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Why Are Cardboard Boxes Expensive For Packaging ?

Why Are Cardboard Boxes Expensive For Packaging

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In today’s world, cardboard boxes have become expensive packaging solutions. Several businesses and consumers are affected by the continuous rising cost of cardboard packaging. The basic reason behind the high cost is the use of expensive materials. Therefore, businesses have started to use eco-friendly and affordable packaging boxes to serve their consumers.

Why Is Cardboard Packaging More Expensive?

The prices of cardboard have been increased by 100% as compared to 2021. This rapid increase in prices has made every manufacturer, distributor, and customer worried about packaging boxes. The pandemic has caused the main shift in the global raw material supply for manufacturing packaging boxes. Paper mills are also experiencing the same supply chain problems globally with predictable results. Therefore, the price of packaging materials, including cartoons, has increased over time.

It is a fact that the eCommerce sector experienced rapid growth during COVID-19 because online shopping became more popular in those days. Online retailers utilize cardboard boxes to package their products and protect from different external contaminants. The reasons behind the high prices of custom cardboard boxes packaging can vary but mainly depends on industry trends and market conditions.

Cost of Raw Material

The cost of raw materials is a fundamental reason behind the cost of cardboard boxes. Paper pulp is the fundamental source for manufacturing these boxes. There are different factors that influence the raw material prices, such as environmental regulations, transportation expenses, and differences in the demand and supply. Therefore, increasing the price of raw materials also boosts the overall cost of cardboard boxes. It is important to remember that simple or bleached cardboard also has been very expensive for packaging.

Cost of Production

It is essential for businesses to consider the total production expenses. The steps for producing cardboard include molding the paper into the ideal shape, size, and design. Moreover, the cutting process for paper into different aspects also results in waste. The overall production cost can be high due to the use of machinery, labor, maintenance, and energy. You need to consider the following steps when creating the cardboard boxes for your business.

  • Cutting
  • Shaping
  • Pressing

Supply & Demand

Packaging price is also linked with the demand. When the demand for cardboard packaging increases, the price will increase automatically. It is true that custom boxes are the brilliant way of displaying products to consumers and it costs more than the simple packaging. There are different disruptions, such as delays in getting the raw materials and the small manufacturing capacity that raise the price of cardboard packaging. The demand for cardboard packaging increases because of the following factors.

  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • E-Commerce

Environmental Regulations

There is a rapid rise in the growth of environmental pollution in the modern technology era. Most businesses prefer eco-friendly packaging to reduce environmental waste and attract eco-conscious customers. Moreover, consumers also prefer environmentally friendly packaging. The regulatory agencies and government can introduce strict environmental regulations to affect the production and usage of cardboard paper. The manufacturers require effective environmental solutions and new equipment to align with the regulations that increase the overall cost of cardboard packaging.

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Important Tips For Reducing Costs

When you are manufacturing various products and require cardboard packaging to fulfill your brand requirements,you need to choose affordable packaging and reduce the overall cost. These are essential packaging boxes for branding and protecting the products. You need to follow the crucial tips to reduce the costs for premium cardboard drawer boxes.

Identify Your Needs And Be Specific

The different businesses utilize the large boxes with irregular shapes and unusual designs to waste the resources. You need to specify your requirements and avoid wasting the raw materials. It is a good approach to define the purpose and type of boxes to reduce the overall cost for these top-quality boxes.

Unique Design While Keeping It Simple

You can apply unique elements, including style and printing text, to make your packaging distinctive. Investing in extraordinary designs is a good approach, but unique finishes and other luxurious additions can increase the cost. Moreover, it is easy to create unique and simple packaging for your products.

Consider Specific Customization Options

You need to consider the customization requirements in detail, it will help you decide on the type of packaging for your products. It is recommended to use the design and customization that reduces the cost of manufacturing the elegant custom packaging boxes for your products.

5 Best Alternatives To Cardboard

When cardboard has become expensive, and you are looking for the best alternative, you need to consider recyclable and biodegradable packaging for your brand.

5 Best Alternatives To Cardboard

Corrugated Bubble Wrap

It is a safe packaging material for the transportation of delicate products. Air-filled bubbles between the layers of corrugated cardboard ensure the ultimate protection in the presence of cushioning characteristics.

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

These are the environmentally-friendly packing peanuts and the best alternative to polystyrene and Styrofoam. These packaging materials are created from compostable materials such as potato starch or cornstarch. Therefore, you can use this sustainable packaging to present a variety of products to consumers.

Cornstarch Packaging

The presence of biodegradable cornstarch in these packaging materials has become a brilliant alternative to traditional plastic packaging. You can use this material to manufacture packaging films, containers, and bags.

Mushroom Packaging

It is a mycelium packaging that is considered an eco-friendly option. This packaging material is created from waste such as sawdust and corn stalks. You can use this packaging to reduce plastic waste and ensure an eco-friendly environment.

Seaweed Packaging

These biodegradable seaweed or edible packages have become the ultimate alternative to traditional plastic packaging. The use of recyclable and abundant materials like seaweed has made this packaging a biodegradable option with minimal environmental impact. Therefore, you can use this sustainable packaging to minimize the use of single-use plastic packaging for your brand.

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