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Top 3 Companies That Use Luxury Soap Packaging

Luxury Soap Packaging

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Many companies think why is necessary to create Luxury Soap Packaging if they can sell their product with ordinary packaging. Here, everyone seems to devote their efforts and energies to making or spending money in today’s world. Luxury is something that almost every person craves. There was a time when people did not have much money. 

They could not afford even the bare essentials of life. With the global and industrial advent, things did improve a little bit but at a high price. 

Importance of Luxury Soap Packaging in Industry

Today many people are earning handsome salaries, but the increase in prices has nullified this rise in income. So, instead of having more money in their hands, they have only been able to retain their source of income. In contrast, prices continue to rise rapidly, leaving them helplessly dreaming about expensive goods that seem so distant from them.

But adoring valuables and buying them is not the only way of enjoying a luxury lifestyle. Luxurious soap packaging seems equally appealing to many people who love a luxurious life and want to feel like an elite class member.

Now, people still use bar soap. Several other varieties like liquid soaps, exfoliating bars, scented candles, salts, etc., are also gaining popularity because of the luxury soap packaging design.

How Can You Come Up With Luxury Soap Packaging

Today, the world is progressing rapidly, and technology finds new avenues to cater to our demands. Companies are finding new ways of providing luxurious sensation, functionality, and beauty in their packaging designs. 

We can come across beautiful brand labels that feel like paintings these days. They look classy and elegant due to their design excellence. With the advent of computers and laser printing technologies, it has become much easier for designers to create compelling graphic designs for these brands.

Soap brands use different types of packaging to show their creativity and appeal to their product. They choose the face value of these soaps by selecting the label, material, color, etc., for its outer shell, and inner lining, and how about printing on these luxuriant bar soap packages.

Consider The Key Factors For Luxury Soap Packaging 

It is a fact that most people judge things at first sight. This mainly includes luxury soap packaging. Whether in the supermarket or on an expensive store shelf, your premium product needs to stand apart from competitors. There are methods to do this, and we will explore them here.              

Firstly, it’s essential not to forget that there are plenty of other beauty products. It will set itself apart with unique features for you to succeed. If you have developed something innovative, whether your unique scent or your special formula, it needs to shine through in the packaging.  

And then, there are the basic design elements. This will vary widely depending on your target market. Still, keep in mind that just as you are conscious of beauty standards before developing your product, so too will many of your customers be influenced by these same standards. You don’t need to go overboard with the luxe look and feel. 

For instance, if you were marketing yourself to a younger crowd, funky fonts wouldn’t be out of place!            

So following on from the above, your packaging design should demonstrate how special your product is. It demonstrates to future customers that they are paying for quality when buying your soap over someone else’s. 

It then goes one step further in ensuring that when people come into contact with the actual product. It lives up to the stakes made by design, whether in terms of efficacy or aesthetics! 

Top 3 Companies That Use Luxury Soap Packaging

With all this, let’s take a look at some examples in current use:

MALIN + GOETZ                  

MALIN+GOETZ is well known for its simple but elegant packaging designs. They sell products online and at regular retailers. So, getting the packaging right is important to their brand.

Their luxury soap packaging design is minimal but still elegant. The all-white container provides a blank canvas for a monochrome logo. However, the cut-out side panels give it a unique tactile element. All this makes it stand out from your regular soap.

While you can’t see here, if you have tried this soap, you have noticed that adding a pump dispenser helps add to its luxe feel!

Duke Cannon  

Another company is known for making male grooming products, Duke Cannon. It has opted for stylish branding with simple yet bold typography on its luxury bar soap. They communicate clearly what you are getting straight away. The blue color gives it an exciting twist.

The packaging design is simple yet bold, with stylish branding throughout. They have a masculine aesthetic with their black background and monochrome logo. However, this is offset by the striking red ribbon at the top of the bar – another tactile element.


This luxury soap packaging design takes things in a completely different direction from others. Cowshed decided to go with an equally minimalistic approach when designing its product. Yet, where other companies might fill every container, Cowshed leaves two sides entirely blank for some very subtle branding. The entire thing is wrapped in a simple black ribbon tied into a bow. The outcome? A luxury soap that looks perfect as part of any bathroom set! While taking up minimal space, it is still delivering on the brand promise!

Printing Features of Luxury Soap Packaging

The soap industry is not what it used to be. Like most, the industry has evolved into something more complex over the years. This is because brands continuously come up with new ideas and innovations to take their customers by surprise. 

Packaging & Graphics Design

Before you embark on designing Soap Boxes, be aware that your responsibility extends beyond simple graphic design. It also entails packaging design. The customers’ first point of contact is through the packaging design. This will be the only thing they see before they even consider buying your product. Thus, the package’s appearance should speak for itself to entice them enough to buy it. The overall visual impact can also project certain traits about your brand. It makes it distinct from other brands on market shelves today.

Typeface & Fonts

You are free to choose which typeface or font you want for your soap’s label provided. However, no legal circumstances prohibit its use (e.g., trademarked fonts! Most products would opt for a sans-serif typeface. They look modern and easy to read in smaller sizes. It allows the customer to quickly glance at the product to determine its benefits and price.


Your choice of colors for your soap should evoke a certain mood or feeling. It appears more attractive to customers. Colors are used as design elements and promote the product’s intended benefit. It gives off the impression that it will somehow solve their problems. For instance, green signifies nature while blue symbolizes cleanliness, associated with soaps. In short, color plays an important role in customer purchase decisions. Keep in mind that you can alter them during the printing process. Hence, choose the colors wisely before deciding on a particular printing company to produce your packaging designs. 

Price & Labels

No matter how unique your soap is, it is useless if no one buys it! Shoppers’ purchases are influenced mainly by price. This favors companies who set competitive prices for their products instead of higher rates since they can get cheaper versions elsewhere. Instead of putting up large labels on your packaging designs, put them at the back instead so that customers have to take a second look to see what is on the other side.


There should be a balance between the product and the brand when designing soap packaging. It must show off your product’s benefits without outweighing your logo. The latter needs to stand out for customers to remember it, and reach people outside of their target market who would also know about your company.  

Scanning Tips

Your soap label’s graphic elements should be arranged properly to warp sizes once scanned for digital editing purposes. If scanned at the wrong settings, it would change its overall dimensions. It may potentially affect customers’ viewing experience of key information such as price or barcode. Thus, always make sure that all of your designs are ready for digital input ahead of time by using a mockup generator or any other means you see fit.

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Final Note

To capture the attention of customers, it is essential that they first have a closer look at your Custom Soap Boxes without being required to touch them physically. This is where detailed graphics come into play because people these days judge books by their covers before even reading what’s inside. 

Fortunately, with affordable soap label samples, one can save themselves from making costly mistakes without sacrificing the quality of the product’s packaging. Since these edits are just minor revisions that do not affect how it will look once printed. Once everything checks out, rest assured that customers will be satisfied with what they get. Yet, they become loyal patrons of your brand for years to come.

When designing your luxury soap packaging, there are many factors to consider. It includes: 

  • Clear communication of key product features
  • Benefits of projecting an image of quality 
  • Style to be functional yet easy on the eye

With this guide, you should have a better idea of how to get started with your design for Luxury Soap Packaging. At the very least, it will offer you plenty of inspiration for future projects!

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