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A Comprehensive Guide on Kraft Paper – All you need to know about Kraft Paper

A Comprehensive Guide on Kraft Paper

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Kraft paper has become the best packaging solution when every business prefers a sustainable packaging approach. Brown kraft boxes fulfill the requirements of different businesses to facilitate customers, and therefore, they have gained exceptional popularity in the packaging industry. In this blog post, we will discuss each aspect of kraft box packaging.

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft is a German word that means strong. Kraft paper produced from chemical pulp ensures exceptional sustainability. Because of the pulp process, kraft paper is brown in color and tear-resistant. Therefore, it is an ideal material for creating sturdy small kraft boxes, wrapping paper, and rigid packaging. 

It is important to remember that kraft paper board is available in different shades and colors, making it a versatile option for branded packaging. Moreover, the surface of raw kraft paper has a magnificent porous texture, ensuring premium finishing and printing options. 

The Kraft Paper Production Process

In the 1880s, a German man, Carl F. Dahl, pioneered the process of creating packaging material from pulp. This means that wood goes through the pulping process to manufacture paper. However, Dahl came to know that treatment between specific chemicals, such as sulfates and cellulose, enhances the strength of this paper.

In the early days, it was used as a wrapping material for different products. However, the study and durability have made kraft paper more familiar for creating efficient packaging solutions. Therefore, different businesses are utilizing kraft window boxes and classic kraft boxes to package and deliver their products securely.  

Types of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is available in different categories to align with different business preferences and requirements. You must explore the kinds of kraft paper to create sustainable packaging solutions to facilitate potential customers.

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Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK)

It is a basic version of the Kraft paper. This paper doesn’t contain the bleaching factors except for those patented in the kraft process. Moreover, CUK is also popular as a Solid Unbleached Sulfate (SUS). This kraft paper has more than 80% virgin cellulose pulp or fiber wood pulp.  

Coated Unbeached Kraft has magnificent properties such as exceptional stiffness and tear resistance. However, you must remember that kraft paper is not thicker. The good news is that kraft paper is the thinnest packaging material. Moreover, the surface of this paper includes the kaolin clay-titanium dioxide coating to enhance the smoothness and excellent printing capability.

Solid Bleached Kraft Paper (SBS)

Unbleached kraft paper is an eco-friendly packaging material due to its absence of chemical processing. However, it can not be the optical choice for the packaging of premium products just because of its natural color. You must prefer bleached kraft paper because of its elegant appearance and smoother surface. Bleached paper ensures an excellent appearance in the presence of premium printing options.

The bleaching process also impacts the environment, which means businesses must consider the careful transition between sustainability and appearance. The following information helps you easily choose between unbleached and bleached paper. Therefore, it is all about your specific requirements for packaging products with a solid commitment to sustainability. 

Coated Recycled Board (CRB)

Due to the absence of virgin fiber, kraft paper is 100% recyclable. Coated recycled boards have the lowest specifications compared to solid bleached kraft paper. Recyclable kraft paper is the most affordable packaging solution for businesses that don’t need high tear resistance for their products. Therefore, it is an ideal packaging material for cereal boxes.

When you are looking to save money on everything to maximize your profit, you need to consider CRB to get a competitive benefit among the different businesses. Moreover, the folding cartons usually contain coated recycled boards. You also have the choice to add more kraft paper to create the corrugated boxes for your products.

Kraft vs. Regular Paper

Kraft paper is stronger than the regular paper. The wood pup0l during the process provides the extra cellulose to ensure that kraft paper is durable and tear-resistant. It is also true that even raw kraft paper is a better packaging material than regular paper because of the excellent finishing options, such as foil stamping, debossing, and embossing. Kraft paper’s strength and versatility make it a great choice for boxes like eco-friendly custom pizza boxes that are both environmentally friendly and handle delivery with ease.

Difference Between Corrugated Boxes And Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes are crafted from kraft stock to ship the different products to the long destination. On the other hand, corrugated boxes are created from the corrugated stockto ensure the excellent strength between the cardboard and kraft materials.

Thickness and Strength

Kraft is a sturdy and rigid material that ensures excellent strength when packaging different products. This means that kraft packaging is ideal because of its reliability and durability. You need to use kraft boxes for your inventory. 

Affordable Packaging Boxes

It is true that corrugated boxes are more affordable packaging solutions than kraft boxes. Kraft boxes are slightly expensive because of their durability and thickness. It means corrugated boxes are the ideal choice when you prefer affordable packaging solutions.

Printing Compatibility

Corrugated boxes have phenomenal printing capability. This means the corrugated stock is suitable for digital printing purposes. However, you need to consider the bleaching process for kraft boxes before printing. 

Customization Options

Corrugated boxes come in different customizations and can be available in different styles and shapes, such as triangular boxes, square boxes, gable boxes, and mailer boxes. However, kraft boxes are usually available in square or rectangular sizes. 

If you ever crammed a product into a box that’s just a tad too small, or wasted space with one that’s enormous?  Stop the packaging struggle! Our blog, “How to Measure Dimensions of a Box in Custom Packaging” is your one-stop guide to achieving perfect-fit boxes.

White Paper Vs Brown Kraft Paper

White kraft paper is a brighter material that is fantastic for creating excellent artwork, notes, and documents. It is ideal for premium printing with different finishes.  

Brown kraft paper has a rustic appearance because of the unbleached pulp. It is also extremely durable and strong, making it perfect for packaging different products. The natural texture ensures an artisanal appearance. 

How Is Kraft Paper Used In Packaging?

How Is Kraft Paper Used In Packaging

Is kraft paper eco-friendly? Yes, it is an eco-friendly material that attracts eco-conscious customers to businesses. You can use kraft paper to create corrugated boxes and carton boxes. The durability of kraft paper is benefiting the e-commerce industry by protecting different products. It has become easy for different businesses to safeguard products from harsh factors during the shipment process. 

Every business prefers the custom kraft boxes wholesale price to ensure exceptional eco-friendliness and sustainability characteristics. This versatile packaging solution provides the best packaging options for many businesses.

The Benefits Of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper provides mind-blowing protection and strength for the products. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly material with no effect on the environment. You also have full control of recycling the kraft paper to create new packaging for your business. The eco-friendly and recyclable characteristics allow the businesses to attract potential customers and boost their sales easily. You must remember that every consumer has started to prefer eco-friendly packaging for products.

Disadvantages Of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper offers a limited aesthetic for different businesses. Unfortunately, the packaging also has a rough texture. Moreover, kraft paper is compatible with minimum printing options. It also has bulkier and thicker features.

Customization Options For Kraft Paper

Several customization options allow businesses to add a personal touch to enhance their brand image. At Instant Custom Boxes, we offer different printing options to promote businesses with custom packaging boxes and messages. Our professional team also suggests brilliant finishing options to ensure a distinctive appearance. Moreover, it is easy to add a variety of patterns and colors to the raft boxes. In this way, you can provide an unforgettable unboxing experience to customers. 


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