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An ABB report shows that the production of boxes in the United States of America is approximately 100 billion per autumn. These outstanding figures for different types of boxes for small businesses show that the packaging industry has become a more competitive market. The introduction of different distinctive packaging boxes for different brands is bringing more sales for businesses.

The availability of several box types can confuse you to choose the best packaging solution that aligns with your business requirements. It is necessary to get excellent packaging for your business to get more sales, which will result in more profit for your business. In this blog post, we are helping you to choose the best custom packaging for small businesses to pack and display your products.

Why Do Custom Boxes Matter For Small Businesses?

Select a box has become important for every small business because of the following reasons:

  • Availability of quick customization options
  • Protection of products from damages
  • Flexibility for shipping products.
  • Spread brand awareness with the printing of business details

Box Types On Purpose

Different packaging solutions, such as custom mylar bags, are available for distinctive purposes. However, the primary purpose of a bag is to store and ship products safely with excellent presentation.

Retail Boxes

These boxes come to package the different retail products to boost their visibility and engage potential customers. Therefore, display boxes are the best for showcasing the products on the retail shelves to leave a lasting impression on customers.

Shipping Packaging

The mailer boxes are part of the packaging used to ship your products safely. These are durable packaging solutions with excellent protection features to ensure the safety of products during transportation.

Storage Cartons

These containers have ample space to store different types of products. Custom food boxes are the best examples of storage cartons for different food products to display in retail stores.

Types Of Custom Boxes Styles

The shapes and sizes of the custom boxes have a crucial role in packaging different types of products. You need to know the different custom boxes by style to meet your business requirements.


Folding Carton Boxes

These packaging solutions come with a collapsible style. The use of cardboard material with fine die-cutting ensures the excellent shape of these fabulous packaging boxes.

Telescope Boxes

These rectangular boxes ensure the protection of longer products in the presence of magnificent closures or removable lids. The use of rigid or corrugated material in the manufacturing of these boxes ensures the ultimate protection for your products.

Gable Boxes

Gable boxes are similar to the collapsible cardboard packaging but with a distinctive design. The utilization of flat cardboard sheets ensures a fabulous style with the presence of a top handle to ensure convenience for customers.

Sleeve Packages

When you are looking to protect your precious products, the sleeve boxers are the best packaging solutions with outer coverage and a slidable tray. This distinctive sleeve slider attracts potential customers to your products.

Shoulder Boxes

These packaging boxes have become the elegant face of your brand. You can use these luxurious boxes to pack your products perfectly. Shoulder boxes come with a middle tray, a bottom base, and a top lid to ensure the products’ excellent safety.

Display Boxes

Display Boxes, such as custom cosmetic boxes, allow you to present your products effectively on retail shelves. The exposed design, ranging from front to top, ensures excellent visibility for your products to engage potential customers.

How To Choose Custom Packaging For Small Businesses

It has become a challenge for a small business to choose the best custom boxes in the presence of various packaging solutions. You need to consider the following factors to select the most suitable packaging for your brand.

  • Product Nature: You need to choose the ideal box that fits the type of your products. For example, a food box is used to preserve the taste and aroma of food items.
  • Packaging Functionality: You need to know the functionality of a box for your products. For example, a display box is perfect for displaying products on retail shelves.
  • Box Price: CBD boxes wholesale rates allow you to purchase packaging in bulk to facilitate your customers effectively.
  • Environmental Impact: The personalized boxes and bags also contribute to the eco-friendly environment and engage environment-conscious customers.
  • Customization Options: You can choose Instant Custom Boxes as your packaging partner because of several customization options for your products.
  • Customer Experience: The purpose of packaging is to enhance the customer experience with your brand. Therefore, you must select the perfect box that satisfies your customers.

Five Custom Packaging Tips for Small Businesses

Creative packaging ideas that’ll catch your market’s attention are mentioned below:

  1. Consider your target audience
  2. Choose appealing and sustainable packaging
  3. Ensure the fabulous branding elements
  4. Prefer simplicity for your packaging solution
  5. Select the professional packaging partner for your business


You can beat your competitors in the crowded market with the custom packaging available at Instant Custom Boxes. We are not just selling the packaging boxes but also helping you excel in your business with the excellent presentation of your products. You can order your packaging in bulk and get free delivery to boost customer satisfaction.


What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Box For My Small Business?

Answer: You need to consider your product, packaging functionality and price, customization options, and user experience.

Are Custom Boxes Worth The Investment For Small Businesses?

Answer: Yes, custom boxes are worth the investment for customer businesses by offering excellent packaging solutions to pack and present the products.

Can I Use The Same Box For Shipping And Retail Display?

Answer: Yes, you can use the same box that fulfills retail display and shipping purposes.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Rigid Boxes For Product Packaging?

Answer: Rigid boxes offer several benefits, such as excellent durability, protection, and a magnificent unboxing experience.

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