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How to Ship a Cake Using Expert Strategies In 2024

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Shipping cakes can be a challenging task. We know that cakes are delicate items that require careful handling. Hence, you don’t need even a slight bump that can ruin the taste and appearance of your cakes. Sounds difficult? Not really!

With the right steps, you can make the shipping journey of your cakes safe and secure. After all, you surely want to deliver your delicious creations to their destination perfectly. This way, your customers can enjoy the cakes delightfully. Well, if you are searching for how to ship cake securely, below are some easy and expert strategies you can try!

The Preparation Step

First, gather all the necessary materials for cake shipping. For this, you will need a sturdy and large box enough to accommodate your cake without squishing it. Additionally, also get bubble wrap, parchment paper, cake boards, and packing tape. These items will play a great role in protecting your cake during transit.

Cooling and Wrapping

Next, make sure your cake is completely cool before shipping. This is important because shipping a warm cake can lead to condensation. Hence, it will affect the quality of the cake. Once cooled, place the cake on a sturdy cake board to provide support. Then, tightly wrap the cake with several layers of plastic wrap. This will ensure its freshness. Plus, it will prevent any air from reaching the cake.

cooling and wrapping

Securing Your Cake in the Box

To secure your cake in the box, start by lining the bottom of the box with bubble wrap. This extra layer of cushioning will provide extra protection during transportation. Ensure you place the cake in the center of the box carefully. This way, your cake will not snug or move around during transit.

Cake securing in custom cake boxes

Padding and Protecting

Now surround your cake with additional layers of bubble wrap. Do not leave any empty spaces here. Remember, your main goal is to create a snug fit that minimizes movement inside the box. You can fill any remaining gaps with crumpled parchment paper or bubble wrap. These additional features will provide extra padding and prevent the cake from shifting.

Padding and Protecting

Sealing the Box

Close the box securely using high-quality packing tape. Make sure to seal all edges of the box to prevent it from opening during transit. To ensure the cake is secure, try giving the box a gentle shake. If you notice any movement, you should add more padding to keep the cake in place.

sealing the box properly

Consider Temperature Control

If you are transporting your cake in hot or humid conditions, you must consider temperature control. For this, you can try adding a well-insulated cooler or thermal bag. These additional protections will maintain the cake’s freshness. Plus, you can add ice packs or gel packs around the cake box to keep it cool during transit.

Temperature control printed cake boxes

Labeling and Marking the Box

To alert handlers to the delicate nature of the package, clearly label your box, or you can also use personalized cake packaging boxes. You can put the label on the top and sides of the box. Mark ‘Fragile’ using a bold marker. This will indicate to shipping personnel that the package requires careful handling.

label an marking the box

Choosing the Right Shipping Service

Choose a reliable shipping service that offers expedited delivery and package tracking. Also, look for services that specialize in shipping perishable items. How to do this?

Research some shipping companies and read their customer reviews. By doing this, you will find one with a good track record of delivering items securely and on time.

Choosing right shipping service

Timing is Key

When it comes to transporting a cake, you must choose the shipping date carefully. This will ensure your cake arrives fresh and on time. Try avoiding shipping on Fridays or days close to holidays. On these days, there might be chances of delays due to high shipping volumes. Additionally, you should consider the estimated transit time. Keep in mind that you must focus on delivering your cake while it’s still fresh and delicious.

Provide Special Instructions

If there are any special handling instructions for the shipping service or the recipient, make sure to communicate them clearly. For example, provide these instructions in writing if your cake has a specific orientation, such as “this side up,” or if it should not be frozen.

Arrival and Unveiling

This step is important if you will ship your cake yourself. When you reach your destination, carefully remove the box from the vehicle. Then, place the cake on a flat surface. Open the box slowly and gently to prevent any disturbance to the cake. Additionally, you must check your cake for damage or movement during transport. If everything looks perfect, remove the base or cake board and any additional support materials. Then, you can proudly present and serve your delightful cake.

How to Transport a Tall Cake?

If you need to transport a tall cake, you need to pay more attention. Why?

Because transporting a tall cake can be a nerve-wracking experience, the delicate layers and intricate decorations require extra care. So, here are some transport cake ideas you should check out!

