Frustration Free Packaging Vs Standard Packaging – Which One to Choose?

Frustration Free Packaging Vs Standard Packaging

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With various types of packaging, you can find out there, it might be difficult to choose the one that meets your needs and requirements. But how about choosing frustration free packaging? Yes, this packaging has been trending since Amazon released its program in 2008. So, what makes frustration-free packaging different from standard packaging? And which one should you choose? Let’s explore more!

What Is Frustration-Free Packaging?

In brief, Frustration Free Packaging (FPP) is the packaging that’s easier to open and less wasteful. Thus, it will be more environmentally friendly than standard packaging.

Another great thing about this FPP is that it’s recyclable. Plus, this packaging comes without excess packaging materials. In simple words, the product inside is the same as that in the original manufacturer’s packaging. However, everything is included in the Certified Frustration-Free Packaging that would be in the original packaging.

An Intro to Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging is a program released by Amazon in 2008. This program aims to reduce the amount of packaging materials used in shipping products. Accordingly, this program works with manufacturers to box products in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging. Yes, this packaging is recyclable and comes with no excess packaging materials.

Moreover, the program itself aims to reduce waste. Plus, it has a goal to make it easier for customers to open their packages. Thus, you can imagine the packaging is easy to open, with no hard plastic clamshells or wire ties. Most importantly, you can ship the packaging as a single pack. What does it mean?

This means that there should be no shipping bag for the product. Well, this answers the question of why is frustration-free packaging cheaper.

What’s the Difference Between Frustration-Free Packaging and Standard Packaging?

The differences between frustration-free packaging and standard packaging rely on the features. Of course, each packaging type comes with different features.

So, What Are the Features of Frustration-Free Packaging?

What's the Difference Between Frustration-Free Packaging and Standard Packaging?

Speaking of the features of frustration-free packaging, you will find innovative and cost-effective ones!

Have a look at it below!

  • The packaging ensures that the product is safe during shipping
  • It is very easy to open
  • The packaging is free from sharp edges and safe for children
  • It comes with a tamper-resistant feature
  • The packaging includes all the relevant documentation
  • Frustration-free packaging allows you to ship in a single package
  • It comes with a label
  • You will not need any retail packaging

How About the Features of Standard Packaging?

Regarding the features of standard packaging, there is no magic formula or set template in the context of its design. However, there are certain elements we should mention in the packaging design.

  • Category or product type

Standard packaging clearly indicates the category or type of product. This will help customers quickly identify it.

  • Brand display

It displays your brand prominently to help in building brand recognition and loyalty.

  • Explains the product inside

The packaging will clearly indicate the available variants of products, such as flavors, scents, and sizes.

  • It is functional

Standard packaging highlights what the product does and how it can benefit the customers. Furthermore, it communicates how the functional benefit fulfills customers’ needs.

  • Call-to-action

The packaging can encourage customers to take action, such as making a purchase or visiting a website.

What Are the Benefits of Using Frustration Free Packaging?

No doubt, choosing frustration-free packaging comes with various benefits. Even better, the benefits are there, not only for brands. Instead, there are also benefits for customers and the environment.

For Customers

The main benefits of using frustration-free packaging for customers include:

  • Better customer experience

This packaging works well in simplifying the unboxing process. Better yet, it eliminates the need for excessive packaging materials. Thus, those customers will appreciate easy-to-open packaging that doesn’t require scissors or knives.

  • It reduces packaging waste

Frustration-free packaging reduces the amount of packaging material you need. As a result, we can imagine that this packaging will come in less waste. Even better, this packaging eliminates the need for additional packaging materials. Thus, you will not need any plastic bags or bubble wrap.

  • Frustration-free packaging lowers shipping costs

This packaging can help a lot in reducing the weight and volume of your packages. Eventually, this can lead to lower shipping costs. Thus, this cost-saving measure will surely benefit both the brands and customers.

For Businesses

As we mentioned above, frustration-free packaging is easy to open and dispose of. At the same time, this packaging is also environmentally friendly. Hence, it’s not surprising if frustration-free packaging becomes increasingly popular among many businesses. Even better, this packaging offers tremendous benefits.

What are they?

  • It helps to improve the customer experience

Frustration-free packaging is essential for businesses as it can help to improve the customer experience. In addition, this packaging works very well in enhancing customer satisfaction. This way, using this packaging can lead to positive reviews. More than that, it will help you increase repeat purchases.

  • Frustration-free packaging reduces the amount of waste

When you choose to use frustration-free packaging, your business can reduce the amount of waste generated by your products. For sure, this will help you make a positive impact on the environment. Most importantly, you can easily reduce the size of the packaging. By doing this, you can reduce its negative effects on the environment. Far better, you can also reduce the expense of shipping your products.

Overall, frustration-free packaging offers various tremendous benefits for brands that you can never skip.

For the Environment

We know that standard packaging is often bulky and difficult to open. Mostly, this packaging comes with layers of plastic, tape, and packaging material. All this can be frustrating and time-consuming to remove.

On the other hand, frustration-free packaging is very easy to open and environmentally friendly. This packaging is made from recyclable materials. Also, customers can reuse and recycle it easily after getting the product inside. Plus, this packaging typically does not require any additional packaging materials, such as plastic or bubble wrap. This way, this packaging will further reduce packaging waste.

How to Design Frustration-Free Packaging?

When it comes to designing frustration free packaging, there are some essential things you should note.

Use Recyclable Packaging Materials


First of all, you have to make sure that you don’t excessively wrap your products. Remember, there should be no difference in your products when using frustration-free packaging. In other words, you should design the packaging to be environmentally friendly and easier to open. Yes, this means that there will be no requirement for any additional packaging material to keep it safe during transport.

Focus on Sustainability


You should go for 100% recyclable packaging materials. Most importantly, your packaging should be just the right size for your product inside. This way, you can minimize the packaging waste.

In 2017 alone, This frustration free packaging program reduced packaging waste by 16% at Amazon. Far better, it has saved 305 million shipping boxes. So, from 2008 to 2017, we can say that this packaging has eliminated the need for 215,000 tons of packaging material. Well, doesn’t that sound great?

Your Packaging Should Be Protective

To design frustration free packaging properly, you need to minimize damage during shipping and handling. This means that your packaging needs to have a protective design. With this design, your packaging will be able to reduce possible damage to each product during transit.


Yes, your packaging should be user-friendly. How?

It should be easier to open by customers. In this context, you should avoid using standard packaging materials like hard plastic clamshells and wire ties. As a result, you can make the unboxing experience much more pleasant for customers.



By eliminating unnecessary packaging, your frustration-free packaging will also reduce costs all around. Just think about it; you will not need any repackaging or additional packaging. At the same time, you still can get your products to their destinations in the best condition. In the end, you will get the most cost-effective packaging to ship your product safely.

Frustration-Free Packaging vs Standard Packaging – Which One to Choose?

Now here comes the main part, which one do you need to choose between the two?

Well, you should choose frustration-free packaging if your business has some goals as below!

  • You want to minimize packaging waste and reduce environmental impact
  • Your business aims to provide a better customer experience with user-friendly packaging
  • You are seeking to streamline your supply chain
  • You want to reduce costs associated with packaging materials

By choosing Frustration-Free Packaging, your business can contribute to a more sustainable future. Most importantly, it will be easier for you to enhance customer satisfaction.

Where to Get Frustration-Free Packaging?

So, are you interested in getting frustration-free packaging?

Don’t be confused, you can design this packaging by working with professionals in frustration-free packaging. Order Now.

Have a good day ahead!

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