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Top 15 Creative Lip Gloss Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses


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Lip gloss packaging ideas are a very important zone to consider. This applies further when considering how a lip gloss can represent your makeup brand. Lip gloss is a cosmetic product that our customers use every day. Therefore, it should perfectly reflect your brand personality. Yet, if you are just starting your cosmetic business, you might be overwhelmed by managing a tight budget. So, how can you possibly give your product the packaging it deserves? Well, now you can release all your worries. This post shares the top 15 creative lip gloss packaging ideas for small businesses. Read it on!

1.     Focus On the Resilience

Scratches, damage, and poor-quality packaging can damage your brand image. For this reason, you should be very careful when choosing the material and finishing methods.


In this context, you should focus on the following key points:

  • The material thickness
  • Flexibility and durability
  • The right and suitable finishing options

Remember that your packaging should be strong enough to protect your sensitive lip gloss items. In addition, it must be protected from heat, moisture, bacteria, and other tampering factors. Most importantly, your product packaging shows customers that your cosmetic brand can be trusted.

2.     Give a Smooth, Glossy Texture

Your lip gloss packaging ideas should be more than just standard or boring packaging. This is where you need a smooth texture and feel of the packaging. This will deliver a pleasing aesthetic for customers. After all, a smooth wrapper is much easier on the eyes than a rough wrapper with lumps or bumps in the material.


To make customers decide whether or not to buy again, the look and feel of your packaging can make all the difference! This might seem like a no-brainer. But it applies further when it comes time to convince someone who has purchased from you before or is simply looking for a new brand.

You might think that the eye-catching design of the packaging is enough, but that’s not the case. The trick is how to appeal to all the customer’s senses – see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. So, yes, go ahead and add a smooth texture and feel.

3.     The Holographic Design Increases Brand Awareness

The unique visual appeal of holographic packaging design helps customers quickly identify your lip gloss or brand. This way, you can make your items stand out on the shelf and attract the attention of potential customers. As such, it is a great way to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Plus, it adds another layer of branding to your items. Why?


Because you can customize the logo and colors to match your existing branding.

4.     Color Counts

We know that color plays a big role when it comes to product marketing. Research shows that color increases brand awareness by 80%, and 85% of shoppers say color is the number one reason they buy a particular product.


Some colors are so iconic that you can recognize a cosmetic brand by its color. Some customers can recognize their favorite brands even if they don’t see a logo or other brand-identifying information. Moreover, you can also know about What Is the Suitable Colour for the Packaging of Lip Gloss?

5.     Think About Stylish Typography

How many times have you seen a blank box? They are there, but they are pretty rare. Most product packaging designs include some form of typography.


Typography is the arrangement of letters and words. This includes things like font size and style. It is fun to be creative with your font choices. But remember that they need to look as good as they read. Yet, don’t try to overdo it with too many competing fonts.

6.     Try Out Bold and Black Packaging Design

Lip glosses are eye-catching and attractive. This is why the packaging should also be appealing. The black-colored packaging will be an effective idea for improving the image of your small business. This design will give your items an attractive appearance.


Black color is bold and perfect for all kinds of beauty products Packaging. Plus, it is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your product. At the same time, it helps you attract potential customers’ attention.

7.     Apply Gold and Silver Foiling On the Box

Don’t know about you, but when it comes to cosmetics, we love good packaging with gold or silver foiling. It just feels luxurious and premium, like a treat to yourself.

Therefore, gold or silver foil is one of the best ideas for lip gloss packaging for small businesses. Gold and silver foil in makeup products can help your small business in many ways. How?


Here is how!

  • This technique shows the quality
  • Printing gold and silver foil on each box makes it clear that quality matters.
  • It helps build your brand image

First impressions matter! When customers see gold or silver foil on lip gloss packaging, they immediately associate those qualities with the brand.

In the end, they will associate your brand with luxury, elegance, and quality. All of these are essential to building a great brand image.

8.     What About Lip Gloss Packaging with Window?

Packaging with window for lip gloss is your best bet if you want to display your lip gloss beautifully.


With the window shape, customers can easily check the color and gloss of the product without opening the box.

9.     Go Funky with Your Artwork

Use funky text and bold graphic patterns for your lip gloss packaging ideas. We have talked about the importance of having a good product, but that’s only part of the equation.


Packaging is equally important. For example, some cosmetic brands use text and logos creatively to create eye-catching boxes that are not only aesthetically pleasing. More than that, they also draw attention to their products.

10.  Tell Your Exciting Brand Story


What better way to connect with your customers than to introduce yourself and tell your brand story? Stories are a great way to communicate with your customers on a more personal level. Tell them who you are, where your company comes from, and what is important to you.

11.  Make Your Lip Gloss Worthy of a Gift

The gift-like packaging design can really affect the customer experience. A beautifully designed and personalized packaging can be as much a part of the gift as it is inside. Well, you can eventually make your lip gloss worthy of a gift by making its product packaging lovelier.


How to do this?

  • Add ribbons or lovely bows
  • Use glitter effects or glossy finishing
  • Insert a custom gift card

12.  Use Product Photography


Photos are a great way to showcase your products. To make customers love your lip gloss more, you can try using a photo of your lip gloss on the packaging. Yet, if you go this route, be sure to use quality product photography.

13.  Use Limited Color Palette


You don’t have to use all the rainbow colors to make your packaging box look inter