How to transport a tall cake using tall cake boxes

Choose a Sturdy Cake Base

To support the height and weight of the cake, you should start by using a sturdy cake base. Consider using a thick, durable cake board, just like a custom box for a tall cake. This will provide a solid foundation. Even better, it will help maintain the cake’s stability during transportation.

Prepare Your Cake

Before transporting your cake, ensure that it is well-constructed and properly set. Make sure all layers are securely set. Also, you should firmly attach the layers using a stable filling or frosting. If necessary, insert dowels or sturdy straws into the cake layers. These items will provide additional support.

Box Selection

Select a box that is tall enough to accommodate the cake. Make sure it will not compress or touch the top of your tall cake. Ideally, you should choose a box that allows for at least a couple of inches of clearance above the cake. With this box, you can prevent any damage to the decorations of your cake.

Prepare the Box

Line the bottom of the box with a non-slip mat or a folded towel. This preparation will prevent your delicious cake from sliding during transportation. Moreover, this additional grip will also help maintain the cake’s stability.

Cake Enclosure

Now, carefully slide the cake into the box. At this point, you must ensure it is centered and secure.

Cake Protection

To protect the cake’s delicate decorations and frosting, you can also create a protective barrier. Use clear acetate strips or plastic wrap to cover the sides of the cake. This will ensure the decorations of your cake remain perfect.

Safe Transportation

During transportation, make sure the shipping personnel handle the box with care. If you will transport the cake by yourself, keep it level and avoid sudden movements. Place the box in a secure spot in your vehicle. Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

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Can We Use a Cake Carrier?


If you ask if can you ship a cake with a cake carrier, the answer is a big YES!

This carrier is an excellent option for transporting cakes, including tall cakes. How to use it properly?

Check out the steps below!

Choose a Suitable Carrier

Whether you need to transport a birthday cake or a wedding cake, you must choose a cake carrier with enough space. This way, it will accommodate your cake without touching the top or sides. In addition, you should look for innovative or customized carriers. For instance, you can choose a carrier with high lids or adjustable height options.

Cake Base and Stabilization

Place the cake on a sturdy cake base or cake board that fits securely within the carrier. This will provide a stable foundation for the cake. Also, consider using non-slip matting or a damp towel underneath the cake board. By adding this feature, you can prevent movement during transport.

Secure the Cake in the Carrier

Next, you must carefully slide the cake, along with its base, into the cake carrier. This effort will ensure that your cake is centered and level. If there is excess space around the cake, you can use additional support materials like bubble wrap. This bubble wrap will fill the gaps and prevent movement.

Seal the Carrier Properly

Once the cake is securely placed in the carrier, close and seal the carrier according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most cake carriers have latches or snap-on lids. These types of carriers will provide a tight and secure closure for your delicate cake.

Handle the Cake Carrier with Care

During transportation, you or your shipping personnel must handle the cake carrier with caution, Make sure it stays in the center of the carrier. Of course, you must also avoid any sudden movements or tilting. Place the cake carrier on a stable surface in the vehicle. This way, your cake will not slide or tip over during the journey.

Using a cake carrier provides an extra layer of protection and stability for transporting your cake. Far better, it helps to prevent any external pressure or movement. After all, you know that even a slight movement could potentially damage the cake. Just ensure that the carrier you choose is ideal to accommodate your cake inside.

Additional Tips for Safely Shipping Your Cake

To make sure you ship your delicate cakes securely, you can consider using customized cake boxes. This box allows you to design it according to your cake’s needs and specifications. From the size and the layout to the color, you can decide on every aspect of the box. Even better, you can apply your own creative design to the box. By doing this, you can add a more unique touch to your lovely cake. So, how to get this box?

You can search for a reliable packaging company such as Instant Custom Boxes.

What’s more, if you ship your cake using a shipping service, make sure to coordinate with the recipient properly. You can give them the tracking shipping number so that they will be ready to receive your cake. Plus, you also need to give proper instructions to the shipping personnel. Make sure that they know how to handle your cake all through the shipping journey.

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Final Notes

Shipping cakes securely might require some extra effort. However, by following the steps we revealed here, you can get peace of mind. Most importantly, you can greatly increase the chances of your cake reaching its destination in perfect condition. Proper preparation, paddi