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Luxury Candle Boxes Are in Trend Nowadays

Luxury Candle Boxes

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What are Luxury Candle Boxes? A question many people ask. They wonder, is it more than just decoration? And the answer is yes and no. Of course, they look gorgeous and stylish (and we bet you’re dying to place one of these on your coffee table or on that fancy end table next to your bed). 

However, they do serve a purpose. These luxurious candle boxes are made from real wood and have a soft close mechanism to keep your candles safe while being stored. They’re the perfect way to store your favorite luxury candles out of sight! 

Not only will it help you get rid of clutter. It will also be so easy for you to grab one candle, light it up, and enjoy the beautiful fragrance of your choice.

What Are Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes?

First, let’s understand what luxury candles are! Usually, high-end buyers buy Luxury candles. They’re made of fine ingredients and contain more than beautiful scents. Some even have decorative elements, such as glitter or flowers, inside the candle itself. Luxury candles not only look pretty but also smell nice.

Most famous brands globally produce luxury candles that can cost 200 pounds and upper candles depending on their weight and size. That is quite a hefty price tag for a candle! To justify this price, many brands create luxurious packaging for their products to match their prices. 

Let us focus on one specific type of luxury candle packaging called Candle gift boxes.

Candle Gift Boxes

Gift boxes for luxury candles are usually made out of paperboard. Paperboard is a light but stiff material found under the’ cardboard’ category. Traditionally, they come in either white or brown. 

You can find them in different colors! Of course, when it comes to packaging luxury products, most companies go with neutral colors. For example, black and champagne gold to make them look more elegant.

After packaging the candle, place the box on top of it and tape it with transparent tape or sticker labels. The outside of the gift box shows what brand the candle belongs to. Its inside has descriptive print somewhere along with the logo.

Luxury candle boxes can come in many different shapes and sizes. The most common ones are either rectangular or square. The size is important as it helps establish exactly how much a luxury candle costs. This is because the price usually goes up depending on the weight and size of the product. 

It may even contain very expensive ingredients such as gold! If you’re curious to know how much each candle costs, flick over your next luxury product to see if it has a weight written somewhere along with its dimensions.

Additionally, such brands will sell their products without packaging (simply as ‘candle’). It means that buying only the candle itself requires a lower budget than getting it in a box. This way, the customers can enjoy lower prices, while others prefer getting their candles in gift boxes.

Customization of Luxury Candle Boxes Wholesale

Customization of Luxury Candle Boxes Wholesale is an important aspect of gift giving. A candle is often a gift for many different occasions, including: 

  • Housewarming parties
  • New year celebrations
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Candle Light Dinners
  • Many more!

It also serves as a fond reminder for the gift’s receiver about their special moments with the giver or buyer of this gift. Therefore, you need to package it in a manner that suits its purpose well. 

A well-designed candle box should meet the following criteria: 

  • It has a sturdy construction and design
  • It provides safety to its content during transportation and storage
  • It exhibits good shelf appeal

Style, Shape & Size

Custom candle boxes can be made in various styles, shapes, and sizes to deliver candles safely and with style. It is important to ensure that the lid of the candle box remains well attached throughout transportation. Otherwise, it may result in spillage of contents and damage or breakage of candles when opening up such packages. 

The lids also need ample space for branding the company logo or other information on them. It must be done to not get rubbed off during transportation, especially if different people frequently handle them at different times.

There are also specific candle packaging boxes meant for different types of candles. Therefore, you must choose the right type of packaging depending on the following:

  • What it needs to hold
  • Where it will be stored 
  • How often it is handled during transportation

For example, some boxes can accommodate more than one candle, while others come with accessories like lighters, etc.

Printing & Graphics

Get your boxes printed or embossed with company logos or slogans. These make them look classy and boost sales of the candle business even more. It will turn them into perpetual advertisements for your business at no extra cost to you whatsoever. Some companies also offer customized candle gift sets that include several items like:

  • Candles in jars
  • Scented oil diffusers
  • Tea lights
  • Candle holders 

They make it easier to purchase such items in bulk at discount prices.

Please choose the most suitable material based on its usage. Factors like frequency of use also influence this choice. If the boxes deliver candles, they must provide complete safety during carriage and storage or defeat their purpose.

These boxes come as a:

  • Single piece
  • Sets of two 
  • Nested sets that contain three layers, one on top of another

Lids & Dividers

They can also come with dividers inside them. So, the box has separate rooms for different items like tea lights, votive candles, and more. A deep design with a steep lid combined with adequate inner space is very important and useful, especially when it comes to candlesticks. 

If they are not raised enough from the base, they may melt and become misshapen due to direct sunlight contact. These corrugated candle packaging made from recycled materials need to be functional and look good as such. They can also be used for display purposes such as showcases and countertop displays.

Brand Promo

Custom candle boxes provide an excellent means. Companies can promote their brand image to a larger audience by giving out free samples of candles along with the packaging boxes to their best customers or business partners. Then, follow it with attractive offers like repeat purchases and discounts on subsequent orders. 

Thus, it creates a win-win situation where. Everyone benefits from these promotional campaigns, especially those conducted among established suppliers and buyers in the same industry. It enables small businesses to compete with bigger rivals by offering low prices. They even have less purchasing power due to the lower scale of operation.

Why Are Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes Popular?

Are you a retailer looking to supply scented candles on the high street? An online specialist who wants to increase your sales? It’s more important than ever before for your products to stand out on the shelf. The rise of e-commerce has led shoppers to base their purchasing decisions on what is available and at what price. Staying ahead of the curve has become increasingly competitive. Retailers are forced into fiercely low prices to stay afloat.

So, how do you tailor your product selection without compromising profit? Well, if you’re looking for new ways to attract customers, then luxury candle packaging may be the answer you’re looking for. 

So what is available? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common types of luxury candle packaging currently being used by retailers all over the world.

Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes That Are Ideal For Every Occasion

Black Luxury Candle Packaging

Does your business offer a wide range of scented candles that are perfect for every occasion? Then it’s important to select box designs that one can utilize again and again without compromising on versatility. Luxury black boxes are a great solution. 

Depending on the product type, they come with an optional fold-over lid or hinged top. This means that you can use these boxes for multiple purposes, including candle storage! In addition, the tuck-in flaps ensure that contents won’t slip out of transportation or when stacked inside another box.

Silver Luxury Candle Packaging

Luxury silver gift boxes are a great choice for very high-end candle products. These boxes come with an elegant, glossy finish. You can print them using one or two spot colors to ensure the branding is as luxurious as the product itself! 

Gold Luxury Candle Packaging

For something equally striking, why not try luxury gold boxes? Whatever your needs, it is certain that you’ll find a perfect fit in the extensive range of candle packaging available at Instant Custom Boxes.

Luxury Candle Packaging Offers Maximum Security

We offer branded plain white mailer bags. You can customize them via manual silkscreen printing with your unique branding. These bags ensure that candles remain safe and secure during storage and transit. 

We also provide a wide variety of branded luxury candle packaging, such as black rigid display boxes. They come complete with locking hinged lids for added security. 

In addition to this, you’ll find that our round presentation boxes are ideal for slipping around cylindrical products. Why not try out one of our premium 1/2 round presentation boxes when it comes to larger sizes? 

So there you have it, three of the most widely used types of luxury candle packaging currently being used in retail outlets. If you’re looking for top quality Luxury Candle Boxes at affordable prices, then why not take a look around our website today? 

With no minimum order quantity and fast lead times on all products, we’re certain that you’ll find just what your business needs to stand out from the crowd!

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