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Custom Cosmetic Boxes

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How do you choose custom cosmetic packaging for your product line?” This is a query we hear from people almost every day. Every brand has its own story to tell and goals to achieve. The same applies when choosing custom cosmetic packaging for any product line.

Factors To Consider For Your Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale 

Packaging is often overlooked as a marketing tool. Still, in reality, it is the practical way to share with your clients. It drives impulse purchases and increases your bottom line revenue. Here are some tips to consider when choosing Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale.

1) Brand Identity

You should review all aspects of the brand identity, such as:

  • Logo
  • Text font style
  • Colors
  • Etc. 

Now you can start to visualize what your brand looks like on the shelf with packaging. Does it properly represent your brand image? Good luck!

2) Product Identity

Before moving forward, make sure you understand all aspects of your product identity, such as:

  • Color(s)
  • Texture
  • Theme (if appropriate)
  • Overall product design

Does all of this fit together? Is it cohesive?

3) Transportation & Protection Needs

There are several considerations for transportation needs; 

  • Is your product very liquid or solid? 
  • What conditions (moisture, dust, extreme temps) will affect the goods during shipping time? 
  • How are they being transported – by air or by ground?

Protection needs are also critical:

  • Is your product breakable
  • Do you need to keep the good safe from outside contamination (moisture, dust, bacteria, etc.)? 
  • What kind of packaging will handle this? 

4) Price Point & Retailer or End User Preferences

Depending on your price point, there are many great options out there. When considering retailer preferences, make sure to consider size, color, and finish. 

  • Is this compatible with what they’re currently using? 
  • Will it separate you in the competition? 

Don’t forget about end-user preferences 

  • Do they need a twist cap or screw top? 
  • Do they prefer sturdy containers? 
  • Which sizes would fit their needs best? 

These are the points to ponder when choosing cosmetic packaging!

5) Logistics & Storage

Customers think about logistics once chosing their packaging. This would be the time to ensure that all of your products properly fit into the container. It’s best to store products in their original containers. 

Don’t transfer your goods into different containers. Instead, it is a great idea to keep your goods in their current packaging and add a label with valid info. This will help prevent confusion and impurity during use. 

Most Popular Types Of Custom Cosmetic Packaging & Their Benefits

There are different types of cosmetic Boxes designed to help store, display, and distribute products. These range from company samples to frequently used consumer goods. Nowadays, these boxes have become an integral part of the product marketing strategy. They serve as a tool for visual retailing in beauty salons or shop windows.

Cosmetic packaging can show the name of the brand on it while keeping the design simple enough. So that focus is on the actual product inside rather than on a fancy exterior. 2D graphics are often applied both for beautifying effects and practical reasons. 

For example: non-rip surfaces protect against dirt or moisture, save storage space, etc. The main purpose of applying this artwork is to connect the product’s benefit to the consumer. Flat, low cost artwork is easy to produce. Thus, you can apply it on a wide range of surfaces for various purposes.

Printed Cosmetic Boxes Mark Your Identity in Users Mind

Printed Cosmetic Boxes are often made from high quality cardboard, with a velvety matte or glossy surface finishes. They are generally printed using offset printing. It requires more colors than digital printing. Although spot color combinations are possible. 

Offset printing allows full color images on one side of the box. It keeps costs under control by leaving other sides with just black ink or in limited CMYK color mode. For example, just cyan + black! It also produces longer lasting prints as well as a varnish finish.

Cosmetic Boxes Packaging materials

Material properties are as important as design. They make possible to fix the most suitable printing technique for each particular case. Beauty boxes come in many shapes and sizes. 

From small samples to large volume production packs with many different panels and flaps. Some boxes use special glues or tapes instead of stitches. Some need extra rigidity for protection during storage and transport. Most common material options include:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Non-woven paperboard (coated or uncoated)
  • Unprinted recycled board 
  • Kraft paperboard for wet wipes
  • Etc. 

It is also possible to use special carton types for unique finishes, e.g., metallic shimmer box with gold or silver color foil.

There are many benefits of using custom printed boxes as part of the marketing strategy. They attract attention to the product. Moreover, they give a sense of style and trendy convenience without spending too much money on expensive materials. 

