How Does Chocolate Packaging Turn Into a Marketing Tool?

chocolate packaging

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Chocolate is sweet and delicious. Chocolate is best to satisfy the sweet tooth craving. People of all ages love to eat chocolate. But what about the chocolate packaging? Is it an elusive temporary thing like a lavish treat? Or is it more important than we ever think about?

Brands understand how important it is to present their chocolates in an enticing way. It also affects and boosts the sales of your chocolates. People perceive the quality of your product from its packaging. Thus, in order to ensure the higher sale of your chocolates, you need to focus on the packaging of your chocolates. What about the idea if you use your chocolate packaging as a marketing and advertising tool? Don’t you love to kill two birds with one stone?

Boost Your Sales with Custom Chocolate Box Packaging

Marketers understand how important it is to market your product to get high sales in a competitive market. That’s why they prefer custom chocolate boxes instead of generic packaging. 

How often have you bought things without need? It happens to all of us when we are mesmerized by the unique design of packaging, it triggers impulse buying. In the same way, people will love to buy your chocolates if your packaging will grab their attention.

Selection of material, design, typography, and color selection all play their role in the appearance of your packaging. Eventually, your packaging and its quality will let people perceive the taste and quality of your chocolates. In addition, it will help in their buying decision.

What Makes Custom Chocolate Boxes the Best Marketing Tool?

As you know, customization is the key to success. Wherever you go for personalized packaging for your product packaging always prefer:

  • To do market research
  • Evaluate your competitors
  • Do your SWOT analysis
  • Ensure the USP of your business
  • Know the platform your audience is using to reach you

After this seek the help of professionals to create a unique design. You can use design options like window-cut displays to showcase your chocolates and allure your customers. Or you can use the die-cut option to give an irregular and attractive shape to your chocolate boxes. It will enhance the beauty of their packaging boxes. Which will eventually hook the attention of your customers.  When your customer will find your packaging attractive they will become an ambassador of your chocolates without investment.

 Further, in order to utilize your packaging as a marketing tool add QR-code or Bar-code to your packaging. In this way, you will bring your targeted audience to your website and social accounts. It will help you to evaluate your marketing strategy, understand the needs of your customer, and give you the opportunity to upsell your products. At the same time, it will increase the trust of Google in your brand.

The Marketing Formula to Design Chocolate Packaging That Sells

chocolate packaging

Now, let’s take a closer look at marketing, as chocolate packaging can be used very effectively as a marketing tool. We will see the most commonly used AIDA formula for chocolate packaging. In this way, there are guides to refer to when designing the right packaging for your chocolates.

The formula outlines the four steps a prospect must take from first seeing a product to making a purchase. This AIDA formula can be described as:

  • A – The Attention
  • I –  The Interest
  • D – The Desire
  • A – The Action

Now let’s explore and see how this formula actually works.

Grab That Attention!

No matter how good your chocolates tasted, you can never get people to buy them without noticing the packaging box. This is why exactly the design of the chocolate box itself is important. In fact, the design of your product packaging is highly important in the context of competing with many brands. As they said, the sales start with eye contact.

If you take a quick look at your custom packaging, what is the most noticeable? What will those customers see from your chocolate packaging?

Role of size for your chocolate box packaging

The size of your chocolate boxes matters in order to gain the attention of your customers. Your packaging should be a perfect fit to hold chocolate while having a sophisticated outlook.

Colors affect the human psyche

Colors play the role in grabbing more ‘Attention’ as well. Accordingly, it totally depends on the customers that you are targeting. For example, if you target kid customers, you could go for bright color combinations. Yet, adult customers might not like bright colors. Then, the ‘Attention’ will shift to ‘Interest’.

Does design matter in packaging?

No doubt, the design of your packaging matters a lot. If you choose packaging that will be difficult to open, those customers might hesitate to get your chocolates. This influences the ‘Desires’ that how your customer wants your chocolate.

Print the Message of your Brand on the Packaging

A personal connection should be established. By having your brand message on the packaging, you can turn those potential customers’ interests and desires to get your chocolates into the desire to purchase (‘Action’).

Emotional Resonation in Packaging to Increase Chocolate Sales

As a brand owner, you need to always think about what your customers care about at an emotional level. Then, consider how you can convey that message to your product packaging so that they can quickly connect to your products.  

