Eco friendly Bakery packaging designs for Green and sustainable Business

Eco friendly Bakery packaging

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Custom Bakery Boxes are used for packaging baked goods. They are made according to the needs of the bakers who use them to be perfectly adapted to their contents. The bakery box has several venues for decoration. It makes it ideal as a marketing tool for bakeries and pastry chefs.

The type of pastry determines which custom bakery boxes will be suitable. Not all varieties of food require the equal type of packaging. Certain types need specific specialties to remain fresh or edible once out of the oven.

Using Cardboard Option – Not a Good Idea

Cardboard is commonly used stuff. Is sturdy enough not to break easily under pressure and unlikely to collapse on itself when empty or full. It also absorbs moisture from products such as cakes. It can build them taut and dry. 

Advantages of Using Custom Bakery Boxes

The use of Custom Bakery Boxes has many advantages. 

  • They allow the product to stay fresh longer and maintain its original appearance without letting down its quality. They are also easier to stack than other types of packaging. 
  • Their durability, reusability, and parsimony make them an excellent option. Their capacity promotes the business by advertising the brand name on their exterior. Custom bakery boxes can also be used as giveaways or invitations for promotional events.
  • Another advantage of custom bakery boxes is that they can be placed in display cases. They are used in restaurants or supermarkets to draw attention to products without taking up too much space. 

Hire Professionals to Make Your Custom Bakery Boxes More Useful

Bakers who want to package their products in this way must work with experts. They have enough experience using these containers to choose the right design and cover their needs. 

Some professionals provide services such as fabricating and designing boxes for this purpose. It includes printing or silk screening company logos to make these custom bakery boxes even more attractive.

Bakery Box Customization Options 

Food Safe Metallic Coating

There are many decoration options available depending on which bakery box you use. One option would be a food safe metallic coating. Over the paperboard surface laminated with a full color print on one or both. It makes it easy for businesses with a flair for the artist to show off their creative side.

UV Coating

Another option is a UV coating. It can provide your bakery boxes with a glossy finish that protects the print so it won’t fade over time. This type of coating also makes colors appear more vibrant and modern looking than other lamination films. 

The downside is that films with high gloss shine will be translucent instead of opaque. They limit their ability to protect your custom printed designs.

Matte Finish

For those who prefer less shiny finishes, matte films may be an ideal option. We are flat rather than shiny or smooth but still modern looking. They don’t reflect as much light at the viewer as a surface with a high gloss shine does. 

They do not have transparent properties either. Most matte film prints are laminated with UV inks for best results, making the print more durable.

Custom Bakery Boxes Aesthetics

Custom bakery boxes are becoming increasingly popular with bakers because of their aesthetic qualities and functionality. Not to mention that they can be used as a promotional tool. 

Cardstock would be the best option for those who don’t want to spend too much on materials and want something sturdy enough to keep your packaging safe from wear and tear. It’s affordable and provides good stiffness and rigidity for custom boxes with logo.

Eco Friendly Bakery Packaging Designs 

Eco packaging is a hot topic in the green world. With slow food and organic markets on the rise, it’s more important than ever to find green ways of marketing your products.

Whether you make your packaging or buy it ready made, every little bit counts when making your business eco friendly! Here are 8 simple but effective eco friendly bakery packaging ideas:

1. Eco Friendly Packaging Using Reusable Containers

This idea is getting used more and more by organic and green conscious businesses. It has the advantage of being good for the environment and looking better. However, customers can reuse them! 

This method also ensures that you don’t leave the customer unsure whether they should recycle your container or return it to you. Coffee shops are also starting to use this idea. The reusable cups can be washed and used again and again. 

Customers don’t feel like they need to throw away a non biodegradable cup after one use. The main disadvantage of this method is increased production costs and storage space for your packaging, so you will want to think about whether it’s feasible early on.

2. Eco Friendly Packaging Using Paper Bags

Paper bags aren’t just for grocery stores anymore. This eco friendly packaging idea is great for selling your product at markets or to customers who need something small to take with them. 

Not only that, but it looks nice and will leave your customers feeling that they’ve received a quality product! They’re also quick and easy to make. Print out paper bag templates and cut them out.

3. Eco – Friendly Packaging Using Reusable Bags

This Eco Friendly Bakery Packaging idea works well because you are marketing your product AND being environmentally responsible! It encourages the customer not to throw away their bag or feel guilty, leading to less waste. 

They come in many different styles. So, you can find one that will fit in with your business image and are easy to print on if you want custom ones made up.

4.  Eco – Friendly Packaging Using Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Another Eco Friendly Bakery Packaging idea that looks nice and is environmentally responsible! These bags are equipped from recycled paper, creating them a green substitute to plastic. You can buy pre printed ones or make your own with a brown kraft paper bag template.

5.  Eco – Friendly Packaging Using Clear Plastic Containers

This eco-friendly bakery packaging option is great. You can put several products in each container when selling wholesale. Customers can easily see what they’re getting without opening the box. They’re also usually cheap to produce if you buy them pre made.

6.  Eco – Friendly Packaging Using Slider Lids 

This ecofriendly bakery packaging method is both cost effective and environmentally friendly! Each lid can be used again without throwing away. They’re all laidback to produce.

7.  Eco – Friendly Packaging Using Paper Label Rolls

This packaging idea is great for any baked goods. Print your product name on a paper label roll and seal the bag or container shut with it so that your customers know what they’re eating. You can also get custom ones made up in house using a paper label template.

8.  Eco – Friendly Packaging Using Biodegradable Trays

Another option for cheap eco-friendly bakery packaging is biodegradable trays. They are great for selling large portion sizes at wholesale. However, they are also relaxed to make with a biodegradable platter template

9.  Eco – Friendly Packaging Using Wax Paper Rolls

This eco-friendly bakery packaging idea works well for baked goods that can benefit from being displayed. Custom printed wax paper rolls are great. You can get them made up using your branding, and they look professional. You can even get custom ones with a wax paper roll template.

These ideas are some of the best options you have. When marketing your bakery as eco friendly with inexpensive, sustainable packaging alternatives. Custom printed products look the most professional. There are many pre-made options that are just as easy. Use these eco-friendly bakery packaging ideas to make your business green and environmentally responsible, without sacrificing any quality!

Instant Custom Boxes – Your Packaging Track

Many companies provide this kind of service. All you need to do is contact them and describe your needs carefully. To develop a solution that will work perfectly for your operation. If you already have products ready for packaging, make sure you get a quote from Instant Custom Boxes to get the best price.

Our professional can advise you on which printed bakery boxes will work best with your business. We will serve you cherry-pick a flair that suits what you’re vending while also being rate effective. We also offer advice about size, shape, and color and provide samples of our work. 

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