Top 10 Cereal Packaging Trends This Year

Cereal Packaging Trends

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Are you looking for new ideas for Cereal Packaging Trends? Then look no further, as this discussion brings you the top 10 cereal packaging trends of 2022.

Before we dive right into it, let’s start with an introduction to cereal boxes.

What Are Custom Cereal Boxes

Custom Cereal Boxes are glorified paperboard boxes usually made from recycled material. They help keep your cereals fresh and preserved. You can design them with bold graphics, vivid colors, and exciting typography to attract potential customers. 

Custom Printed Cereal Boxes – The Backbone of Packaging

Custom Printed Cereal Boxes are a big business! It requires a great deal of expertise in graphic design, color control, and brand identity. Many well-known cereal brands spend millions of dollars on research and development annually. 

In this way, they develop novel products that capture the attention of their most prized consumers – children! Their incredible power certainly doesn’t come cheap.

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Most Suitable Material For Cereal Boxes Wholesale

One of the most widely used Cereal Boxes materials is paperboard. It’s strong enough to support all the graphics and colorful artwork you can throw at it and lightweight to reduce shipping costs. It comes in a variety of:

  • Weights (measured in points)
  • Thicknesses (gauges)
  • Colors and finishes (smooth, matte, etc.)

The most common material is called chipboard. It’s available in 20 pt – 30 pt / 0.95 mm – 1.75 mm thick. It has a smooth finish on both sides and comes in white or natural brown. Chipboard is an economical choice for cereal boxes as long as they’re not too big. 

It delivers fantastic graphics and colors that capture children’s attention and give them a real incentive to choose your cereal brand! 

Printing on non-coated paperboard has been around for over 100 years and was first used primarily to produce handbills and posters. It’s a creative process. We’re talking 1 billion+ boxes per year! Either they are Custom Display Boxes or Custom Pizza Boxes!

Top 10 Cereal Packaging Trends This Year

Let’s not stray too away from the fact, though! If you’re looking for great ideas for cereal box designs, check out these emerging Cereal Packaging Trends below to see what’s hot in 2022!

1. Bold And Vibrant Colors That Pop Off The Box

Colors are everywhere, and cereal packaging designs are no different. You know how eye-catching colors can be when you see them on the shelf. But did you know that even before your child opens the box, they’re already attracted to its vibrant color? 

Simply put, this is because most kids view cereals as snacks rather than proper meals. They gravitate towards bright packages with lots of exciting graphics. So, it’s worth investing in some brilliant color combinations if you want to attract their attention.

When it comes to choosing your brand’s colors, several trends have emerged recently that are fast catching up with one another. One big winner uses deep hues that pop off the box and grab attention.

2. Gold Theme Graphics with Multi Color Top 

Another hot color is gold, with many cereal brands deciding to use it as their base color and building on top of it with different colors and designs. It’s a bold choice but one that works very well for those brands who want to stand apart from the crowd – something we saw more of in 2021!

Apart from other patterns, this trend is subtle. Each way looks like a slightly altered design of the same golden frame. To make sure your graphic stands out on the box, you need to create some contrast between these two colors by using white space wisely. As long as you do this, you’ll be nice and on-brand!

3. Vinyl Stickers With Colorful Graphics 

Above are two separate examples of stickers that were used on cereal packaging boxes. The first comes from the famous Nestle brand of cereal. One thing you’ll feel about this product is how it’s very colorful. There’s no need to use gold or bright hues here since they’ve already got your attention with the graphics alone!

The second example shows another older design. It has been around earlier but still works well for new releases due to its timelessness and simplicity. This sticker printing technique is catching on because of its convenience. 

You can design and print your stickers in-house, stick them on the box without having to worry about the cereal getting crushed and remove them just as easily – with no fuss. The main downside is that these stickers only work well with one or two colors tops due to their approach. If too many things are going on, they won’t be as effective.

4. Luxurious Gold Boxes And Printed Labels Make Your Brand Stand Out

Cereal boxes constantly evolve and reinvent themselves to provide a more luxurious feel. It ties into today’s premium trend. This means we should expect to see elegant, high-quality designs featuring gold, embossed lettering, and intricate decorations.

