4 Stunning Soap Packaging Ideas

Soap Packaging Ideas

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The packaging of soap can have a great impact on its usability. Take, for example, the difference between a tube of toothpaste and a bar of soap. Both are about the same shape, but one is much easier to use due to its packaging.

Soap should be functional and pretty if you’re going to sell it. It may look great in your bathroom or on your kitchen countertop. But, that doesn’t always factor into how often people buy or use it. Here are some examples of different packaging styles for products. So, you’ll know what’s out there before you design something yourself!

Custom Printed Soap Packaging

Custom Soap Boxes are a great way to get the word out about your product. Not only do they protect the actual bar itself, but they have proven to be a very effective marketing tool.

They serve many dual purposes, so you cannot go wrong with having them on hand for mass production or any other purpose. Small businesses can also use them without being too expensive of an endeavor.

Companies give them away at fairs and conventions worldwide with free product samples. It is to grab people’s attention and encourage sales and loyalty. Soap is the most popular item ever given away at these venues. It is popular across all age ranges and genders, making it attractive for marketers to include in their promotions.

The demand for soap has been very high over the past several years. They are increasingly becoming more common as more and more companies enter into marketing campaigns that require them.

Luxurious Soap Boxes With Foil Stamping

Selling handmade suds is a great way to keep your business afloat and stay profitable. While you can find many customers who want to buy it, you will need the proper packaging to do so. Your beautiful outputs can lose amidst the other items on offer if not packaged well. 

This includes finding the right container from which people can purchase your handmade soaps. Luxurious boxes with foil stamping are your best option for elegantly packaging your product. They stand out from the rest of the items being sold.

Choosing a Material for Your Soap Box

There are several different materials that you can choose from when selecting the perfect soap box. You will keep in mind how you plan to market your products. For instance, if you are selling them at a farmer’s market or craft show with ample foot traffic, then an eye-catching clear acrylic soapbox might be what you’re looking for. However, if you give high-quality suds as gifts to people who will not see the product right away, something more durable might be better suited to your needs.

Choosing a Soap Box Design

If you have the budget available and feel like splurging on luxurious packaging material, corrugated cardboard may be what appeals to you most. This material can come with several designs, including engraving and gold foil stamping. 

Such packaging materials are secured to stand out in a crowd, making it an ideal option when you want your product to be visible. It may come with several different compartments. However, if you sell only one type of soap, using separate boxes can make it look like there is more variety than there actually is. 

A good way around this would be to engrave or stamp the lid’s front side and repeat the pattern on the backside. So that you get a double design without having excess space.

Choosing a Color for Your Soap Box

A meaningful part of deciding what material and color your luxury soap boxes wholesale will have depends on your target audience. If you have a mostly male clientele, black and silver boxes may be the best option. However, if you are selling to a primarily female audience, pink or red will likely serve you well.

Choosing Foam Inserts for Your Soap Boxes

Foam inserts can make your product seem more suave and high-quality. Typically made from light Styrofoam, these inserts keep delicate bars safe and secure until they reach their terminus. Moreover, they reduce breakage during shipment. Using foam inserts in your luxury box will help protect them. They ensure that they stay intact until customers finally get to use them! 

A Cost-Effective Alternative – Blank Soap Boxes With Labels

Imagine having to pay $1.50 per box for an average size box with a picture on the front. It is quite costly if you are trying to run your own business. So, why not try out the less expensive alternative – blank boxes with labels?

It is just a regular cardboard box that has been cut into its typical shape and labeled with product details on the outside of the box. You can buy blank boxes in bulk quantities from several online suppliers at a fraction of pre-made soap box costs. As well as buying in larger amounts, always check for any promotions or discounts offered by different companies.

Blank boxes come in both white card stock and even colored boxes. However, you can always paint them if you need to match your color scheme for the store. The box itself is sturdy enough that it will hold your product without any problems.

Once you have purchased blank boxes, all you need are labels. You can use pre-made templates with your own design or artwork on them. Moreover, you can create your custom label online for free in just minutes at sites!

You’ll want full-size pre-made templates. So, they fit nicely on the top of the box. In this way, customers will see them when they are in the store. These labels should include your logo, vital product information, ingredients list, etc.

When you have all materials together (blank boxes and pre-made or custom-printed labels), it is time to get packing! 

You can use any bar for this project. However, it may be easier to choose a simple design. So that there aren’t too many nooks and crannies where the soap could get stuck while being packed.

So if you are trying to keep costs down and still provide your customers with nice-looking packaging, try out some blank boxes with custom-printed labels next time!

Environmentally Friendly Soap Boxes With Kraft Paper

Kraft paper (or kraft) is a paperboard made from brown kraft paper infused with resins and formed into large rolls. The benefit of using this kind of packaging material for bars is its strength over other packages.

Kraft paper contains more recycled fibers than other kinds of paper because you can pack many products. So, you need fewer new materials to make the same amount of paper. It means less deforestation, which has adverse environmental effects. Also, recycling this paper decreases soil pollution.

The bulkiness of Kraft prevents damage during transport by not allowing the product to move around too much. You can print on Kraft if you desire an upscale or more rustic exhibit to make it look finished.

Many companies sell soap bars in Kraft paper. They usually use a sticker label directly on the front, showing the bar and other information.

There are many different stickers you can add to your product for labeling purposes. Options include:

  • Die imprints
  • Screen printing
  • Direct printing (heat transfer)
  • Hot stamping
  • Spot varnish coating
  • Embossing/debossing
  • Laser marking
  • Etc. 

Hence, customization possibilities are endless.

Some companies choose not to stick anything to their product. They simply leave them naked or wrapped in tissue paper or recycled brown paper bags. There are many ways to package your soap! Be innovative and find what works best for you.

Kraft paper is a great packaging option, eco-friendly, and economical. It’s easy to find the right roll size that your project requires. It comes in many colors and can be printed on to look finished. 

Instruction When Choosing Ingenious Soap Packaging Ideas

So you’ve decided to sell your soap. Now you need packaging ideas. But where do you even begin? When choosing creative soap packaging ideas, the following advice will help get you started in the right direction.

Consider the Product      

First and foremost, consider the product itself and how it is used. For instance, you’ll want your packaging ideas to suit the type of product. Soaps used for bathing are usually sold in smaller sizes with larger labels. However, soaps used for hand washing usually come in larger containers which require more creative labeling techniques.

Simplicity is Key     

Another vital aspect to consider when choosing creative packaging ideas is branding. For a brand to be recognized, it needs to stand out from the competition. Consider sticking with a logo or typeface that will portray your business’ unique identity in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Utilize a Carrier     

If you’re selling several soaps with various scents or features, you might want to use a carrier. A carrier is a box, tray, or paperboard that houses your soaps and offers them protection from each other. As well as from external elements such as dirt and moisture!

 In addition to the above tips when choosing creative custom soap packaging ideas, it’s worth noting to consider where you are selling your soap and what your customers expect. For example, if you’re dealing with a bath and body store with other items on the shelves, such as lotion or shampoo, colorful containers with scents such as fruit punch or lavender will match their other products.

If you’re selling at flea markets, farmers’ markets, craft shows, or craft fairs, you might want to have a more simplistic design. Add a label that is clear and easy to read.

With the above advice, choose creative Soap Packaging Ideas in mind. You should find it easier to sell your suds no matter how you choose to package them. Soaping Enthusiasts, rejoice! What are you waiting for? Go package up some soap!

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