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Empty Cigarette Boxes – Let’s Customize the Boxes!

Empty Cigarette Boxes – Let's Customize the Boxes!

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The cigarette industry is perhaps the most popular market worldwide. Accordingly, the demand for cigarettes is also increasing. If cigarettes are not packed properly, their quality can quickly deteriorate. Therefore, you need to get the best custom-printed boxes to meet your freshness needs. To win customers’ hearts in this market, you will need to customize your empty cigarette boxes. In simple words, you will need to make the boxes look more promising. How? Let’s explore!

The Importance of Customizing Your Cigarette Packaging Boxes

Those smokers increasingly consume cigarettes in order to appear stylish, modern, and fashionable. The formula is quite simple here, to sell more, you will need to first understand the customer’s needs and preferences. From your finding, you will then need to customize your boxes according to their needs and preferences. In this context, designing trendy boxes for your cigarettes will help you appeal to the target audience easily.

Without any doubt, your exceptional cigarettes will perform best when wrapped in the right packaging boxes. This is the main reason why you need the most attractive packaging boxes for your cigarettes. You will also get the chance to print any design you want on the boxes with custom packaging boxes.

Customizing your cigarette packaging boxes with a new original design will give your brand an attractive look. In customizing the boxes, you can also get the most unique shape. Additionally, the printability will completely change the look of your boxes. At Instant Custom Boxes, various types of empty cigarette boxes are available, depending on your requirements.

How Can Customizing Empty Cigarette Boxes Help Your Brand?

How Can Customizing Empty Cigarette Boxes Help Your Brand?


Custom boxes today have a significant impact on highlighting your cigarette brand. Customizing empty cigarette boxes will help to add variety and originality to your brand. This is done by incorporating your own flavors and specifications into the boxes. Most importantly, you will get the chance to customize different shapes, sizes, and layouts to differentiate your boxes from thousands.

You can also personalize the style and print your logo on cardboard empty cigarette boxes. Customizing your logo and company name will bring change and glory to your cigarette business without you realizing it.

In addition, customizing your boxes in different styles will help your cigarette stand out. How? Just imagine how many cigarette brands are available in the market today. By customizing your boxes, you are highlighting your cigarette brand amongst other competitors.

Let’s Start Customizing Your Boxes!

Now that you know the importance and the reasons to customize empty cigarette boxes, it’s time to start customizing them. Below are some packaging ideas you can follow when customizing your boxes.

Make Your Cigarette Packaging Boxes Environmentally Friendly

Making your cigarette packaging boxes environmentally friendly can be ideal for presenting your cigarette brand. We know that e-friendly boxes will cause no harm to our mother Earth. Furthermore, these boxes are the most durable and high-quality packaging you can choose. Notwithstanding, eco-friendly boxes are perfect for shaping an excellent brand image.

At Instant Custom Boxes, you can select environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging materials that will serve your needs. We know that the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials is essential. For this, you can choose from a wide variety of materials such as:

  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated
  • Paperboard
  • Rigid

By having eco-friendly cigarette packaging boxes, you can contribute to solving the pollution and packaging waste problems.

One of the benefits of using eco-friendly material for your boxes is that you can customize them easily. This way, you can decide the size, shape, material, and layout you need. In the end, you can save a lot of money on customization.

Apply Unlimited Customization Features

We know that cigarettes are something that those smokers always keep in their pockets. To make them proud in this regard, you need uniquely designed empty cigarette boxes.

The packaging experts at Instant Custom Boxes are here to help you in this matter. We provide high-quality packaging and printing solutions. You can print your boxes easily according to the product specifications.

Yes, our talented staff will always be ready to help you customize your cigarette packaging boxes. In addition to coloring, our team of experts can also help you provide the information you need for printing.

Print Your Boxes with Impressive Images

Careful and attractive customization options can make each box stand out. You can eventually make an impact by printing impressive images on empty cigarette boxes. For example, customers are spoiled with some grungy images of the harmful effects of smoking. You can slightly avoid printing these images. As an alternative, you can include some unwanted effects in the product description area.

To print your boxes perfectly, you will need to choose and use high-quality packaging material. After all, your packaging material will protect your cigarettes along with all the essential components. When you have splendid boxes displaying your exclusive cigarettes, it will be easy to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The end result of innovatively printed boxes is that your products will get more attention. Apart from that, the boxes will be the best approach to presenting your brand most strikingly.

Improve Brand Image with Durable Packaging Boxes

We know that cigarette advertising is very delicate compared to other types of products. In fact, their advertisers are unable to follow the mass advertising approach on public platforms. Therefore, cigarette brands need to work on the method of silent advertising.

To follow this requirement, cigarette brands started to promote their cigarettes by adopting various packaging development techniques. Unlike other products, customers will save cigarette packaging boxes for a long time.

Yes, those smokers will carry the boxes until the last cigarette is lit. In this regard, your boxes need to be strong enough to last that long. In the end, by having durable packaging boxes, you can improve your brand image.

Deliver a Brand Statement through Your Empty Cigarette Boxes

From selling in pouches to cardboard empty cigarette boxes, we can see the rapid development in packaging boxes. Accordingly, some cigarette brands use image-based packaging tricks to address many different aspects at once.

For example, to appeal to youth and women’s niche markets and to raise concerns about human health. What’s more, your packaging boxes can also help to convey a short written message. Most importantly, these boxes can be your best tool that prevents you from violating safety rules and laws.

Indeed, your empty cigarette boxes can act as an advertisement all day. How? Because those smokers will see your boxes all day long. Thus, you can deliver a brand statement through your packaging boxes.

Be Innovative and Creative

Perhaps you know that innovation is the key to success in advertising. For the cigarette industry, the need for packaging boxes is also very important. Being innovative and creative in customizing your empty cigarette boxes can positively impact consumer purchasing behavior.

Keep in mind that your main goal here is to create a desire to try and buy from your customers. Those modern smokers will never get attracted to standard or dull packaging boxes. Instead, you need to please their eyes with eye-catchy design and lively color combinations on your boxes.

Include Your Branding Elements in the Design

Your cigarette packaging boxes are the best device to make customers familiar with your brand. To do this, you can include your branding elements and make a professional image of your boxes. Doing this can make it easier for customers to recognize your cigarette brand. This will be a smart marketing move to promote your brand with a minimum budget and effort.

What are the branding elements you can add to the boxes?

  • Brand’s name
  • A unique brand logo
  • Brand’s theme for the boxes
  • Embossing or debossing technique to make your brand logo more visible
  • Your company’s contact details to make it easier for future purchases

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Customize Your Empty Cigarette Boxes with Instant Custom Boxes!

Customize Your Empty Cigarette Boxes with Instant Custom Boxes!


Instant Custom Boxes is the most reliable packaging company to get exclusive cigarette packaging boxes. We provide innovative customization features to produce premium quality custom boxes. For example, various printing processes can change the appearance of your boxes.

We use modern digital printing and offset printing hardware to print your boxes and make them look more appealing. For colors, we use CMYK and PMS color models to decorate your cardboard empty cigarette boxes.

In addition, we also offer many cost-effective solutions such as:

  • No minimum order quantity
  • The best free design support
  • No die-cut charges or additional fees required
  • Free sample
  • Hassle-free shipping service

So, are you ready to design and customize your empty cigarette boxes? Contact us now! Work with our professionals, and you will see the benefits offered by these boxes.

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