They also provide people an easy way to check items before purchase. Hence, they are widespread in retail outlets worldwide even if shop owners opt for cheaper counter displays instead.

How Can To Choose The Right Packaging For Your Needs And Budget?

There are many things to ponder for the right boxes. Some people have no idea what they want and what differentiates one product from another’s and end up with inferior quality products. 

Others know exactly what they want and go after one brand specifically (and usually pay more). The important thing is to specify your needs. How much cash you can spend on them? Then decide accordingly. 

For example: If you own a salon or spa– do some research about each supplier’s repute before making your final decision. You’ll probably order quite a few pieces (that will last years or even decades). Below we’ve outlined 7 tips for choosing the right cosmetic boxes for your needs.

1. Determine Your Needs

Whether you’re opening a beauty salon or just buying some items for personal use, think about 

  • What type of product you’re dealing with
  • How many pieces you’ll need
  • Where they are going to be placed
  • Are they for storage in the bathroom cabinets? 
  • Are they a part of an in-salon display? 

Think about potential future uses when making this decision as well. For example: if you plan on expanding in the future, you have to invest in expensive retail boxes that will last longer.

2. Research and compare Brands

Do thorough research before settling on one box over another. It’s not necessarily the lowest price that determines quality. Weigh in all of your choices. Then decide the best one. 

For example, the cheapest might not be the highest quality, nor will the most expensive necessarily be the best. 

3. Compare Product Specs

  • What is it made out of? 
  • How sturdy is it? 
  • Is it lockable or collapsible? 
  • Is there a warranty or satisfaction guarantee? 
  • What type of design and functionality does it have? 
  • Do you want separate spaces for different products? 
  • Do you want drawers with locks on them available as a bonus feature? 
  • Do you need something small that will sit nicely on your bathroom counter without taking up too much space? 

Think about your storage needs before deciding on one cosmetic box over another.

4. Look for High Quality Photos

When you browse the Internet, companies often display professional photos that highlight their products in an appealing way. Further, they show you them using the product. If a company using real pictures of satisfied customers, ask them some pics. So, you can see what the box looks like– inside and out! 

5. Read Reviews

You can never go wrong with looking up reviews of the company’s cosmetic boxes. You’ll get a thorough idea about what they are like in real life– instead of just seeing attractive pictures on the site itself! 

Look at the reviews given by people having similar needs. That way, you can find out if that particular box or brand suits best suited you!

6. Ask About Customization

If you know what type of cosmetic boxes you want but not the perfect color… ask about customizing! The best companies are happy to adjust requests. This ensures that all customers are 100% satisfied with their order– no matter how picky they are! 

And remember, just because someone says “no” doesn’t mean that they don’t have other options available at different price points for people looking for different things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! That’s what the person on the other end of the phone is there for.

7. Get Artistic!

Last but not least! Get creative with the items for storage purposes. Instead of just using boring boxes that will sit on your bathroom counter all year round without being seen by anyone else, think of fresh ways to spice things up! 

Try using decorative tissue paper peanuts or some colorful tape for extra pop. No matter what cosmetic boxes you prefer. Your storage products should extend your personality. When they aren’t, it’s just wasted space.

How Proper Packaging Increase Your Sales and Grow Your Business?

80% of people judge a book by its cover? This well-known adage is highly applicable to personal care products. Cosmetic packaging boxes are the perfect way to set yourself apart from other makeup brands in a crowded market place. 

They provide an opportunity to make your brand look beautiful and feel luxurious. But don’t be fooled! Even though many online retailers try to tell you otherwise, there’s no such thing as “free shipping.” Makeup companies fall victim to this myth too often. 

They pay for attractive boxes that ultimately are thrown away. Instead, find a manufacturer that can give you great quality at wholesale rates. So, you can spend the savings on your shoppers.

Instant Custom Boxes has been the preferred choice for many online businesses. We help them to create quality custom cosmetic boxes at wholesale rates. We provide you access to the most advanced designing knacks for your cosmetics packaging needs. 

We can guide you through all aspects of creating a new look, allowing you to choose from different available designs. We also offer custom assistance if you want something more unique.

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