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Top 5 Successful Packaging Ideas to Design Exclusive Custom Coffee Bags

Top 5 Successful Packaging Ideas to Design Exclusive Custom Coffee Bags

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Almost everyone loves having coffee, especially on cold nights. For those coffee lovers, having coffee is a relaxing moment. Thus, they will choose the coffees that make them feel relaxed. Some coffee lovers have their favorite brand for this. For brand owners, you need to convince them that your coffees are of premium quality. How to do this? By presenting them in exceptionally designed packaging. Worry not! You can eventually design your exclusive customized coffee bags with the top successful packaging ideas below!

Reasons to Use Custom Coffee Bags

Whether for strong espresso, a frothy latte, or a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee, we can see more people are drinking coffee these days. With a variety of blends, beans, and combinations, it is not surprising that coffees are one of the world’s most popular beverages.

Do you know that coffee is now produced in more than 50 countries around the world? Brazil is famous as the world’s largest exporter and has been shipping around 5.7 billion pounds of ground coffee each year. Thus, we can say that drinking coffee on the way has become part of everyday life.

As a brand owner, you might wonder how to differentiate your products in this crowded market.

Well, apart from producing excellent coffee, the best way to get huge product recognition is through your product packaging. This is where custom coffee bags come in handy.

These bags serve more than just simple product packaging.

More than that, they act as:

  • Your brand ambassador
  • Reflect your company’s values
  • Responsible for keeping your coffee fresh

Notwithstanding, they will ensure the quality of your coffee beans. Thus, you should never treat them as an afterthought. Instead, you need to give them the attention they deserve.

Why Should You Choose Printed Coffee Bean Packaging Pouches?

Why Should You Choose Printed Coffee Bean Packaging Pouches

If you look at the shelves of any coffee aisle, you will probably see many types of packaging boxes for coffees.

For example, there are:

Among those options, creatively printed coffee bean packaging pouches will let your coffees pop up on the shelves. What’s more, designing them by applying your branding theme will help you make your brand more visible to customers.

Yes, there are various reasons to use this packaging to present your coffee. So, if you still use standard packaging to present your coffees, well, sorry to say, but your business is going nowhere.

Things to Consider When Designing Custom Coffee Bags

Designing customized coffee bags can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the essential factors that must be considered. To create a successful and effective packaging design, it’s crucial to take into account various elements that affect the overall appeal and functionality of your custom coffee bags. Some Factors are given below:

The Freshness Factor

Will you distribute your coffee to shops, cafes, or businesses? Or will you ship them to domestic or international end users? Either way, we know that your coffee beans should stay fresh.

In this regard, make sure you pay attention to the freshness factor when it comes to designing the right packaging for your coffee. Also, make sure you choose and use the proper packaging material to produce your bags.

Clear Labeling Is Important

The proper labels are required to communicate the origin of your coffee beans. You need to explain where you process them when you roast the coffee beans. In this regard, we also know that modern customers want the whole story in plain language, not obscure language.

This is why clear labeling is important when designing your customized printed bags. Make sure you describe everything those customers would want to know about the bags.

A Simple Design Works Well

The market customers are already overwhelmed with choices, images, and data when they purchase coffees. This is why your packaging design should minimize the graphics. Instead, using bold and solid patterns in a simple packaging design will make coffee selection easier.

The Packaging Process

Do you fill your customized coffee bags manually? Or are you looking to automate the packaging equipment?

If you plan to fill the bags by hand, you should choose a style with an opening at the top wide. This will provide you with enough space to hold a spoon or filler.

However, do note that while manual packaging can keep initial costs down, it severely limits throughput, accuracy, and the ability to increase production. So, if you already have an automatic coffee packing machine or are considering buying one, the options for custom coffee bags are nearly endless.

Let’s Design the Most Exclusive Custom Coffee Bags That Boost Your Sales!

Let's Design the Most Exclusive Custom Coffee Bags That Boost Your Sales!

Now let’s get to the point! When it comes to designing the most exclusive custom coffee bags that boost your sales, your creativity has no restrictions. Yes, all you need to do is be creative with these successful packaging ideas below!

Be Creative and Think Out of the Bag

In these modern days, we can see many successful coffee brands come up with a mission to incorporate sustainability. To achieve this, they include sustainability design in each step of production. In addition, they embrace natural-looking packaging that is recyclable and eco-friendly. Printed coffee bean packaging pouches are a popular option. This packaging helps you to evoke a positive response in customers by looking to purchase ethical and fair trade beans.

Indeed, these varieties of printed bags can serve as the perfect blank canvas for your brand to get creative with your designs. Far better, you can take a step further by rethinking the elements of the bags. This way, you can create interactive experiences with your product packaging.

For instance, eye-catching printed coffee bean packaging pouches that include a vibrant insert will wow your customers.

The point here is that you need to attach all the importance to your packaging design and presentation. In addition, you need to appreciate the idea of using this type of packaging to educate customers about your brand and your products.

Enhance Your Coffee Packaging With Moving Graphics

Did you know that using images that show movement or action on your coffee packaging can have a positive impact on customer perception? Recent research has shown that customers prefer these “moving” graphics over static ones, and perceive coffee beans with this type of packaging as a fresher.

In fact, some coffee brands are taking this concept even further by using live photography to showcase what their coffee looks like when poured. This approach not only provides a sensory experience for customers but also adds an element of excitement to the product.

By incorporating “moving” graphics and live photography on your custom coffee bags, you can create an engaging visual experience for your customers. This approach is similar to popular coffee commercials that focus on the joy of taking the first sip of coffee in the morning. By appealing to the senses and emotions of your customers, you can create a more memorable and positive brand experience.

Sustainable Packaging Design Never Goes Out of Date

The coffee industry has been embracing sustainability in packaging design for years. Responding to this, many coffee brands announce their ‘eco-friendly coffee packaging’ on the front of their labels.

If your coffee brand uses sustainable packaging design as a primary purchase factor for your coffee beans, you can try out this mindset. Well, it might not be a strong differentiator to stand out from the competition. However, many coffee products use sustainable packaging design as the best tool to attract green coffee drinkers.

How About Modern Packaging Design?

The term modern is a contradiction, as examples of brands can be considered modern coffee designs, although the design has certain elements that add a modern flair.

You can try combining matte coating with foil lettering to follow this trend. This design will deliver something casual with a little flair. Thus, even if your coffee beans are rustic, this design comes with enough brilliance to evoke the “cool factor.”

A Simple Packaging Design Is Still Favored

While elaborate packaging designs can be eye-catching, the trend towards minimalism in the hipster coffee movement has shown that a simple design can be just as effective. In fact, a minimalist look with just a stamp of your logo can be an elegant and classy option, especially if you’re targeting a direct-to-consumer business model.

To create a memorable experience for your customers, you can focus on evoking a sense of calm with your printed coffee bean packaging pouches. This simple approach can help create a lasting impression and enhance the overall coffee experience for your customers.

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Wrapping Up

Custom coffee bags can serve as your best tool to increase sales and build your brand at the same time. Yet, you will need to design them exclusively. Hopefully, the top 5 successful packaging ideas above will help you to design the best packaging for your coffees. You can work with experts at Instant Custom Boxes to get a better result!

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