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Reasons Why Famous Cosmetic Brands Choose Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Custom cosmetic boxes

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Custom cosmetic boxes are an important part of the presentation of famous brands such as L’Oreal, Revlon, etc. The cosmetics industry is one of the largest industries in the world with a rich brand portfolio covering all cosmetic lines. Without good packaging, customers will not choose any cosmetic item from the store shelves. Ultimately, the brand loses its reputation and sales.

Now, isn’t this the right time to learn how these famous cosmetic brands move? They choose custom cosmetic boxes for persuasive reasons.

The Importance of Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Currently, the annual sales of cosmetics excluding skin and hair care products in the United States are estimated to exceed $12 billion. Therefore, many brands face fierce market competition.

Cosmetic items are often small in size. Because of that, they need a packaging box that is easy to use and safely stored for its entire shelf life. Most importantly, the custom box should protect the integrity of the beautiful item inside.

The packaging of a cosmetic item should be naturally beautiful. In addition to the item itself, packaging must irresistibly attract customers.

Without any doubt, cosmetics is a rapidly developing and constantly changing industry. This rapidly changing lifecycle requires real-time shipping and packaging solutions. This is where custom printed cosmetic boxes come in.

  • Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale Highlight Your Items

The unique packaging of cosmetics can add value and make the product more attractive through amazing design. Something beautiful and easy to use drives customers’ purchases.

There are hundreds of similar boxes on the store shelves. It can be boring for customers as they will see the same thing over and over again. In the end, it can be disappointing for those looking for a variety of options.

Cosmetic boxes wholesale will be the best solution to this problem. These boxes protect your brand and help customers easily find your exclusive items on retail shelves. Some customers only want one thing to purchase in a store. Meanwhile, finding the right product can be difficult.

The good thing is, that these custom boxes are designed to highlight the printable area. Eventually, this will make your items more recognizable. This special treatment simplifies the customers’ choice.

To get these boxes made of your creativity, Instant Custom Boxes are here to assist you.

  • Custom Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale Help to Promote Your Brand

Custom cosmetic boxes are an ideal way to pack items for a beautiful look and sales success. In a highly competitive cosmetics industry, your items have to be more than good. This is why having the right design is so important.

Captivating boxes encourage customers to buy your items and let their friends know about your brand. One of the ways to make your cosmetic items more stylish is to apply a creative design.

Those customers will also feel stylish when they see how elegant your boxes are. Another reason these boxes are important is that they add value to your items. Even better, these excellent boxes will also add value to your brand and make it interesting for everyone.

Most importantly, these boxes will increase the attractiveness of your cosmetics and prepare them for increased sales.

What Should Your Custom Cosmetic Boxes Look Like?

Custom design is essential to win the hearts of customers in the cosmetic market. Additionally, your custom cosmetic boxes must be easily recognizable from a distance. We also know that modern customers are becoming more environmentally conscious. In this context, the sustainability issues associated with the eco-friendly packaging of beauty products are also important.

In addition to aesthetics and sustainability, your printed cosmetic boxes must meet the following standards:

  • Protect and maintain items to keep them safe in transit.
  • Include the brand name, product names, and other information about labeling requirements.
  • Must be appealing but still durable to keep your items from dust and/or sunlight.
  • Protect against external risks and product leaks.
  • Convey the sophistication of the items to look attractive and to attract the target audience.
  • Designed to the exact size to your product specifications.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low cost.

The Advantages of Using Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale

Every business always wants to get as many as possible benefits from any type of activity. The same goes for packaging boxes. World-famous cosmetic brands know that they can benefit to some extent from using cosmetic boxes wholesale.

Still, wondering what your business can do with these beautiful boxes? Below are some wonders these boxes can do.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes Protect Your Sensitive Items

Nail polish, perfumes, and many other cosmetics are very fragile and sensitive. Moreover, many of these items have a unique shape. So the standard boxes will not fit perfectly.

