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Can You Put a Pizza Box in the Oven? Get the Complete Answers Here!

Can You Put a Pizza Box in the Oven?

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We all know that pizza is a favorite and delicious food enjoyed by many around the world. Whether it’s a fresh, hot slice or a leftover piece from last night’s dinner, we all love to have it. However, finding the best way to reheat pizza has been a topic of debate.

One question that often arises is whether it is safe to put a pizza box in the oven. In some cases, we might not have enough time to remove the pizza from the box. Well, there are various aspects of reheating your pizza in the box, including using an oven and a microwave. So, let’s get the complete answers here!

Can You Reheat Pizza in the Box?

Yes, you can!

Reheating pizza in its original box can be a convenient way for anyone who wants to enjoy their pizza immediately. This applies especially if you are looking to avoid using extra dishes. Yet, you must consider the box’ material before attempting to reheat it. To get more details about materials for customized pizza boxes, you can contact reliable packaging suppliers such as Instant Custom Boxes.

So, most boxes for pizzas are made from cardboard. Do note that this material is combustible. Cardboard can catch fire if exposed to high heat. Thus, placing it directly in the oven is not really a good idea. Additionally, the grease or oil from the pizza can seep into the cardboard. Hence, making it prone to scorching. In fact, it can even start a fire when you heat it up.

The Best Ways to Reheating Pizza in a Box in the Oven

First of all, you must note that reheating pizza in a box in the oven is not a safe option here. In fact, there will always be a risk of fire in this case. However, if you want and need to reheat your pizza with the box, you must always do it safely.

Take Your Pizza Out of the Box

Yes, take your pizza out of the box before placing it in the oven. You can place your delicious pizza on a baking sheet or a pizza stone. This will make sure that your pizza gets smooth heat distribution.

Remember to Preheat Your Oven First

Before placing your pizza inside, you should set your oven to a low to medium temperature. To warm up a pizza, typically you need to set it around 275°F to 325°F (135°C to 163°C).

Reheat Your Pizza in the Oven Properly

Now place the baking sheet or pizza stone for your pizza in your oven. Then, allow your pizza to heat in between 10 to 15 minutes. Or else, you can find out whether the cheese is melted and the crust of your pizza has become crispy.

Remove Your Pizza Carefully from the Oven

Next, you should remove your pizza from the oven carefully. You can consider using oven mitts for this. Then, let your pizza cool for a few minutes before enjoying it.

Can You Microwave a Pizza Box without Any Concerns?

Well, microwaving a pizza box is also not a really good idea due to safety concerns. Microwaves heat food by generating electromagnetic waves that can cause them to vibrate and generate heat. However, cardboard is not microwave-safe. Besides, this material might be subjected to microwave radiation. Ultimately, it can result in fire or damage to the oven.

In addition to the fire risk, microwaving a pizza box can also cause the grease or oil from the pizza to further saturate the cardboard. As a result, it will make it less sturdy and more vulnerable to collapsing or leaking. Remember that it will be best to remove your pizza from the box before heating it up.

How to Keep Pizza Warm for a Longer Period in the Box?

Without any doubt, having a warm pizza always gives better delight.

Check out the methods below to keep your pizza warm in the box for a longer period!

Try Using a High-Quality Insulated Bag

You can place the box inside an insulated bag before placing it in the oven. Or else, you can also use aluminum foil. These materials will maintain the temperature of your pizza properly.

High Quality Insulated Bag for pizza box

Always Set a Low-Temperature for Your Oven

Yes, make sure to have a low-temperature setting for your oven. This setting allows you to keep your pizza warm without drying it out.

Keep the Box On a Warm Surface

Remember to keep the box on a warm surface. For instance, you can use a stovetop or a heating pad. Always be cautious not to place it directly on a hot surface. This hot surface can easily damage the box or your tasty pizza.

Keep pizza warm

Reheat with a skillet

Heat a skillet on low heat and place the pizza slices on it. The skillet will warm the pizza while also crisping up the crust.

Yes, these methods can help keep your pizza warm for a short period. However, it is always best to consume it as soon as possible for optimal taste and texture.

Reheat pizza

Tips to Put Cardboard Pizza Box in the Oven

While it is generally advised not to put a cardboard pizza box in the oven, there are some aspects to keep in mind if you choose to do so.

Use a Pizza Stone Or Baking Sheet

Place the pizza directly on a pizza stone or a baking sheet to avoid heating the box. This helps distribute heat evenly and prevents potential fire hazards.

Cut the Box Into Smaller Pieces

If you still prefer to use the box, cut it into smaller sections. Then, lay the sections flat on the baking sheet. This minimizes the risk of the box catching fire. Plus, it allows for better heat circulation.

Monitor the Oven Closely

Monitor the oven while reheating your pizza. Make sure that the box does not ignite or produce smoke. If you notice any signs of scorching or burning, immediately remove the pizza and the box from the oven.

Consider Alternative Reheating Methods

If the risk of using the cardboard box in the oven concerns you, you can go with alternative methods. For instance, you can use a microwave-safe plate to warm up your pizza. Or else, you can also consider using a skillet to reheat the pizza.

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Is It Ok to Microwave a Pizza Box?

Is it ok to microwave a pizza box

Unfortunately, no!

Yes, we must say that it is not completely safe to microwave a pizza box. As mentioned earlier, microwaving cardboard can result in a fire hazard.

things to note when placing pizza box in the oven

If you consider placing a pizza box in the oven, there are several important factors to keep in mind.

What are they?


Ensure that the box is made of plain, uncoated cardboard. If you know that the box comes with a wax coating, glossy finishes, or metallic elements, then you should forget to place it in the oven. Why?

Because those elements can pose a fire hazard when exposed to high heat.

Remove Any Non-Cardboard Components

Before placing the box in the oven, make sure to remove any non-cardboard components. These include plastic lids, stickers, or additional packaging materials. Remember that these items are not oven-safe. Even worse, they can release toxic fumes or melt in high temperatures.


Make sure that the box is free from any food residue or grease. Grease and oil can easily seep into the cardboard. Accordingly, they can cause the risk of fire or smoke.

Cut the Box Into Smaller Pieces

If you decide to put the box in the oven, consider cutting it into smaller sections. This reduces the risk of the box catching fire and allows for better heat circulation.

Monitor Your Oven Properly

Watch for any signs of scorching, smoking, or the box starting to ignite. If any of these occur, immediately remove the box from the oven to prevent a fire.

Set the Oven Temperature

Use a low to medium temperature setting when reheating your pizza. Avoid setting the oven temperature too high. If you do this, you might increase the risk of the box catching fire. In fact, your pizza will be overly crispy.

Put Safety First

Keep in mind that you should always prioritize safety when reheating food. If you have any doubts about placing the box in the oven, then you should not do it.

Yes, reheating pizza in the box may seem convenient. However, you should always prioritize your safety. This means that you should avoid any risks associated with fire hazards or toxic fumes. Also, remember to check out the materials and conditions of the box before proceeding. Lastly, you can always go for alternative methods if you have any doubts.

Wrapping Up

Of course, we all think that reheating pizza is a common practice. However, while using the pizza box might seem convenient, it might not be the safest option. Placing your pizza in the box in the oven or microwave not only can lead to fire hazards. Even worse, it can ruin your pizza as well. Thus, it will be better to remove your pizza from the box when heating it. By following the proper guidelines, you can surely safely enjoy your warm pizza without any concerns!

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