If you’re looking to upgrade your brand’s packaging, look no further than these examples that have been taken from Coco Pops by Kellogg’s. The example above represents an entirely new design for this brand which has found its way into stores across America. Just look at the gold foil finish on the logo – it is something else!

The second example is yet another box design with printed labels that make their way onto grocery store shelves everywhere. This means they will stand out more prominently against competitors who might use stickers or other less creative techniques. Now is the time to make your brand shine!

5. Delicious And Healthy Grains Make Brands More Appealing To Consumers

As consumers become more and more health-conscious, cereal manufacturers have been forced to rethink their packaging to keep up with changing trends. One exciting development is the shift towards a ‘halo’ effect. Here a product’s front design highlights key features that make it healthy.

There are several things that ‘healthier’ cereals can do to stand out from the crowd. The first (and probably most popular) technique is using an image of fruit at the very top of your box. This instantly makes your brand more appealing to those conscious about what they eat and want a quick and easy breakfast option.

The second technique is to use contrasting colors between your background and graphics, immediately drawing the eye’s attention. This works very well because it gives consumers an immediate impression of this product. 

How bright and inviting that Special box is! Finally, the third method includes ‘whole grains,’ ‘heart healthy,’ or ‘fiber.’ All these little tricks combined will ensure that your cereal not only tastes great but looks great too!

6. Nostalgic Brands And Patterns Make Brand More Believable (And Fun!)

Like with beverages, consumers today are always looking for an authentic and trustworthy brand to give their business. Just one glance at this example from General Mills’ Wheaties box tells you its entire story. It’s the official cereal of the Olympics, and we all know how prestigious and well-respected those games are!

The second example is yet another retro brand that stands out due to its seemingly vintage aesthetic. The main reason brands such as Honeycomb and Golden Crisp latch onto this trend is that they’re also using fonts and patterns that look like they’ve come straight off your Grandmother’s breakfast table. Yet, creates an era of nostalgia that people want to relive.

7. Unique Formats Make Your Brand Appealing And Exciting For All

The benefits of blank cereal boxes that can adapt to different situations are obvious. This means commuters will have no excuse to eat breakfast before work. If Kellogg’s can get you hooked on their products, they’ve won half the battle over their competitors! 

Packaging your brand in unique shapes like this is bound to help you stand out from the crowd. It shows consumers that you aren’t afraid to try something new. As long as it doesn’t interfere with any of your brandings. It should be safe to say that any creative packaging is bound to impact.

8. Flexible Sizes Make Your Brand Appealing To All Ages And Genders

While the actual size of a cereal box is unlikely to have too much of an effect on sales. Smart brands are already starting to take advantage of the opportunities they present. One perfect example is how Honey Bunches Of Oats can come in one large bag or be sectioned into smaller pouches for portability and convenience. How both boxes clearly illustrate these benefits with the use of illustrations! For brands explicitly targeting children, changing your packaging is a surefire way to increase the amount of trust they have for their brand. Just look at how this cereal packaging box can be held by small hands. These brands understand parents’ struggles everywhere!

9. Creative Ways To Use Your Brand’s Mascot

This is one trend that has been increasing in popularity over recent years. Especially, with companies such as General Mills’ Cheerios, who have taken things into their own hands! Not only do they have an adorable mascot named ‘Buzz Bee. But he also finds his way onto every Cheerio box and several other characters belonging to his family!

Fun mascots not only make your brand memorable but also increase the amount of trust they have for their product since it’s a sign that you care about them. Even General Mills’ Cheerios aren’t safe from this trend. 

The trend is so big that they’ve stretched out their mascot into an entire family! Not only does this ensure that your brands will never get tired. It also shows consumers how dedicated you are to pleasing everyone who comes into contact with your products.

10. Special Box Layouts Make Your Brand Stand Out From The Crowd

Different layouts and designs make your custom made cereal boxes instantly more memorable. Try something completely different and think outside the box to show consumers your brand isn’t afraid to push boundaries. It shows that even brands aren’t afraid to take risks now and then to keep things interesting for everyone! 

There is a lot to consider when you’re designing the perfect box. We hope we’ve managed to inspire you with these top 10 Cereal Packaging Trends for cereal boxes! So visit Instant Custom Boxes online catalog and enjoy the best deals!

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