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A Complete Guide For Custom Cigarette Packaging

Custom Cigarette Packaging

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Before diving into Custom Cigarette Packaging information, let’s see some drawbacks of smoking. Cigarette smoking has been a widespread practice of death and disease for decades. Because of the growing awareness of the risks involved with cigarette smoking, several governments have decided to implement a series of anti-smoking laws to reduce its mortality rates.

What are Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette packaging is a subject many country have debated for years. In some countries, such as Australia, cigarettes are sold in clamshells that must be opened by consumers using a special tool provided by the retailer. In other countries, such as Norway, Cigarette Boxes must carry strong warning labels on their surfaces and inside open packs. Yet, they’re visible once the box is opened.

How Does Different Packaging Affect The Cigarette Cost?             

Here, we will explore how different kinds of packaging affect the overall cost of cigarette products and their after-market prices.

Standard Cardboard Packaging

First, we’ll start by looking at standard cardboard cigarette packaging boxes used in most countries. When consumers purchase cigarettes from a store or kiosk, they will usually buy packs of 20 cigarettes and place them inside a pack for easy storage and transportation. The boxes are made out of thin cardboard. They aren’t intended to be reused once emptied. Most suppliers do not sell these boxes separately. This type of packaging is usually inexpensive compared to other options.

Cigarette Cartons

Cigarette cartons are a more sustainable packaging option. They can be costlier than cardboard boxes in some countries. Many cartons are made of kraft paperboard with plastic windows that allow consumers to view the product inside. They’re very similar in design to standard egg cartons, making them more expensive than flat packs or clamshells.

One major drawback with cartons is that even though they are often larger than flat packs, they can hold fewer cigarettes per unit volume because of their shape. Due to this limitation, companies have tried expanding carton dimensions by stacking laterally aligned cartons on top of one another. This has the unfortunate effect of making the carton bulky and difficult for consumers to hold once opened.

Flat Packs

Flat packs are made out of paperboard, plastic, or foil materials that usually consist of two panels connected via a perforated hinge. When a retail outlet purchases flat packs from wholesalers or suppliers, they must provide hinged lids. The entire package cannot be separated into single-serving packets like clamshells.

These packages are very common in cigarette markets because they’re inexpensive, convenient to use (no additional tools required), and easy to make. However, flat packs can only fit cigarettes inside each pack without bulging. It makes storing difficult for retailers if their cigarette cupboards become too crowded.

Clam Shells

Cigarette clamshells are popular packaging found in many major cigarette markets. Similar to flat packs, they consist of two or more panels joined together via a perforated hinge along one side. However, clamshells can be opened and separated into smaller packets down the middle, unlike flat packs. Each packet is designed to hold a single cigarette stick securely inside. Because these kinds of “packets” can hold cigarettes without bulging or spreading apart from one another, they’re very easy for retailers to stack inside their display units…provided that they have enough space available. 

Straight Carton 

Straight cartons offer the least impact on the environment. They’re simple and don’t require a lot of additional resources to make. However, they come with some downsides. Retailers must order these boxes in large quantities to receive cost-effective discounts from their wholesalers or suppliers. Due to this limitation, most retailers can’t take advantage of wholesale pricing. They tend to pay more than what straight cartons are worth if they purchase them individually.

Custom Cigarette Packaging Materials

Cigarette clamshells and flat packs come with their share of eco impacts that cigarette purchasers must deal with. Flat packs are more eco-friendly than clamshells. They decrease the need for certain packaging materials. 

It’s also worth noting that not all major economies use these two types of packaging extensively for one reason or another. Others stick with traditional custom wholesale boxes or pouches. Most people don’t care what packaging materials are used anymore, so long as the product is still affordable.

Benefits of Cigarette Packaging Boxes

Cigarette boxes play many roles. These small containers serve big purposes, from making cartons fit perfectly in your hand to preventing cigarettes from rolling out of the box.

  • They prevent cigarettes from sticking together
  • We make cartons manageable by reducing their weight and also avoiding sharp edges. They can be painful if they are handled roughly
  • Enhance the marketing appeal of cigarette packaging packs by enabling brands to use rich color decoration on them. It makes the box more attractive. Thus helping boost taste/flavor recognition among users/smokers
  • The designs printed on them can carry important health warnings for smokers about the harms associated with smoking. 

The paper used to make cigarette boxes is usually a mix of recycled and natural fibers. It makes them easier to recycle after use.

