the most affordable kraft packaging boxes and custom bakery boxes to our customers by adding a great discount to our already lowest prices in the market. Wait a minute! There’s more to know. Get free shipping to your doorstep. Contact us via phone or email now and place your order while availing a 50% discount and free shipping!