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What You Need To Know Before Buying Custom Pillow Boxes

Custom Pillow Boxes

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Custom Pillow Boxes are a great way to package your product if it’s small and lightweight. Alternatives such as poly bags, clamshells, or blister packs tend to be heavier and bulkier. They make them not very efficient for light weight products.

Pillow Packaging Benefits 

  • Lower shipping costs due to lighter product 
  • Reduced damage in transit due to soft packaging
  • Customized with your brand 
  • Increased perceived value by customers 
  • Can still see the product without opening the packaging
  • Fold-down closure keeps items secure during shipping
  • Custom printing, labeling, and embossing options available
  • No tooling fees (tools needed only once) 
  • Folding is done at any time before shipment (saving set-up costs) 
  • High speed automation possible (no die charges!)

Pillow Packaging Disadvantages

Pillow packaging can be done with any product. Yet, not every product lends itself well to this type of packaging. Pillow boxes won’t stack well. So more material will be used to ship the same amount. Not suitable for large products or heavy products or have sharp edges or corners. 

If there is a chance your product may shift during shipping, another option for packaging would be better.

Different Types Of Pillow Boxes Wholesale Available On The Market

Pillow Boxes Wholesale are used in most industries. They’re standard for food packaging used to put confectionery products in. They’re important because of their function and letting the consumer see the product.

There are two main types of pillow boxes:

Open Ends:

This type is most commonly used for honeycomb trays, usually wrapped in plastic to protect them when opening the pillows. The open end form gives the pillow box its name. It shows one closed side on each face of the pillow instead of two opposite open sides like normal boxes. 

This feature enhances product visibility. You can open it by pulling up both long flaps simultaneously. These pillows have a lot of space inside. They protect the product effectively.


They usually have two open sides on opposite faces of the box. They close by folding panels along scored lines, made with a press machine. Inside, they usually leave a space between the walls of the container and the folded flaps of paperboard. 

That’s why pillow boxes are often called “pillow packs.” This type is widely used for food packaging, where product visibility is essential. It allows consumers to see what is inside without opening it first.

When choosing pillow boxes, one must consider:

  • Material cost
  • Machining time
  • Printing processes
  • Assembling 

Pillow boxes are a good choice because it’s also easy to customize them by printing their surface.

How To Select The Printed Pillow Boxes For Your Product

Printed Pillow Boxes are among the popular packaging types. They are made to hug your product like a pillow would, hence the name. These boxes are fully recyclable and usually either recycled or reused when they reach the end of their life cycle.

So many products find themselves inside pillow boxes. That doesn’t mean every product is right for this type of box. How can you understand that your item is ready for life in a pillow box?

Consider Product Weight

Before choosing a pillow box design, consider how light or heavy the product’s weight will be. Very lightweight objects do not need reinforced stability to fit nicely in an envelope style box with no lid flaps at all. 

It is a good choice for small products because the box will fully enclose them and give them a more luxurious feel inside. It is best to choose a pillow box with flaps supporting all four sides for heavier objects. 

This type of construction is called ‘double wall’ or ‘four sides glued.’ These boxes are the most stable and the easiest to assemble without additional equipment like tape machines.

Consider Box Shape

Another consideration when choosing your product is how it fits into the cross-section of the pillow box shape. Shorter boxes work well for skinnier items. Taller designs feel better around larger products that need much cushioning. 

They already have protective features like plastic wrap or thick cardboard. Be aware that most pillow boxes are not very deep. It’s best to avoid over packaging your products if you can.

Consider Suitable Option

If your product is on the heavy side or taller than average, consider whether it will benefit from an open window in the design of your box. Open windows are usually located on four sides of a pillow box. 

They give customers a view of what’s inside without touching or damaging it before opening the package at home. Many companies choose to place their logo directly on the viewing panel. So, customers know exactly where their purchase came from when they see it peeking out at them while browsing in stores.

Consider Customization

When choosing a pillow box, how much customization you want for your product is the final thing to think about. Most customers prefer to have the packaging match the colors of their company logo or another branding. 

