Macaron Packaging Ideas – How to Earn More with Your Packaging

Macaron Packaging Ideas – How to Earn More with Your Packaging

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So you have baked the most heavenly tasty macarons to entice the market customers? Yet, do you understand the best approach to sell them to the market? Do you know how to get higher sales from your macarons? Do you know how to grab maximum attention from your market customers? Well, believe it or not, it all depends on the way you pack and present your sweet macarons. For this, you will need the best macaron packaging ideas. In fact, you can eventually earn more by using your product packaging. How? Read this article completely!

Macaron Packaging Boxes and the Wonderful Features

When it comes to selling your tasty macarons highly, standard boxes with a dull appearance will lead you nowhere. It is obvious that customers in the bakery market need to be appealed to your macarons before they will purchase them. After all, would you purchase any bakery item if it is packed in dull packaging? Of course not.

Macaron packaging boxes offer what standard boxes cannot offer for you. These boxes come with wonderful features that will help you sell your macarons with pride. What are they?

The boxes are designed exclusively for you

When you are partnering with an expert packaging provider such as Instant Custom Boxes, you will get the chance to design your macaron boxes. You can get the boxes designed exclusively to meet your packaging needs with complete customization options.

Our packaging specialists will suggest the most creative macaron packaging ideas to design unique boxes. When you have unique boxes presenting your delightful macarons, those customers will not think twice about purchasing.

Innovative printing style with your branding elements

Getting custom boxes means that you will get the most innovative printing style engraved on your boxes. At Instant Custom Boxes, we use modern digital and offset printing techniques to help you out in this case. We will be pleased to help you print the essential details you need to print on the boxes, including:

  • The ingredient list
  • The production and best-before date
  • The health benefits
  • Your company name and stunning brand logo
  • And other details you want your customers to get

By printing all the details on your macaron packaging boxes, you will convince more customers to bring your delicious macarons home. Even better, you will gain customer trust as you provide all the details they want to know.

Custom boxes are budget-friendly

If you think that getting custom boxes for your macarons will be costly, you need to think again. The fact is, these boxes can do more wonders than standard boxes can do. Hence, even though custom macaron packaging boxes can be a bit more expensive, their benefits cannot be ignored.

By having custom boxes, you can:

  • Decide the exact size and dimension
  • Make the boxes as durable as you want
  • Apply a lovely finishing effect of your choice
  • Increase brand awareness with your brand logo and details
  • Make your items look more convincing and exclusive

Indeed, these boxes come with wonderful features that you surely don’t want to skip.

Creative Macaron Packaging Ideas for You!

Creative Macaron Packaging Ideas for You!


Well, now that you know the various features offered by macaron packaging boxes, aren’t you getting excited to design your boxes? If you do so, below are some creative macaron packaging ideas to help you out!

Get your boxes made of sturdy packaging material

There is no excuse in this context. Using a sturdy packaging material is essential when it comes to designing the best boxes for your macarons. Why? Now you wouldn’t want to sacrifice the quality of your macarons by using poor-quality boxes, right? This also means that you need to choose and use selected packaging material to produce your boxes.

There are various materials you can choose from based on your packaging needs.

  • Cardboard – Highly customizable packaging material
  • Paperboard – Lightweight packaging material
  • Kraft – Eco-friendly and budget-friendly packaging material
  • Corrugated – Durable packaging material to deliver your items safely
  • Rigid – High-class packaging material to make your boxes look more luxurious

Mix and match the color with your brand’s theme

In order to spread more brand awareness, you need to be consistent when it comes to designing your macaron boxes. This simply means that you need to match the design of your boxes with your brand’s theme. Be creative in mixing and matching them. If you have any confusion in this matter, the professionals at Instant Custom Boxes are ready to help you out.

Matching the color of your boxes with your brand’s theme doesn’t mean that you should use the same color. Instead, you can create a lovely color combination. For example, you can match:

  • Black boxes with silver or gold brand logo
  • Blue boxes with red or pink brand logo
  • White boxes will be perfect for any color of your brand’s logo

Provide more reasons to purchase your macarons

This is another excellent approach to macaron packaging ideas. We know that hundreds of brands offer their macarons with the best style possible. To grab maximum attention, you need to be a step ahead. It would be best if you had a competitive edge that makes your macarons different from others. You can do this easily by providing more reasons for customers to purchase your macarons.

For example, for environmentally conscious customers, you can use eco-friendly materials to produce your boxes. Then, you can write “Go Green!” on your macaron packaging boxes to draw their attention.

Or else, if you are targeting vegetarian customers, you can mention slogans such as “Live healthier with our veggie macarons!”

This effort will differentiate your macarons from others. As a result, you can expect that more customers will pay more attention to your macarons and purchase them with confidence. Moreover, You also read amazing ways to stand out your brand with macaron boxes.

Drive future purchases with promotional offers

You should convince them that your macarons are worth buying to grab more customers. You should make them feel that they get more than what they spent. This can be done easily through your packaging boxes.

Yes, when it comes to getting the most creative macaron packaging ideas, giving extras to your customer will benefit you. You can eventually drive their future purchases by offering:

  • Small gifts exclusively for those customers who order your macarons online
  • Discount coupons for customers on their next purchases
  • Promotional offers such as “buy one get one”

In simple words, you should make customers love to purchase your macarons only from your brand. In the end, those customers will not feel any doubt to recommend your macarons to their friends or family.

Perform your corporate social responsibility

Performing your corporate social responsibility can eventually help you lift your brand’s image in customers’ eyes. How?

As a business owner, you are surely aware of the environmental issues that keep on increasing day by day. Responding to this, many customers have been switching their preferences to eco-friendly products. In fact, they would not mind paying more to get eco-friendly products.

You can draw the attention of those environmentally conscious customers by making your macaron packaging boxes to be eco-friendly.


  • Use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials
  • Minimize the waste of packaging materials by measuring the exact dimension of your boxes
  • Use eco-friendly ink that will not harm the green environment
  • Provide labels on your boxes to encourage customers to reuse your boxes

By performing your corporate social responsibility, you get the chance to build a strong and loyal customer base. Far better, you will get the chance to lift your brand image without any hassle.

Personalizing your macaron packaging boxes always works well

When you deliver your macarons to customers with standard boxes, they will not get a good first impression or a memorable experience. On the other hand, when you personalize your macaron boxes, you can give them both aspects at once. After all, people love to get something that is specially made for them.

There are various ways you can personalize your boxes, including:

  • Add a lovely ribbon or tie to deliver a classier look
  • Mention your customer’s name with a beautiful hangtag
  • Slip in a ‘thank you handwritten note inside

Or else, you can personalize the boxes for specific occasions such as birthdays, wedding parties, and so on.

Why Do You Need to Choose Macaron Packaging Boxes from Instant Custom Boxes?

Why Do You Need to Choose Macaron Packaging Boxes from Instant Custom Boxes?


At Instant Custom Boxes, not only that we guarantee to deliver the most impeccable boxes for your brand. More than that, you will get the best support to help you design and customize the boxes. The moment you place your order with us, you can expect to get:

  • Top-notch quality custom boxes with no minimum order quantity
  • The most professional design support from packaging experts for free
  • No die-cut charges or additional fee
  • A free sample on request
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Hassle-free shipping service to your doorstep

Yes, we will provide you with the most creative macaron packaging ideas to let you get only high-end boxes. Simply contact us to start designing your custom macaron boxes and earn more profits within a brief time!

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