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What Does Collate Mean When Printing?

what does collate mean

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There are different options for printing the projects in different colors, sizes, and shapes. The most common option is collated printing. But “What is collated printing?” Collate means printing the multi-page documents correctly from the first to the last page. Therefore, you need to understand this term when you are in the printing industry.

What Does Collate Mean In Printing?

The definition of collating is a process for printing multiple copies in the ideal order. When you collate the printing process, you need to ensure the correct order for the printing stuff. This will help you save your precious time and boost your business’s productivity. For instance, if you are printing brochures or customized printed pizza boxes, ensuring the correct collation is essential to deliver a professional final product.

Collating ensures that the panels of your customized printed pizza boxes are assembled in the correct order so the design and information are presented as intended. This is especially important for complex designs or boxes with multiple panels.

Collated vs Uncollated Printing

Collated and uncollated indicate the organization of the printed materials in the multi-page document scenario.


When you are collating the printed materials, it is a process of arranging the pages in a specific order, ideally in sequence, before bounding them together. When you are printing a 10-page document in the collating process, the pages will be in the following order: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Therefore, it will become easy for you to use or read the documents easily without arranging them again and again.

For additional organization, consider using kraft box packaging. Kraft boxes are ideal for storing and protecting your collated documents. They are also a sustainable packaging option, as they are made from recycled materials. Kraft box packaging is a great way to keep your collated documents organized and protected. They are also an eco-friendly choice, as they are made from recycled materials.


The uncollated printing materials are not in the order. These pages go through individual printing and have no sequence in the process. When you print the same 10-page document in the uncollated process, the pages will be in a random order: 3,6,1,8,4,9,2,10,5,7. Therefore, you need additional rearrangement or sorting to read or use the documents.

It is important to remember that collated printing is preferred because it offers convenience for multiple or large documents. It reduces the need for manual arrangement or sorting. However, uncollated printing becomes necessary on specific occasions, such as printing multiple individual pages. Therefore, you must choose the best printing option that fits your requirements.

How Does Collation Work?

It is very important for you to know how collation works for your printing project. There are two methods for the collated printing.


Manual Collation

It is a traditional method of combining and comparing two or more documents or sets for the printing process. This process organizes similar letters and punctuations in the proper order.

This specific collation process requires the utmost attention and accuracy to ensure the correct alignment of all elements. It is best when you are printing multiple editions of your document. It ensures an excellent precision level for printing and arranging the documents.

Automatic Collation

Automatic collation uses different software programs to compare two or more documents. These ideal tools use different methods for collecting the printing data easily. You can easily purchase this software that offers different spacing, sizes, font styles, and typefaces. Therefore, you can easily determine the discrepancy between your documents. This automated collation printing has become an efficient process that helps you in saving your time when printing multiple documents. Automatic collation printing is particularly beneficial for high-volume production of custom packaging inserts, ensuring each package receives the correct inserts in the right order, saving you time and minimizing errors.

Benefits Of Collated Printing

When you have the proper knowledge about collation in printing, it is crucial to explore the advantages.

Minimal Cost

Collation in printing has minimized the overall cost compared to outdated printing methods. You must follow only a few steps to produce each printed page for your document. Moreover, this method allows you to eliminate the manual organization and sorting process. Therefore, you will note the reduction in the labor costs for your printing service. In addition, collation is particularly beneficial for projects such as printing printed mylar bags. Collation ensures that all the necessary components of your mylar bags are assembled and delivered in the correct order, saving you time and money.

Premium Quality

The automation process for collation, in the presence of top-notch printing machines, improves the consistency and accuracy of every page of the document and ensures the correct format and placement of the documents.

Faster Production Turnaround

It is easier for you to produce the documents faster in the presence of collated printing than in the traditional printing methods. You will not face the challenge of manual sorting in this efficient collation process. Moreover, you will not need the reprint the documents because of the ideal automation for the printing service.

Ease of Use

It is a straightforward and easy approach to printing multiple documents. It allows you to produce top-notch documents quickly, even if you are not familiar with the printing process.

How Can I Collate On A Printer?

When you are copying the document, you need to check the available menu options for collating on your printer. There may be a button on the keypad when you are using the older model of the printer to print the documents. You need to check the features of the “print” function when you are using the computer to print multiple documents. This “collate” option is usually available under “settings”.

Is It Necessary To Collate Pages On A Printer?

No, it is not necessary to collate the pages on a printer because it is just an option. When you are printing just one copy of your document, you don’t need to choose the collating option because the printer’s feeder will produce a duplicate for your document without any requirements.

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Does collate mean print on both sides?

No, collate does not indicate printing on both sides of a document. Basically, it means the proper arrangement for the printed pages in the dedicated order. The collation process ensures convenient organization for assembling and reading the documents. However, duplex printing refers to the printing on both sides of a document. These distinctive functions come with different purposes when arranging and printing papers.

How Do I Print On Both Sides At Once?

You need to ensure that your printer has the duplex printing feature so that you can print both sides at once. First, open your document for printing. Then, locate the two-sided printing option in the print menu. Choose “Print on Both Sides” and adjust the additional settings for the desired results. Finally, click on “Print” to automate the printing process.

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