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Sustainable Custom Box Inserts – Materials, Design, And Qualities

Sustainable Custom Box Inserts - Materials, Design, And Qualities

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Sustainability has become an important factor for businesses and consumers in product packaging. Potential customers have started to consider sustainable custom box inserts that force businesses to utilize innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact. Sustainable custom packaging must provide excellent appearance and functionality to products.

Unfortunately, box inserts are usually not considered important in product packaging design. Moreover, some products also unnecessarily furnish these inserts. It is important to understand inserts’ role in protecting and presenting products. These inserts ensure a magnificent canvas for sustainable materials and creativity. In this blog post, we will explore everything about custom packaging inserts, including materials, designs, and benefits.

What Are Box Inserts?

Packaging inserts are special components available inside the packaging to protect, organize, and improve the presentation of products. These inserts are usable in different types of packaging, such as cartons and boxes, to ensure the safety of products during storage and transit. Custom box inserts are available in different categories, such as custom compartments, foam inserts, dividers, partitions, and trays. These inserts blend protection and presentation for products.

7 Types of Sustainable Materials For Custom Packaging Inserts

It’s a fact that cardboard and paper are the most sustainable and attractive packaging materials. There are different types of sustainable materials that help you to strengthen product protection, ensure eco-friendliness, and improve customer satisfaction.

7 Types of Sustainable Materials

Corrugated Cardboard Inserts

It is one of the most common packaging materials to offer sustainability. Renewable sources such as trees are the best source of getting this paper-based material to ensure durability. This material contains at least one flute and one flat cardboard. Therefore, it is an effective material to create versatile and flexible cardboard inserts for packaging.

Paperboard Inserts

Paperboard is a sustainable material for creating protective inserts. These non-corrugated cardboard inserts have become eco-friendly options without adding extra weight to packaging. These are also flexible and versatile inserts to package and present a variety of products easily. However, a paperboard insert is not thicker than a corrugated cardboard insert.

Molded Pulp Inserts

It is created from recyclable cardboard and paper. This molded pulp has become the ultimate and sustainable option for creating custom packaging inserts. You can get these inserts in accordance with the dimensions of the products. Moreover, these are compostable and biodegradable inserts to maintain an eco-friendly environment and attract eco-conscious customers.

Rigid Chipboard Inserts

These are stronger than corrugated inserts because of the top-notch cardboard material. A rigid chipboard insert has become an ideal option for heavier products that require extra protection. You can use these sustainable inserts to ensure a luxurious appearance for your products. Therefore, you can satisfy eco-conscious customers with these inserts.

Plastic Inserts

It is important to consider reliable sources to get the plastic inserts to maintain sustainability in the environment. You can also mold bio-based plastics into custom inserts for your products. Moreover, you can easily make these versatile inserts thin or thick depending on your product requirements.

Mushroom Inserts

When you are looking for a sustainable packaging insert, you need to consider mushroom inserts that are eco-friendly materials. These innovative inserts consist of agricultural waste and mycelium.

Foam Inserts

You can also consider custom boxes with foam inserts for your product packaging. They are the most familiar type of packaging insert and ensure excellent incorporation with different types of packaging options. Foam inserts for packaging are created from the process of harmless chemicals and minimum energy.

Different Design Structures for Box Inserts

There are different structures of custom packaging inserts. Here, we will discuss these structures of packaging inserts.

Molded Trays

This design structure aligns with the contour of your products. You can easily apply this design with foam or plastic inserts. They are best inserts for fragile and delicate products.

Cavity Trays

These insert designs resemble tray holes in accordance with products. You can use this structure when putting multiple products in a single box.

Die-Cut Inserts

It resembles cavity trays, but die-cut will be aligned with the outline of your products. These are the best solutions for different fragile products such as bottles.

Packaging Dividers

These inserts are interlocked with each other to ensure dividers when you are looking to pack multiple products in a box. You can present your products perfectly with these insert designs.

Multi-Level Inserts

A multi-level insert design enables you to pack more products easily. You can sack these inserts one by one to get more space for products.

Accordion Inserts

These inserts can be used for a variety of products with distinctive shapes and sizes. This design has become an affordable method for brands to easily send different products.

Fabric Inserts

The characteristic of fabric on the surface of inserts makes them prominent in packaging. The fabric can be satin or velvet for these top-notch inserts.

Why It’s Important To Choose Sustainable Custom Box Inserts?

