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Do you plan to make a cake and need a quality and affordable cake box? The price of hiring a printer and making DIY boxes is high, while finding quality cardboard material is a pain in the head. Our Custom Printed Cake Boxes are designed and tested to help customers save money on their orders. We also provide them with professional boxes that do not collapse when the cake is transported.

Custom Printed Cake Boxes – Get Rid of Traditional Packaging

Traditional bakery boxes are expensive and time consuming to assemble. They can also be tricky to stack, preventing you from leaving the store with your product. We offer custom cake boxes at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay. It’s all part of our mission to make it as easy as possible to get your product from the storefront to your customers.

Surprise Your Loved Ones Birthday with Custom Printed Cake Packaging Boxes

You’ve made the perfect sponge. It has your favorite cream and is decorated exquisitely. The only problem you have is working out how to get it home without getting squashed. And then there’s also the fact that you have no idea what sort of cake boxes are available for you to use on their site.
We have custom sized boxes for all your needs! There are no limits to what sizes you can order from our cute collection. If we do not yet offer the needed size, then contact us, and we will create a unique solution for you. Our team of qualified designers will create the look you want with the material options available. All printed compliments are welcome, and color matching is also an option.

Custom Printed Boxes for Cake, Custom Size by Instant Custom Boxes

Finding the perfect size packaging for your cakes, cupcakes, and bakery products can be stressful. The more customers you have, the harder it is to keep producing this packaging daily without making mistakes and wasting money.
Thousands of small businesses worldwide trust Instant Custom Boxes because we create high quality Custom Macaron Boxes that enhance their brand and make a lasting impression on their customers. How? Our advanced software will instantly print your logo and text so you can distribute high quality custom boxes in less than 24 hours!

Create 100% FREE Custom Cake Boxes with Our Online Templates

You do not need to buy expensive custom cake boxes! Create your customized cake box and send it to your loved ones on any occasion using the Instant Custom Boxes app. It’s 100% free! Use your imagination.
Most in-house designers rely on stock packaging solutions, which often don’t fit the items they need to keep safe. You want your new product protected or your fragile item to arrive safely. And you want it fast and with no hassle.
We’ve created a custom box template builder that lets you design online —then upload your unique box design to get it printed! With Instant Custom Boxes, you’re only a few clicks away from having your custom cake boxes wholesale (or even gift boxes, candy wrappers, whatever!

Carefully Designed Custom Printed Cake Boxes Wholesale Are Waiting For You!

Ordering custom boxes is hard, really hard. Even more so, finding high-quality ones. It’s hard to get the size right. The color is always a lie, quality control is limited, and making them on time can take weeks.
And let’s say it’s 2 weeks before Christmas and your boss has given you hell: “Where are your fancy new Custom Bakery Boxes? We have 300 cakes to deliver, and they’re not going to package themselves!”
You need ‘Instant Custom Boxes.’ No matter what size or quantity, never more than 24 hours from receiving an order. We’ll deliver your custom boxes when you want them with a 100% quality guarantee.
Finding the right cake boxes can be difficult. Thousands of companies sell boxes, but how do you ensure they’ll work for your business?
Here at Instant custom boxes, we’ve researched and packed our site with more information to help you buy the right package as easy as pie. What if the cake arrives broken? You’ll look like a dupe! Ordinary container stores don’t cut it when you want something one of a kind. Order custom cake boxes with logo here and save your reputation and money.

Perfect Packaging for Your Cakes – Not as Tiresome as Before

You may have found that most suppliers offer only a limited choice of sizes and the number of boxes in each option. Instant Custom Boxes solve these problems by providing simple, focused service at competitively low prices.
There are many box manufacturing companies, but they all require you to buy from them. So how do you buy your cakes? What if you want an unusual size box?
You could get boxes from your supplier and customize them, but that’s not cool! Who wants to pay for wasted materials? You should do it with the help of our box template. You can choose from over 50 variations. Select the template for your box, let us print, and you’ve got the perfect customized package for your goods or goodies.
Getting custom boxes for your products can be expensive and time consuming, often costing you high! We let you save big on customizable packaging while getting your products to customers safely and securely.
Now’s the best time to start saving money—order your Custom Cake Boxes in bulk today!