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What are Mylar Pouches or Mylar Bags?

Mylar is basically a polyester film made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and is mainly popular due to its high tensile strength, dimensional and chemical stability, aroma and gas barrier properties, reflectivity, transparency, and electrical insulation. Compared to plastics, the polyester film is comparatively less permeable to gases, and therefore, it is favored in custom food boxes. Mylar pouches or mylar bags refer to exceptional packaging, extremely popular nowadays or even considered essential.

If you require a stable and long term shelf life for your products, get custom mylar bags wholesale from Instant Custom Boxes. We are wholesale distributors of  Custom Mylar bags and specialize in custom food packaging and custom bakery packaging!

Customized Mylar Bags – Safe Storage & Delivery of Food

Season food products are stored for the longer term; therefore, it is essential for them to be stored in boxes that ensure their safety and help increase their shelf life. For this to achieve, custom mylar bags for food are one of the best choices to store and protect the food for a longer period of time. These bags are different than other kinds of plastic or cardboard boxes and meet the requirement of food storage in a better way. They are different kinds of bags due to different chemical compositions that show their features like no ordinary bags could have.

At Instant Custom Boxes, we provide mylar pouches for the safe and secure delivery of food items to your customers. Custom packaging boxes have revolutionized the way food is stored and delivered. Moisture, light, and heat often affect the long-term storage of food. Our mylar bags help prevent your food items from moisture, rodents, heat, and light. It is a perfect way of preserving food for a longer duration of time. So, contact us for custom mylar bags in bulk at affordable rates. Keep your foodstuff preserved and deliver it to your customers in a secure manner!

A Versatile Selection of Custom Mylar Bags

At Instant Custom Boxes, we manufacture and design mylar pouches in bulk. There is a comprehensive selection of custom printed mylar bags of the highest quality. For years, we have been providing mylar pouches as a perfect long-term food storage solution. Our customized mylar bags are made of quality materials and are thick enough to preserve your food. These pouches or bags meet the industry standards and ensure the safe delivery of food products. It is important to note that these bags or pouches are not simply to provide a better containment to your products, but rather these printed bags also help you show your food products as a unique brand.

If you are keen to enhance the good impression of your food products and boost sales, get wholesale mylar pouches and deliver food in custom printed mylar bags. We have creative designers who can print attractive graphics on the pouches to attract customers worldwide. You can choose from our selection of mylar pouches or customize your own design. We can craft your desired mylar bags with lovely color schemes and quality graphics.

Eco-Friendly & Durable Mylar Packaging Bags

Our mylar bags are eco friendly and recyclable. Plus, these boxes have numerous use cases due to their multifunctional capability. At Instant Custom Boxes, our mylar pouch bags for CBD are quite eco-friendly and manufactured using premium quality materials. The idea is to maintain the quality and taste of food. These quality pouches create a barrier between the environment and the food. We seal these pouches perfectly for the sake of food safety. Our mylar bags can be heat sealed and can have zip locks too, all depending on your requirements.

People are now moving towards more eco friendly and green options, so it is a good time to join the hands of the masses. You must start trying eco friendly packaging because it is environmentally friendly and count your efforts towards environmental sustainability. Custom Printed bags are the best option for you to raise the status of your brand by packaging your items in these eco friendly boxes.

Get Cheap Wholesale Mylar Bags at Discount

We provide your free design support, 100% free shipping, and one free color printing with no hidden charges. So, you are most welcome to have what your products and brand deserve. We have listed numerous designs of these mylar bags at the same rates. You can choose and order any design of design for your boxes; we will provide you with the best quality bags and pouches at an optimized price.

What makes Instant Custom Boxes the most affordable supplier of mylar pouches and bags is our discounted prices. Not only are our wholesale rates the lowest in the market, our 50% discount further lessens the price. There are no die and plate charges as well. So, get custom mylar bags with logo now and get your order shipped to your doorstep!

Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced packaging company with many happy clients. We are always more than glad to see more clients joining our hands. We always focus on the main goals of our clients and help in two ways. First, we prepare cost-effective packaging that ensures ultimate protection and promotion of products to be stored. Secondly, we help our clients get effective brand recognition that raises their brand status.

So, these two objectives help our customers achieve maximum conversions in a minimum time. This approach also contains a long-lasting impact on their brand that helps a brand stand out. So, choose your material and design according to your demands and get high-quality mylar pouches in your own locality.

Get Free Shipping For Your Bulk Orders

At Instant Custom Boxes, we provide absolutely free shipping worldwide. Place your order now for your desired custom mylar bags. Get your order quickly shipped to your door for free.

To learn more about our wholesale mylar bags, call us now at (888) 801-6597 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] communicate with our packaging experts and graphic designers!

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