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Cookie Packaging Ideas – How Your Packaging Should Be?

Cookie Packaging Ideas

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There is not a single cookie in the market sold without product packaging. If there is, perhaps not all customers would look at it. When it comes to getting your cookies sold highly, why do you need to be creative and unique in your cookie packaging ideas? And how should your packaging be to attract those customers?

Cookies and the Cookie Packaging

Mmmm… cookies! Who doesn’t love to get a bite (or maybe two) of these heavenly taste treats? Cookies are, undoubtedly, loved by people of all ages and everywhere in the world. These treats can entice anyone, from the appetizing smell to the sweet flavor.

Yet, cookies can never be separated from the cookie packaging boxes that wrap them. Why? Many reasons for this.

  • Cookies prevent dust, heat, and other environmental harms by packaging.
  • It makes cookies look more appetizing
  • Custom packaging showcases the brand behind the tasty cookies
  • The packaging helps to deliver the cookies from one place to another
  • Your  packaging acts as the product advertisements
  • Enticing packaging encourages customers to purchase the cookies

After all, cookies are sensitive and lovely. Thus, they deserve defensive yet appealing packaging.

How Your Packaging Should Be?

Cute and convenient cookie packaging will be part of your items’ shopping experience. You can not deny that packaging is an important part of branding. Why? Because your product packaging is designed not only to have your unique brand theme. But it also ensures the safe shipping of your cookies. Furthermore, your packaging will be the one that impresses your potential customers.

Think about the difference between well-wrapped and decorated cookie packaging and simple brown paper packaging. Which would you prefer?

 In the basic case, your packaging should:

  • Appealing
  • Easy to use
  • Promotes your brand

We know that one of the most important focuses for any brand is to get the attention of potential customers. It may seem rewarding, but small things can make a huge difference. Your product packaging can effectively help you to get a competitive advantage. It can give your customers a bright insight into what your brand is and what makes you different from other cookie brands.

Cookie Packaging Ideas – Let’s Start Designing Your Packaging!

For many cookie brands, the creative production of their product packaging is essential. A wide range of options is available for the customization of your packaging boxes.

Most packaging boxes for cookies are made from cardboard material or corrugated material. At Instant Custom Boxes, it will be easy to customize them in your creative ways.

Investing in cookie packaging and including them in your branding strategy will definitely pay off. If you are a bakery owner looking for a cheap and effective way to increase your sales, then let’s start designing your packaging!

Apply Lively Artwork and Flamboyant Colors

You might have heard that colors have an influence on the way customers perceive an item. This is why you need to think creatively about how you can make your cookie packaging to be entrancing for your customers. A lively artwork combined with flamboyant colors can surely drive your customers’ interest.

You can discuss the color selections, images, and fonts with the graphic designers at Instant Custom Boxes. However, whatever design you would go for, make sure it should meet your product need. Also, ensure it should resonate with your brand. Don’t overdo anything.

Deliver Information Stylishly through Your Product Packaging

Customers of this era are more sensible which changed the buying behavior of the customers. They demand more information about the product they are trying to purchase. When it comes to selling sweet cookies, you need to provide the essential details to win the trust of your customers.

Many cookie brands provide more information about the ingredients of their cookies. Those brands are aware of what important details they need to present in their own style. For this reason, you will need to focus on the typography style of your cookie packaging. Many fonts you will find easily available today.

Of course, you can trust the experts at Instant Custom Boxes to create a whole new style. The stylish font and vibrant color combinations can introduce your rich style to your customers.

Apply Captivating Themes to Your Packaging

There are different types of captivating themes available for your product packaging. However, you need to make sure that the theme you select is the most suitable for your delightful cookies. It is also important to associate this theme with your brand logo.

What’s more, it will also be a great idea to associate it with the color of your cookies inside. You can also try out using a gradient scheme. This is a new trend in cookie packaging. Thus, you can eventually become a changemaker.

Amend the color scheme to be a perfect fit for events. It’s a good trick and you can consider it as an opportunity for your business. For instance, you can choose a Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, or New Year’s theme. In this regard, you need to be aware of the specific color combinations associated with these occasions.

Make Product Connection

Let’s talk about the best cookie packaging ideas. Your packaging needs to stand out from others. In this way, you will grab the attention of clients towards your product. Which will help customers in their buying decision. Connecting your product packaging with your cookies inside can help give your customers a lasting impression. Even better, this is also beneficial as many customers love to give cookies as gifts. This is an impressive way to improve the overall awareness of your brand as well.

You can use different types of graphics, colors, images, and so on to create a unique design. You can either choose window-cut display boxes to showcase your products or die-cut options to give any shape to your boxes. 

With it, you can emboss or deboss your logo and other details. You can select silver, gold, or copper foiling to highlight the message of your brand. Furthermore, protect your cookie packaging boxes with matter, Spot UV, glossy, semi-gloss, or many other options. By connecting your packaging with your items, you can increase the customers’ interest in your cookies.

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Link Your Cookie Packaging to Your Brand

Are you still unaware of how important branding is to your cookie brand? Cookie packaging helps to increase the value of your brand in the market.

Yet, many bakery brands are not paying attention to their bakery packaging boxes. Well, the truth is, by linking your product packaging with your brand, you can easily enjoy the benefits of branding. All you have to do is make sure the theme is related to the color of your items inside.

The usage of cookie images in your marketing campaigns is also beneficial for your brand. This effort can really impress and make their search process easy for those who want to buy exclusive cookie items.

Or else, why don’t you turn your packaging into interesting brand stories? You can use images and short texts in innovative ways to educate customers about your cookie brand. What are some cookie packaging ideas to tell your brand story?

cookie Packaging

You can tell how you got started, what was your idea, and what made your brand special. Then, you can start the continuation of your story. Make it attractive enough for your customers and use your cookie packaging for branding purposes.
Use Those Small Gifts and Personal Notes to Drive More Customers!

Without any doubt, if you wish to win customer loyalty, you need to connect with them. You can delight your beloved customers by adding small gifts such as biscuits and truffles to your product packaging. Another great idea is to print a ‘thank you’ card and slip it into your cookie packaging.

Unique and personalized notes on your product packaging will make it stand out. Small gestures are important. It will help you to boost your sales, generate more revenue and maintain the loyalty of your customers.

Promotional Offers Will Work Very Well

Different brands have come up with different tricks to reach more customers and increase their product sales. One of the best approaches to do this is to add a promotional offer for your beloved customers. It will surely please them while also shaping a strong connection with your brand. If you would just focus on packaging, you know that it is beneficial to announce promotional offers through your packaging.

This marketing effort can draw the attention of other potential customers who see your cookie packaging in the hands of existing customers. By doing this, you will be able to retain your existing customers at the same time. Because of this, they will feel their loyalty will be rewarded.

Adding the QR code on the packaging boxes will make them more interesting and appealing to your customers. You can offer different discounts to ensure they scan that code. In this way, you will drive your potential customers to your online market. Also, it will give you a chance to upsell different products and offers. Well…

Wrapping Up

No matter how excellent your cookies are, if your product packaging is poorly designed with low-quality materials, they will not get out off the shelf right away. Thus, think out of the box and go for new things with the cookie packaging ideas above. Believe it or not, it pays off for something different.

On the other hand, you still need to make sure your cookies are not completely different from your competitors. Creating cookie packaging boxes might be very easy.  However, it might take a lot of work to make it appeal to customers.  To help you out in this, Instant Custom Boxes are always ready to assist you. Give us a call!

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