When you design the packaging for your chocolate, keep in mind that your main goal is to convert the attention of your customers to take action. If you can do that, you won’t have to wait long for the purchase to happen.

Why is it so important to have high-quality chocolate packaging?

Do you think people just love chocolate, no matter how the packaging is? An instinctual answer to this question is NO. Remember beauty no more lies in the eyes of the beholder. If people find your packaging beautiful they will think to buy from you. Otherwise, they will pursue their search for other brands.

As you can see, our brain associates beautiful packaging with high-quality products. And people love to get and use high-quality products. High-quality chocolate packaging builds brand authority. Then, the brand authority will lead to sales. So you can see where everything starts.

Also, customized chocolate boxes don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful and desirable. With Instant Custom Boxes, you can find fair prices and have complete control over the design process from start to finish.

Which Design Suits Chocolate Packaging?

chocolate packaging

So, now that we understand how chocolate packaging turns into a marketing tool, don’t you want to get the right packaging for your chocolates? But which design suits you when it comes to packing your chocolates perfectly? Let’s discuss it.

  • Minimalist Design Is Still On the Hype

Minimalism plays a major role in the packaging design of sweets and confectionaries. The goal of a minimalist packaging design is to keep the focus completely on the product inside. The design’s simplicity shows that there’s nothing to hide behind a lot of graphics. 

Chocolate Packaging boxes Design

Of course, chocolate packaging should never be boring in front of customers’ eyes. If you want to take your design to the next level, consider adding colorful elements to your minimalist look.

  • Luxurious Metallic Gold Design

The embossed metallic gold emblem will add a touch of luxury to your chocolates. Even better, this will be especially effective when used in custom chocolate boxes. Metallic gold goes well with a minimalist, modern packaging design with streamlined shapes. You can also add simple text and pop colors.

Custom Chocolate boxes metallic design

  • Vintage Retro Design

Vintage retro is another trend in packaging design that is being adopted by more brands. Well, those chocolate brands are no exception at all in this regard. When you apply this design to your packaging, those customers can return to the simple era when chocolates were a treat. This way, your customers will feel more value for the money they used to make a purchase.  

Chocolate boxes design Vintage-Retro-Design

  • Organic design for your chocolate packaging

We all are trying to get a healthier diet. Thus, incorporating organic produce into your diet will be the best way to go. Using cardboard as your packaging material can really be a good start. You can take your chocolate packaging to the next level and add modern elements. This will give it a hype modern feel.

Chocolate boxes organic designs

In simple words, if we are talking about the design, you have no restrictions here. In fact, the options are so multiple that it can be difficult to determine the optimal design. However, the professional design team in Instant Custom Boxes can help.

What about the Chocolate Packaging Style?

Now let’s discuss the packaging style. There are various options of box styles you can choose from. However, to represent your chocolates at their best, you need a unique one. So, let’s explore some of the unique styles of packaging you can choose.

Two-piece box  

This style is perfect for pralines, chocolate truffles, and toffees. The two-piece box comes with a base (shell) and a lid. Even better, you can customize the box as how you need it to be. For instance, you can get a super strong double-wall box as the lid comes on top of the tray.

Two Piece Chocolate boxes

Tuck top box

Also known as the one-piece box style, this box comes with a top panel that opens for easy access. Then, you can push it to the top of the box to close it.

tuck top Chocolate boxes

Pillow box style

This pillow box style has been famous in chocolate packaging. The unique shape of the box makes it to be the best option when it comes to displaying chocolates.

Pillow Chocolate boxes

Pyramid box style

Yes, this box comes in a pyramid shape. The distinctive appearance of this box will highlight your chocolates amongst thousands of others on the shelves.

Pyramid box style Chocolate boxes

Window box style

How about enticing your customers with your mouthwatering chocolates? A beautiful window on this box will give a lovely sneak peek that makes them want to get your chocolates as soon as possible!

Window style Chocolate boxes

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We will be your best packaging partner if you are looking for the best, high-quality custom chocolate boxes. No matter your packaging needs, we want to be part of your journey. With us, you will get the chance to design the boxes you have dreamed of.

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