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Best Foods to Store in Mylar Bags – A Complete List

Best Foods to Store in Mylar Bags

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Today, mylar bags are the most preferred packaging option for storing food items. The reason is quite obvious: these bags can keep food items fresh for longer. In addition, the flexibility of these bags makes them easy to form in specific shapes. So, what is the best food to store in mylar bags? Find a complete list below!

Various Food Items Suitable for Mylar Bag Storage With Their Shelf

Various food items can be stored in Mylar bags. In fact, some food items can remain in good condition for an indefinite time when stored in these bags.

Have a look below for the list of foods to store in Mylar bags and their shelf life!

Food Types Mylar Shelf-Life
Pasta and Noodles Up to 30 Years
Brown Rice Up to 1 Year
Granola Up to 10 Years
White Flour Up to 20 Years
White Rice Up to 30 Years
Buckwheat Up to 20 Years
Dried Herbs Up to 5 Years
Nuts Up to 1 Year
Beef Jerky 1 – 2 Years
Powdered Milk Up to 30 Years
Sugar Indefinitely
Salt Indefinitely
Honey Indefinitely


How to Prepare and Package These Foods for Long-Term Storage?

Now, you might have some questions roaming around in your mind, like:

  • How do I store flour in mylar bags?
  • How do I store pasta in mylar bags?
  • What is the best way to store rice in mylar bags?

Of course, there are some effective ways to prepare and package your food items for long-term storage in mylar bags.

The good thing is that whatever food items you want to store in customized mylar packaging bags, the steps are quite the same.

So, here’s what you should do!

Choose the Right Size of Mylar Bags

First, you need to choose the right size of Mylar bags. Remember, you need the bags to be large enough to hold the desired amount of your food items. This way, you can leave sufficient space for sealing the bags.

Don’t Forget to Use Oxygen Absorbers

Next, you should not forget to use oxygen absorbers inside the bags. These oxygen absorbers work very well to remove any residual oxygen. As a result, these bags will prevent oxidation and food spoilage.

Seal the Mylar Bags Tightly

Use a heat sealer to seal the bags. Or else, you can also use a vacuum sealer for better results. Just make sure you make an airtight environment inside the bags. Additionally, you can also read a blog which is about how to seal mylar bags detailed guide.

Can We Store Non-Food Items in Mylar Bags?


Yes, besides storing food items, Mylar bags are also ideal for storing some non-food items.

Here are some examples of non-food items you can store in Mylar bags!


Mylar bags will help you preserve the feasibility of seeds by giving them maximum protection from light and moisture.


Mylar bags will protect electronic devices properly from moisture and static electricity. Well, this is why many brands even use these bags to store computer parts, hard drives, and other sensitive electronics.

Important Documents

These bags can also keep your important documents safe from water damage and other environmental factors. You can use Mylar bags to store passports, birth certificates, and other legal documents with peace of mind.


Mylar bags are perfect for protecting artwork from moisture and other environmental factors. You can easily store prints, photographs, and other types of artwork in these bags.

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The Benefits of Using Mylar Bags for Food Storage

One thing that makes mylar bags preferable is that they offer beautiful benefits compared to other packaging types.

Check out some of the most essential benefits these bags offer!

Highly Flexible

First of all, the mylar material is highly flexible while also being durable. Even better, this material is famous for its puncture-resistant and easy-to-use features.

A Low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR)

Yes, these bags provide a Low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR). Better yet, their thick foil laminate layer provides extra protection from moisture, light, and odor.

Opacity Feature

Another great thing is that these bags come with an opacity feature. This means that they will preserve the nutrients of your food items. In fact, if you store your food the right way, mylar bags will keep them fresh for months or years.

Extending the Products’ Shelf Life

By combining mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, they will help you extend the shelf life of your stored products. i.e like, mushroom packaging bags are excellent choices for storing and extending the shelf life of mushrooms or shrooms

Cost-Effective Solution

If we compare them to other food storage methods, Mylar bags are relatively cheap. Better yet, these bags are readily available and come in various sizes. Thus, we must say that they are the most cost-effective choice for everyone.

Easy Monitoring

Mostly, Mylar bags are transparent. This makes it easy for you to identify the products without having to open them. Accordingly, this will be very useful when you have multiple bags of different foods stored. In other words, you can easily and quickly get what you need.


After using mylar bags, you can simply hand wash them in warm soapy water, dry them, and then reuse them.

Moreover, You can also read a blog that is things to know about mylar bags

How to Get the Right Mylar Bags?

Whether you need to store food or non-food items, you will need the right Mylar bags. Well, you don’t have to worry, as Instant Custom Boxes provides a wide range of Mylar bags.

Check out some popular options we have below!

  • Large Mylar bags

These bags are a popular packaging choice for various products. Moreover, the structure of the bags offers maximum product protection, ease of use, and excellent display capabilities.

  • Stand-up ziplock Mylar bags

With their upright design and flexible structure, these options will revolutionize the way you present your products.

  • Resealable Mylar bags

These bags serve as protective shields for your products. Moreover, these bags work well in keeping your products fresh by sealing them tightly.

  • Die-cut Mylar bags

Die Cut Mylar Bags are famous for their unique shapes, through cut out mylar bags you will be able to get mylar-shaped bags according to your product shape. Through this type of mylar bag, you can easily attract customers without putting in extra effort.

Need more options?

Contact Instant Custom Boxes today!

Wrapping Up

Well, we must say that Mylar bags are the best packaging solution for storing various food items. These innovative bags can keep your food items fresher for longer. In addition, these bags are ideal for storing some non-food items as well. Thus, Mylar bags are a must-have!

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