The Benefits of Shipping Your Products with Custom Design Mailer Boxes

Custom design mailer boxe

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Is shipping your products the frequent business activity you have to do? If it is, then having the right boxes for shipping your products is a must. So you need durable boxes, appealing boxes, and flexible boxes, right? Why can’t you get all-in-one boxes? Ever heard about mailer boxes? These boxes can be the best solution to meet all your packaging and shipping needs. Most importantly, there are wonderful benefits your business will get by shipping your products with custom design mailer boxes. What are they? Let’s discuss more!

A Brief Intro to Custom Mailer Boxes

In case this is the first time you read about custom mailer boxes, you surely want to know more about these boxes. Or else, even if you are familiar with these boxes, it is always a great idea to know more.

Mailer boxes are boxes made of durable corrugated cardboard material. The boxes offer high strength and durability to secure your products in transit. In fact, many brands have been using these excellent boxes to ship their products, even in a harsh shipping journey.

The greatest thing you can get from using these boxes is that they will not require any inner packaging. Yes, these boxes are highly stable and defensive. Thus, you can relax and assure that your products will reach their destinations in the best conditions. This way, your beloved customers will be happy to receive your products. Remember, happy customers will be repeating customers.

Now let’s get to the point. What are the benefits of using these innovative boxes?

Custom Mailer Boxes Wholesale Are Defensive

Product safety remains to be the main concern when it comes to shipping any product. The fact is, those customers would not care if your products have to go through a harsh shipping adventure. All they want is to receive products in the best shapes and conditions at their doorstep. Otherwise, they will give negative feedback about your brand. Well, this is not a good sign at all for your business.

Fortunately, mailer boxes wholesale are defensive. The boxes are made of sturdy packaging material. In fact, you can use the boxes to ship any type of product you need without any hassle. From fragile to sensitive products, lightweight to heavy products, these boxes will work well in securing them. Surely you know that product return is the last thing you want to receive. With these boxes in your hands, you will not have to worry about this at all.

Mailer Packaging Boxes Are Lightweight

Custom design mailer boxe

The material to produce mailer packaging boxes is lightweight, and thus, you can expect the boxes to be lightweight as well. The lightweight feature of the boxes makes them convenient enough for anyone to carry. This is the main reason why some brands use these amazing boxes to ship their gift items or cosmetics.

Speaking of the lightweight feature, these boxes will help to minimize the shipping costs. Thus, you can manage and save more budgets by using custom mailer boxes to ship your products. Another great thing is, anyone can easily move the boxes. This way, you are making it easier for the delivery staff to ship your products. Accordingly, your products inside will be safe and sound inside the boxes.

They Are Flexible and Customizable

Custom mailer boxes, well, we can know from the name that these boxes are customizable. When you have a professional packaging provider such as Instant Custom Boxes, you will get the chance to customize the boxes. But which part of the boxes can you customize?

  • Design
  • Size
  • Color
  • Printing
  • Finishing option

In simple words, every inch of the boxes acts as a blank canvas for you to design and customize. These boxes are flexible enough to be customized in any way you want.

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes Make Your Products Look More Branded

With the growing lifestyle, branded products will always be in high demand. Modern customers today will not pay attention to products that come with unattractive boxes. Instead, they will always look for branded products with an exclusive display. This is where custom printed mailer boxes can really help you a lot.

Printed boxes will make your products look more branded. This applies especially true when it comes to shipping your valuable products. As we mentioned above, these boxes are flexible and customizable. Thus, you can apply an amazing finishing effect to make them look more elegant. You can go with a matte or glossy coating, UV Spot or aqua Spot, or other remarkable options. To make your brand logo pop up, you can get the embossing or debossing technique as well.

Remember, exclusive boxes reflect branded products. When you have branded products, you can even raise the prices of your products a bit. You’ll have more profits to grab!

Help to Reinforce Your Brand Image

Reinforcing your brand image is compulsory IF you want to get a competitive edge amongst your market competitors. Some huge brands have been doing their branding strategies through expensive commercial advertisements. Yet, if you have a limited spending budget, you can also reinforce your brand image. How?

Through your mailer boxes!

By printing your brand name and logo on the boxes, the boxes are opening a chance to expose your business further. Now, imagine how many people will see your boxes all through the shipping journey. Yes, many! When they see your brand name and logo on the boxes, you can drive them to know more about your business. Once you can grab their attention, it will not be long enough to see the increment in your sales.

However, you need to design your boxes appealingly here. This is where you need the packaging experts at Instant Custom Boxes to be your best partner. You can even get the best design support for free from us! Additionally, you can also read a blog which is about Mailer Boxes vs Shipping Boxes – Which One Is Best for Your Business?

Provide an Unforgettable Shopping Experience to Customers

If you are running an online brand, providing an unforgettable shopping experience to your customers is something you need to focus on. Customers can be loyal to a specific brand if they find that the brand is paying attention to their shopping experience.

By having durable and exclusive boxes sending your products to them, those customers will see how you care about their experience. To do this, you can print the inside of your packaging boxes with some lovely words such as “thank you.” Or else, you can also write down your brand slogan inside the boxes as well.

By showing those customers how much you care, you are building a strong customer base for your brand itself. Eventually, those customers will not hesitate to recommend your products and brands to their friends and family. As a result, you can expect to get higher sales and more loyal customers at the same time!

Mailer Boxes Wholesale Can Be Perfectly Measured

Delivering small products in huge boxes will never make any good impression. On the other hand, packing large products in small boxes will only damage your products inside. In this regard, you need to get the perfectly measured boxes.

At Instant Custom Boxes, you can get mailer boxes wholesale that will fit as a fiddle with your products. You can simply brief us on your product specifications and our designers will cover them for you. By having the right size of boxes, you will be able to make those customers happy. More than that, you will get the chance to decide the amount of packaging material you need to produce your boxes. In the end, you will only pay for that amount of material. Yes, more budget to save!

Custom Mailer Boxes Are Environmentally Friendly

Corrugated cardboard material that produces custom mailer boxes is recyclable and eco-friendly. This way, you will get environmentally boxes to draw in more customers. We all are well aware of how environmental issues have been the main topic in recent years. This has inspired many customers to prefer buying environmentally friendly products.

Thus, by having eco-friendly boxes to ship your products, not only will you contribute to saving the environment. Far better, these boxes will help in building a reliable brand image that cares about sustainability.

Mailer Boxes Are Highly Affordable

Reading all the benefits offered by mailer boxes above, you might be thinking that these boxes will be costly. Well, not at all! The corrugated cardboard material to create these boxes is easily available in the market. So, you can expect to get these boxes at highly affordable prices.

Yes, you might find these boxes to be a bit more expensive than those standard shipping boxes. However, once you get all the benefits, you will see how these boxes are worth having.

Wrapping Up

Custom mailer boxes are, without any doubt, the ideal boxes to ship your products. With all the benefits these boxes offer, it is not surprising for these boxes to be famous among many brands. So, if you are interested in shipping your valuable products with these incredible boxes, you can simply contact Instant Custom Boxes. We offer high-quality packaging solutions to meet all your business requirements.

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