If you use custom boxes, you can choose the shape and size according to your items. Most importantly, your boxes will be made of high-quality materials.

In this way, these boxes will protect your items as safely as possible. Thus, you can relax and ensure that your sensitive cosmetic items arrive at their final destination in the best shapes and conditions.

Ultimately, you will leave a positive first impression on your customers. With Instant Custom Boxes, you can create your custom cosmetic boxes with the finest quality.

Printed Cosmetic Boxes Help Build Your Brand Image

The personalized design of printed cosmetic boxes will additionally highlight your cosmetic brand. You can eventually impress customers with your creative designs and packaging styles. In the end, those customers will appreciate your items as the best.

Your packaging boxes will be special and your customers will have the best-branded shopping experience.

This is how these boxes help your branding strategy in the cosmetics industry. Custom formulas and labels help promote your brand on your shelves. Meanwhile, custom boxes also help build brand awareness.

The boxes can be customized, as well as the sizes, and shapes. You can also modify them with special labels and colors to make your brand stand out. 

Research has published a study on the effect of product packaging on shopping behavior. It has mentioned the importance of using colors and images on packaging to draw attention to the product (and of course that’s a good thing!). This is why custom cosmetic boxes with lively colors are a great way to build your brand from production to point of sale.

Help You Build a Strong Customer Base

If you choose high-quality wholesale cosmetic boxes for your cosmetic items, your customers will be able to easily recognize and purchase your items. Creative packaging design attracts more customers. 

These boxes will set you apart from your competitors. Unique designs, amazing textures, styles, and innovative printing styles will increase the demand for your items. In the end, of course, you can expect to see sales growth.

Printed Cosmetic Boxes Help You Save More Budget

As we know, cosmetic items are very exclusive and expensive. The higher the value of an item, the higher the brand value. However, packaging boxes help solve these problems and reduce manufacturing costs. Cosmetics in regular boxes can significantly increase shipping costs.

Meanwhile, one-size-fits-all packaging is no longer appropriate. With a standard box, you will lose money as excess and empty fillings will be required to keep items safe. Additionally, many large brands face high shipping costs due to the high cost of using materials that are not suitable for shipping.

Another scenario can arise if you choose printed cosmetic boxes from us. Instant Custom Boxes provide you with the best and most durable material for your custom boxes. The best part is, they are available at low costs. This will help you do your shipping without worries. Even better, this will save you even more budget in both production and shipping processes.

Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale Protect the Environment

In line with the recent green trend in the cosmetics industry, we know that packaging materials must also be eco-friendly.

Since plastics are not biodegradable, these days we can see a tendency not to wrap our items in plastic that causes pollution. Cosmetic boxes wholesale are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

Therefore, you will be able to maintain high social standards by providing eco-friendly boxes for your beautiful items. Better yet, these boxes offer maximum product protection as well. Notwithstanding, high-quality boxes also increase customers’ confidence to purchase your items. Most customers today like to get their items in eco-friendly boxes. So why not give them what they like?

Working with Instant Custom Boxes can help you choose your packaging materials. That way, for cosmetics packaging boxes, you can choose between cardboard, kraft, corrugated or rigid material. Best of all, all these materials are environmentally friendly. In the end, you will get environmentally friendly green cosmetic boxes wholesale.

Wrapping Up

Custom cosmetic boxes are an essential process for protecting your items, attracting customers, and presenting a brand identity with specially custom-printed boxes. These boxes also make it easy for customers to recognize your items.

After all, we live in a highly competitive world, so staying one step ahead of others is very important. As a cosmetic brand owner, you have to offer something unique to dominate the market. The value of your items reflects the value of your brand. These excellent boxes are the best approach to make your items stand out and be recognizable.

So, if you are interested in getting the most impeccable custom cosmetic boxes, Instant Custom Boxes are your best option.

Have a nice day ahead!

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