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How to Ship a Candle?

How to Ship a Candle?

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Candles are beloved items that can bring warmth and ambiance to any space. Thus, whether you’re sending a scented candle as a thoughtful gift or shipping your handmade candles to customers, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition is essential. So, let’s find out how to ship a candle safely!

The Right Way to Pack Your Candle for Shipping

The Right Way to Pack Your Candle for Shipping


Alright, so first things first, let’s know how to pack a candle for shipping!

Gather Your Materials

Grab some bubble wrap, packing paper, a sturdy box, packing tape, and those handy packing peanuts.

Prepare Your Candle

Make sure your candle is clean and dust-free. If it’s a fancy one with intricate details, wrap it in tissue paper to protect the surface.

Bubble Wrap It

Wrap your candle with a layer of bubble wrap to give it some cushioning.

Packing Paper Protection

Next up, wrap the bubble-wrapped candle in some packing paper. This shields it from scratches and dings.

Box Selection

Choose custom printed candle boxes that are slightly bigger than the candle. Also, you should leave some room for cushioning material on all sides.

Cushioning Time

Lay down a layer of those packing peanuts at the bottom of the box. Then, carefully put your wrapped candle in the middle and fill any gaps with more packing peanuts.

Seal It Tight

Now close that box up and seal it with packing tape. Also, make sure you reinforce all the seams and corners.

Label It Clearly

Put the recipient’s address and your return address on the box. Add important labels like “fragile” or “handle with care” to let the carriers know it’s delicate cargo.

How to Ship a Candle Without It Breaking?

Nobody wants to get a broken candle, right? So, let’s make sure it gets to its destination in one piece!

Double-Boxing (for Extra Care)

If your candle is super delicate, think about double-boxing. Here, you can put your candle in a smaller box, then place that inside a larger one with cushioning between them. Don’t worry, you can get and even design these boxes with reliable suppliers like Instant Custom Boxes.

Fragile Labels

Don’t forget to slap on those “fragile” labels.

Insure Your Shipment

If your candle is valuable, consider getting some shipping insurance. Yes, it will be like a safety net in case things go south.

Watch the Weather

Keep an eye on the weather. Remember, extreme heat can make candles melt, while cold can make them brittle. So, make sure to plan your shipment accordingly.

Upright Position

If possible, pack your candle upright to avoid bending or warping. For multiple candles, you can use custom candle boxes with inserts to keep them separate.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Speaking of how much it costs to ship a candle, it can be varied. Basically, it depends on stuff like the candle’s size, weight, where it’s going, the shipping method, and any extras you want.

Here’s the breakdown!

  • Size and weight

Heavy or big candles cost more to ship. So, consider that when you’re calculating.

  • Destination

Going international? That’s usually pricier than domestic shipping.

  • Shipping method

Different methods mean different prices. Standard ground is usually cheaper than express.

  • Extras

If you need stuff like insurance or tracking, that will add to the cost.

  • Packaging materials

Don’t forget the cost of your kraft candle boxes, bubble wrap, and all those packing goodies.

How Do You Protect Candles from Heat When Shipping?

We know that candles and heat don’t mix well. Thus, you will need to give extra protection when shipping your delicate candles.

What are they?

  • Insulated packaging

Insulated packaging

If things are getting hot, use insulated materials like foam or thermal bubble wrap.

  • Ice packs (for hot places)

Ice packs (for hot places)

In hot climates, throw some ice packs in there. Trust me, they will help keep your candles cool.

  • Pack upright

Pack-upright image

Whenever you can, pack your candles upright to avoid bending and warping.

Tips to Save on Shipping

Do you know that you can save money by shipping candles?

Yes, you can do this!

Here are some tricks to try out!

Determine the Weight and Size of Your Candles

  • Regularly update product listings

Keeping your product listings up-to-date with accurate weight and dimensions is essential. This ensures that you’re charging your customers the correct shipping fees based on the latest information.

  • Minimise packaging material

While it’s important to protect your candles, avoid going overboard with excess packaging material. Use just enough to keep your candles safe without adding unnecessary weight to the package.

  • Consider smaller candle sizes

Offering smaller candle sizes for budget-conscious customers can be a smart move. Smaller candles are not only lighter but also more cost-effective to ship.

  • Bundle products

If you offer multiple candle scents or styles, consider bundling them together in candle boxes with windows. This not only increases the value for your customers. More than that, it also allows you to ship multiple candles in one package. As a result, it will reduce shipping costs per candle.

Choose the Right Shipping Method

Many shipping carriers offer discounts for businesses that ship in bulk. So, you must do your research and negotiate shipping rates to secure the best possible deal for your shipping volume.

In addition, some carriers provide flat-rate shipping boxes where you pay a fixed rate regardless of the weight. This means that if your candles fit within these boxes, it can be a cost-effective option, especially for heavier items.

Another important thing is to use packaging that minimizes space while providing adequate protection for your candles. After all, those smaller, well-fitted boxes can lead to lower dimensional weight charges.

Remember, finding the right balance between cost savings and ensuring safety is important. In this regard, you need reliable delivery to a successful shipping operation.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, taking the time to pack and ship your candles properly not only protects your product. More than that, this effort will also keep your customers smiling. In addition, by knowing how to ship your candles safely, you can ensure that they will reach your customers’ hands beautifully.

Happy shipping!

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