The use of sustainable material in creating inserts has become important due to the following reasons.

Improve Consumer Experience

You will boost the customer experience with these eco-friendly inserts. A package with an insert of similar material engages eco-conscious customers.

Lower Carbon Footprint

The right selection of materials allows you to reduce the environmental impact with a minimal carbon footprint. You can use renewable resources to maintain an eco-friendly environment.

Sticks to Regulations

When you are using sustainable box inserts, you are actually adhering to the regulations of the packaging industry. It helps you to keep running your business smoothly.

Boost Brand Identity

When you use eco-friendly box inserts for products, it will help you to elevate your brand reputation. Therefore, every customer will prefer your brand because you are using sustainable inserts.

Reduces Packaging Cost

When you opt for sustainable box inserts, you head towards reducing the overall packaging costs for your brand.

7 Steps To Choose The Right Materials For Your Box Inserts

You need to follow important steps to select the perfect materials for your packaging box inserts.

7 Types of Sustainable Materials For Custom Packaging Inserts

  1. Consider the requirements of your product to create the perfect inserts. You must look at the protection, weight, and shapes of products to form molded or foam trays.
  2. Analyze sustainable packaging materials to form top-notch packaging inserts with features of cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and durability.
  3. Check the durability and weight of materials to choose the excellent box inserts for your brand.
  4. Personalize box inserts in accordance with your product shape and structure.
  5. Go for a visually appealing and functional insert design. This design definitely improves the unboxing experience for customers.
  6. Maximize the functionality of box inserts by considering the visual appearance and sustainability of your products.
  7. Calculate the expenses of using the sustainable packaging box inserts for your brand.

3 Vital Qualities Of Custom Box Inserts

There are three important characteristics of custom packaging inserts for your brand.


It’s a fact that the number of returns increases due to product damage. This return can negatively affect your brand reputation. You need to include custom inserts for packaging to safeguard your products from damage.

Aesthetic Appeal

The magnificent appearance has an important role in making your products appealing on shelves. You must consider the aesthetic look of custom inserts and the target market to improve customer loyalty for your brand.

Brand Promotion

Packaging inserts can help you to develop a brilliant brand image for your business. You must select a top-notch design to strengthen your brand recognition.

Other Considerations For Custom Box Inserts

When you are considering custom inserts, it is important to pay attention to the following factors to identify and choose the right materials.

Color Printing

Solid and plain color options are available for box inserts. You can work on your creativity to apply different colors to the packaging material. CMYK presents a color system that includes cyan, magenta, yellow, and black for your custom inserts. Pantone shows the accurate colors to create branding colors for your business.


You can create a lasting impression with a coating to make the branding elements brighter on the boxes. Varnish is a water-based coating, whereas lamination provides a plastic coating for the protection of your designs.


A matte finish provides a softer appearance, whereas a gloss finish offers a shiny appearance to your box inserts. A satin finish is a combination of gloss and matte finishes to ensure magnificent smoothness. The soft finish offers a velvet feel to the box inserts.

Let’s Create The Perfect Box Inserts For Your Product

You can manufacture custom box inserts for your product packaging in the presence of different materials and designs. These inserts come with vital qualities to become an integral part of your brand. You can use these top-notch packaging inserts to protect your products and enhance their elegant appearance to promote your brand among the potential customers.


What are the most popular materials for custom box inserts?

The most popular materials for custom box inserts are cardboard, foam, and molded pulp. Cardboard inserts are a cost-effective option for lightweight products, while custom boxes with foam inserts offer superior protection for fragile items. Molded pulp is an eco-friendly choice that can be customized to perfectly fit your product.

How do I choose the right material for my custom box inserts?

The ideal material for your custom box inserts depends on your product’s weight, fragility, and desired level of protection.

Are there eco-friendly options available for custom box inserts?

Absolutely! Molded pulp is a popular eco-friendly choice for custom box inserts. It’s made from recycled paper pulp, and these paper inserts for packaging can be customized to snugly fit your product.

Can I include logos, graphics, or text on my custom box inserts?

Yes! Most custom box insert providers offer full customization options. You can incorporate your logo, graphics, and even text messaging directly onto the inserts. This personalizes your packaging and creates a lasting brand impression.

How can I ensure my custom box inserts complement my overall packaging?

Cohesive branding is key! When designing your custom box inserts, consider using the same color scheme, fonts, and logos as your custom boxes. This creates a uniform and polished presentation for your entire packaging.

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