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Pillow Packaging

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Pillow Packaging is a great way to present products at an event, with the bonus of using it as a takeaway or favor. You can create them from different provisions and colors, shapes, and sizes. They have no top or bottom. 

However, you can also make them from thicker material such as chipboard, with the internal parts still able to bend freely. In addition, you can embellish them using methods such as embossing or glitter application. 

When considering what size pillow box to purchase, you should measure your product first before making your selection. It will certify that you do not close up paying too much or having something that does not fit.

Visual Impact of Pillow Boxes 

Pillow Boxes are containers that have fixed dimensions. They are used for the packaging of certain products. They are nice looking gift boxes that possess flaps on four sides rather than the expected two panels. 

This implies that you will find four openings making it very easy to place your items inside it quickly. It comes in attractive colors and prints, too. So, they can serve as cute storage or gift boxes at once. It is the most versatile types.

Usage of Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are often used to present small items, such as if you were selling them at an event or craft fair. When measuring the internal length, remember that the box’s flaps will add on an extra 5mm to each side. 

They have no top or bottom. So they can be made from thicker materials and still bend freely inside. The boxes can also be embellished to attract attention.

Primarily, pillow boxes are used for gift packaging. They are good for presenting small items like candies or other snacks. The flaps present on the four sides provide ample room for you to place your gift inside without damaging it. 

You can fold the flaps over and glue them to stay in their respective positions over time without being disrupted by any external disturbance. This is especially useful when you consider sending out gifts during special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas, where speed is critical.

They are just perfect for this purpose alone due to their utility factor. It comes from being readily available, albeit with a nominal fee depending on size and design. However, many people have started using them for storage purposes in their homes. It might seem a little unusual to use them as home decoration. 

Considering the low cost involved can be an interesting way of effectively utilizing your space. You can get creative and design these boxes rendering to your palate and desires. For example, gluing flaps on only three sides or even leaving one side open instead of gluing flaps altogether.

Benefits of Custom Boxes

Everyone is looking for ways to save money on an average day. There are ways to cut costs that will have an enduring sway on your trade. Custom Boxes are the supreme packaging options available. They come with several benefits to help your goods stand out from the mob. There are benefits of using custom pillow boxes for every type of business, whether you’re selling food items or printing services.

Your Product Will Stand Out

Businesses choose to use them because these traditional packaging containers quickly become extinct in favor of more modern methods. They give your product a classic look while still eye-catching due to their unique shape, making it easier for people to spot them amidst all of the other products.

Everyone Will be Able to Open Your Product Easily

Another reason companies choose to use them is because they don’t require any tape or adhesive. It brings it calm for people to open them. Anyone who has tried to open a package and ended up with sticky fingers can attest to how frustrating this issue can be. 

Still, you won’t experience anything like that when using these packaging containers. You’ll also cut costs by not needing additional tools such as box cutters or scissors to get inside your product’s container. They’re protected during shipping and arrive looking exactly like you envisioned them. 

Yet, better than any competitor! Using Printed Pillow Boxes allows you to design something that makes your product stand out without increasing the cost of production.

The “Notch” is Great for Ease of Use

Custom pillow boxes are the notch packs. They have a small cutout on the bottom that allows people to open them easily. Not only can this piece aid your clients open up your packaging without hassle. It will also help you sell more products since no frustration involves getting inside these containers. 

You’ll automatically win over customers who were turned off by hard-to-open packaging before. You may even gain new ones! Your business can benefit from using printing services to create these boxes if you want an affordable way to make a lasting impact on potential clients.

It’s More Durable

Another benefit of using printed boxes is that they’re more durable than other types of packaging containers. They have thicker, stronger material. So, they won’t collapse quickly. It means you can ship them to your customers without worrying about them being damaged in transit. 

You’ll also find that you need fewer resources each time you order these containers for your business. These packaging solutions are also waterproof. You don’t have to worry about the contents inside getting wet if it happens to be raining during transport.

Custom Pillow Boxes are Affordable

All businesses want affordable options that will save them money over time. This is why many choose to use these containers for their products or services. They come at a lower price than traditional boxes so that you can purchase more of them. 

This way, you won’t be worried about running out and paying more money for these containers due to limited stock. You can also benefit from using them because they’re often less expensive than other packaging materials that are similar in function.

You Can Trade More with Pillow Boxes

Everybody wants to make the maximum cash when selling their goods or services. This is more vital if you hold a trade. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your sales without spending too much money on new marketing strategies during your business starting. 

You can do this by using printed packaging for your company instead of traditional packaging materials. Not only will this give your business a reputable look, but you may also see an increase in sales without doing anything else!

Who Uses Pillow Boxes?

Many different types of businesses use pillow boxes for their products. They provide unique benefits to each business type. Some consumers purchase these containers to hold their jewelry, candy, or other small items. Others use them for greeting cards or other holiday gifts. 

Companies like food distributors and online retailers also love these containers. It helps ensure that the product successfully makes it to its destination with minimal damage. If you’re interested in starting up a new company that sells certain goods, use these boxes as your marketing plan so you can make more money.

In Short Description

Businesses can benefit from using custom pillow boxes because they:

  • Let you design something that makes your product stand out without increasing the cost of production
  • Has a notch for easier opening
  • Are more durable than traditional packaging materials
  • Are waterproof and less expensive compared to similar products
  • Helps improve sales with increased brand exposure
  • Provides unique benefits specific to certain types of businesses

Now that we know what pillow boxes are? How can they prove helpful in multiple ways? Let’s look at some basic information about where and how we can avail of this service:

You will find many companies online that offer custom made pillows for packaging items. They charge a very nominal fee worth the money spent on it. You are assured of the best quality craftsmanship.

At Instant Custom boxes, we produce customized pillow boxes. We usually have bright colors or fancy prints embossed on them for added effect. You can make inquiries about our amenities by calling us up or doing just an email. We can provide you with the exact information you require based on your specific needs. 

Just postulate what type of pillow box you might want. We don’t show you any sample other than the one that will most likely suit your requirements perfectly without requiring any alteration whatsoever. It would also be wise to ask if our special deals at the time. Sometimes we cut down prices which make us even more worthwhile to buy.

Pillow Boxes Wholesale – An Affordable Means 

You can also find firms willing to offer wholesale prices for bulk orders of Pillow Boxes Wholesale. This means that you will save a substantial amount of money on your purchase if you are purchasing these items in bulk quantities. It relies on the quantity you want and what the current availability is like. So, be sure to inquire about it before making any hasty decisions. Otherwise, you may miss some added benefits otherwise.

We hope this answers your query regarding information regarding Custom Pillow Boxes is concerned! Be sure to look into different types available online before placing an order because every manufacturer has its varieties for pillows.

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