So, if that is what you’re going for, choose a design with a square flange on all four corners and a square center panel. These features give more options when printing your business information directly onto the box while it’s being made.

Tips For Ensuring Your Product Arrives At Its Destination In Perfect Condition

Preserving things, either for transport or for storage at home, is a common need that many people have. Packaging must be proper to the goods for preserving and protection from other elements. Otherwise, they damage the food during transport or storage. 

Pillow boxes are commonly used as an alternative to product safety. The concept behind this packaging is straight. It provides an easy open container with no extra materials required other than the box itself. 

Usual Sizes of Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are available in various sizes. However, you can request custom dimensions. The most common sizes include:

  • A 4-inch x 4-inch x 8.5-inch size for standard single servings of cheese or meat 
  • A 5-inch x 7-inch x 7 3/8-inch size for larger items
  • A 10.75″ l x 1.75″ w Inches version designed as an ideal shape for cookies or crackers

There is a wide range of box sizes to choose from for those looking to use pillow boxes as storage containers, depending on your needs.

Material for Customization

Pillow boxes are made with high recycled content. They are eco-friendly. You can dispose of them with regular garbage instead of requiring recycling pick up services. Not only does this make them economical for your business. It also makes them eco friendly. This is a vital factor when looking for packaging stuff.

What to Package Inside?

Pillow boxes are quite versatile in their uses as well. They can package anything from foodstuffs to apparel items like scarves or T-shirts. If you want to purchase pillow boxes but don’t yet have a clear idea of what you plan on using them for, there are many different options available.

Before deciding on any particular packaging option, you need to plan how to use the product. Once this part is figured out, selecting an appropriate packaging material becomes much easier.

Costs and Time Associated With Pillow Boxes Instead Of Other Packaging 

You can use a pillow box option instead of traditional boxes or other types of packages. It can hold products of various shapes and sizes while minimizing damage to the product during shipment. 

Pillow boxes are constructed with a flap on all four sides, making them open. When the top flap is folded back, the front side becomes visible for adding information about the product. It includes its brand name, price, or barcode. 

The bottom flap usually has additional space for storing small items that are included free with each purchase of the extra tie or device charger. 

Additionally, there is often enough room inside for customizing the interior packaging around smaller items in the product. A piece of cardboard can prevent items movement during shipment.

Why Choosing Pillow Boxes

However, the main reason why people choose to use custom pillow boxes over plain white boxes has nothing to do with functionality – it’s all about branding. Some companies use plain paper envelopes for every product they send out to cut costs. This is a grave mistake! 

If your customers could get a similar item from someone else at half the price just by looking different, then you have no one to blame but yourself for under-pricing your products. This will likely result in lost sales and fewer referrals.

The great thing about pillow packaging boxes is that there are many ways to add your unique touch without going overboard. You can use 

  • An attractive font
  • A unique color combination
  • A short message on the side flap

For example, you can include a small card with a discount code for your prospective customer to apply at checkout next time they are shopping online.

You cannot lose anything with custom pillow boxes. If you order them from an established company, it’s very easy to get free samples before you start buying in bulk. It makes sense to get printed samples. 

Do You Need Custom Pillow Boxes?

Personalizing your product packaging is an added value that will pay off in the long run for your company. There’s no way to leave this chance. Now, you need your product with a little extra pizzazz. 

It is a way to show it as unique, special, and perfect as the person you’re buying it for. This is where custom printed boxes come in. A custom box can finish off a product, giving it that extra oomph and helping it stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you want boxes with vibrant colors, matt finishes, or even ones that fit unusual shapes, there’s no limit to the options available to you. But what about to do, if you don’t have enough time to design yourself? Or what if you don’t have the desire or skills required? 

That’s where Instant Custom Boxes come in. We provide high-quality Custom Printed Pillow Boxes and boxes of all shapes and sizes, complete with your branding or logo.

Want a vibrant blue box to make your product stand out on the supermarket shelf? We can do that. Need a purple crinkle paper finish that looks professional but also ensures your product is protected from damage during transit? You are lucky – we can design just what you wish.

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