Customized Cigarette Packaging

Cigarettes are trendy in the world. There has been a lot of research on making cigarettes affordable for people. Still, there hasn’t been that much research done about Custom Cigarette Packaging. The tobacco industry works with different marketing agencies to design its effective packaging system. It depends on what they want to achieve.

They place logos and symbols on their packages to attract customers’ attention. They also use colors that have certain meanings. For example:

  • Red means energy
  • White means purity or cleanliness
  • Black represents power or elegance
  • Etc.

Colors can be used together too. It also affects brand recall, purchase intent, and attitudes toward brands. The packaging of cigarettes should be simple to attract children tempted by bright, colorful packages. Research shows that 85% of all adult smokers have tried smoking before 18 years old. 

Brands also place warning labels on cigarette packages. In this way, they encourage consumers to quit smoking or warn them about its adverse side effects. Putting these labels on the package is not very practical. Yet, smokers are aware of these adverse effects. But, it’s more effective if they see pictures instead of words [study reference].

The most important thing in selling cigarettes to people is ensuring that they will survive transport even if they are shaken or moved around a lot during the process. Cigarettes should look good and keep their shape and form for consumers interested in buying them. There are four main types of cigarette packaging:

1) Standardized Packaging

All cigarette companies use this type of packaging. All brands use the same size, color, shape, and texture for their standard packs. The only difference between these packages is what picture or logo they will place on them.

2) Specialty Packs 

These cigarette packs emphasize branding and provide a unique package from other brands. Many specialty packages include special filters that affect the cigarette’s taste. 

3) Label Inserters

Cigarette companies use this type of packaging to make their product more attractive. It is an effective way to promote smoking and the logo on the cigarette package. This type of packaging also makes it easier for smokers to open.

4) Strip Packaging

There are many advantages to using strip packs. We can easily be carried in a pocket or purse without being crushed. They are very thin. They make transportation easier and cheaper. The only disadvantage of using these packages is that there isn’t enough room to put warning labels on them.

Get More Economic Packaging with Cigarette Boxes Wholesale

Cigarette boxes wholesale are available in different styles, colors, and designs. All this makes them customizable for your brand’s image. These containers can include a custom design that is printed onto the box in various ways, including: 

  • Lithography
  • Silk screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Pad printing

In this way, they match your company’s branding guidelines. The prices of the Cigarette Boxes will vary based on:

  • How many cigarette boxes do you need 
  • What type of design do you want to print on them

Finishing of Cigarette Packaging Boxes

Most companies start by using a classic white gloss finish for their cigarette boxes with either one color print or black and white. More cultured companies who have an extensive marketing budget will use:

  • A gold or silver finish
  • A multicolor print
  • A matte or gloss sheen

Printed Cigarette Boxes Show a Unique Viewpoint

If you are looking for something unique and different, consider getting boxes with printing on them. There are many ways to design your personalized box, including your company’s logo, picture, or slogan. 

You can also consider hiring an artist or purchasing art already designed to give your product packaging a custom look and feel. This option will vary greatly based on your budget and needs. Keep in mind that if it is for cigars, specific designs may be the way to go instead of general Cigarette Boxes Wholesale.

Once you have decided on what material you want the box made out of and how many cigarettes boxes wholesale you need, look at all your design options such as:

  • Matte versus glossy finish
  • Single color versus multiple colors
  • Solid color versus patterned color

Make your own Boxes Cigarette Boxes

Making your own cigarette pack is a creative and fun way to add a personal touch to your smoking experience. Designing your own cigarette box allows you to express your style and preferences, and it can be a great conversation starter. There are many ways to make your own cigarette pack, depending on your level of crafting skills and the materials you have on hand. Some people use recycled materials, such as cardboard or paper, while others use specialized tools and equipment to create a professional-looking pack. Whatever method you choose, making your own cigarette pack is a unique way to customize your smoking habit and stand out from the crowd.

Instant Custom Boxes – A Solution for All Your Packaging Needs

Cigarette boxes are expensive to buy, but you can’t use them for anything else. Instead of wasting your money on cigarette boxes that you’ll never use again, try our  Cigarette Boxes. They’re cheaper than regular cigarette boxes. They come with a free design service!

We offer affordable cardboard packaging perfect for storing cigarettes or other small items. Our designs are unique and will give your products the professional look they deserve without costing an arm and a leg. You can even add your logo to make it completely personalized! 

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