The Important Guidelines for Product Packaging

The Important Guidelines for Product Packaging

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Product packaging is an essential part of any business with a product. From protection to promotion and marketing to branding, packaging plays a vitally significant role. Therefore, all businesses need to assemble high quality packaging for their products. Many companies use low-quality packaging, which is disastrous for their brand in the long run.

Lack of knowledge is one thing, but not realizing the importance of something is another big problem. Therefore, we have covered this information to help you know how it is essential for your business. Based on these values, our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has earned them accolades from consumers and their industry peers.

Let’s define the product packaging and then probe into its design process!

Defining the Product Packaging

Defining product packaging before sending it into the production house is essential to avoid an uneven experience. Once you strategize your packaging from start to end, the whole design and manufacturing process goes smoothly.

You can easily define your product packaging by knowing the answers to three basic questions:

1.     What is a Product?

Product is the main thing for which the whole party is being celebrated. So, it is the first thing to keep ahead when defining your packaging. The product’s shape, size, and nature can help you decide on the packaging. Your ultimate goal will be to provide the maximum safety & proper placement of the product.

2.     What is the Nature of the Product?

As said above, understanding the nature of a product is the most crucial part of packaging manufacturing. It helps you decide the packaging material you will need for your products. Similarly, you can also determine the safety level required for a product only after knowing the nature of the product.

However, it is equally important to make your packaging user-friendly for its users. So, after defining the product and its nature, the next vital thing to probe is to determine its possible users.

3.     Who are the Users of the Product?

Packaging is essential for the product as well as its users. From young to old and males to females, everything matters a lot while planning the packaging. The nature and kind of product can indicate the users of the product. So, you can also choose the type of packaging based on that data.

For instance, a product for children or females requires soft and light packaging. Similarly, the design art of these packaging also varies depending on its users.

Data Collection & Finalization of a Brand

Gone are the days when packaging was simply a source of containment or a blank box to protect a product. Therefore, data or content is vitally important to improve the functional aspects of your product packaging. As explained below, you must collect and finalize the scope and the design art for your product packaging.

1.     Data or Content for Brand

Content copy required for packaging is of two types: Mandatory and Optional.

Mandatory content copy is the one that educates users and explains the critical aspects of a product. This data may include the dates, quantity of development, quality, features, specific guides, restrictions, and beyond.

On the other hand, Optional data include benefits of the product, additional features, brand knowledge, etc. You can think of your media art as your media copy, a deciding factor you cannot afford to lose in any way.

Therefore, you must include all relevant data in your media art for many reasons: to educate, convince, and lead. You can use your creativity or take the help of an experienced packaging copywriter.

2.     Design Art

Design art includes all those elements that improve the overall image of your box. These elements can play a significant role in making the first impression. So, it is essential to include these elements when manufacturing your packaging.

Every element that gives a pleasant view to your box comes under the umbrella of design art, from a logo to stickers and copy to a name. A logo helps people differentiate your brand from others; on the other hand, other elements also help create a difference.

At Instant Custom Boxes, we always take care of the creative work a business needs. We use innovative digital technologies not simply to impress our clients but also the customers of our clients. You can see some of the given designs and read the reviews.

Making Choice of Material for Product Packaging

Making Choice of Material for Product Packaging

The choice of product packaging starts with the selection of packaging material. It is crucial to choose only relevant material for your product packaging. We have picked some of the best packaging materials for you to select for assembling your packaging.

They’re sturdy enough to handle the rigors of shipping but light enough to make transporting easy. You can print them with your logo or design. Hence, they give off an air of professionalism every time customers leave your store.

  • Paperboard
  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid
  • Buxboard

Instant custom boxes believe in quality, so we provide free consultation and design support. Based on the market needs and quality, these are some of our top picks to assemble your boxes. However, you can also come with your wish and demand any other material for your packaging.

Choose the Right Type of Packaging Material

There is no limit to which type of packaging you choose for your product. But, choosing the right kind of packaging is essential to meet the actual need of products. Remember, it depends on the nature of the product to be packed to choose the right kind of packaging for a product.

So, you have all the options explained above to choose the right kind of paper material that suits the nature of your products. After selecting a paper material, it is more important to define the layers for your boxes.

It also impacts their initial opinion of your brand and leads to making a sale or not. That’s why you must know your options for packing materials and boxes to ensure a successful future.

What is the Most Important Role of Product Packaging?

Protection is the most crucial role of product packaging. However, the parts of packaging have evolved significantly with new printing technologies. Now, you can consider promotion as the second most crucial role of packaging after proper placement.

What is the Most Important Part of Product Packaging?

Product protection from all external elements like dust, humidity, and heat is essential to packaging.

Therefore, choosing suitable paper material is the first thing you must consider carefully. Plenty of packaging options are available in the market, so you can select a packaging material that suits the nature of a product.

What are the 5 Important Things to Consider with Product packaging?

Five essential things must be taken into consideration with product packaging:

  • Safety: Best material should be chosen to provide proper protection.
  • Placement: Appropriate space is required to pack a product.
  • Promotion: Product promotion is essential, so choose the best design art.
  • Educate: Your packaging should also educate the users about the usage of a product.
  • Branding: Product packaging should indicate the exact owner or supplier of the product.


CMYK: It stands for cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and key (black which are the four colors used in printing. Each color has a CYMK code that a printer will use to help color-match your design and the finished boxes.

Dielines: The flattened pattern of your product packaging. Designers and printers use them to create the proper layout for a package.

Digital printing: A modern printing method wherein information about the file is sent to a printer digitally, and each piece of packaging is run individually through that printer. Digital printing is outstanding for small runs and short turnaround times. The more traditional offset printing is often more affordable for larger print runs.

Offset printing: A printing technique wherein plates of your design are created in four colors (CMYK). These plates are then run through a large industrial printer. Offset printing has high setup costs (i.e., the leaves need to be created), but it is more economical in large volumes (usually over 1,000 or so pieces).


Product packaging is essential for all businesses; no one can afford carelessness. So, it is crucial to understand that innovative packaging needs to stay above the curve. The purpose of this article is to help all business owners to understand the significance of packaging and also its need. Following this simple guide, you can easily order top-notch packaging for your branded products.

ICB provides its customers with the best possible service and products. They also pride themselves on delivering a wide range of services to customers. We love to listen to your ideas to grow your business with multi-functional packaging.

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