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Have you ever paid attention when opening the pack of your cigarettes? Have you ever thought about how many cigarettes there are in a pack? Does the number of cigarettes packed in a pack mean something? Or are there any regulations that govern how many cigarettes we need to place in a pack? Well, if you are a brand owner who wishes to know more about how many cigarettes are in a pack and market your cigarettes properly, you will love to read a detailed guide below!

How Many Cigarettes Are in a Pack? Know the Basics

In general, the number of cigarettes in a pack basically depends on a couple of essential factors. However, mostly, the basic number of cigarettes in a pack you can find will be 20 cigarettes. On the other hand, the number of cigarettes in cigarette packaging varies in different countries.

Yes, in countries besides the United States, you might be able to find other numbers of cigs in a pack. For example, if you are living in Canada, you will find out an average pack comes with 25 cigarettes max. However, speaking of how many cigs in a box in Australia, you will find some packs of 26 or 30 cigarettes. Or else, if you are wondering about how many cigarettes are in a pack of Marlboro, you will find 20 cigarettes inside.

What Makes These Differences?

Well, the pack size is actually determined by government agencies. Yes, these agencies are accountable for setting a minimum and a maximum number of cigarettes per pack. For example, those living in the United States can find a pack of cigarettes that contains fewer than 20 cigarettes, which is the average. On the contrary, for other countries, the exact number varies. But one thing you should note here is that the minimum and maximum are still moderated. Why?

The main reason for this has to do with tobacco sales. In addition, there are certain rules regarding the quantity of tobacco you can sell.

What’s more, some brands might offer some special packs with a larger number of cigarettes. Usually, these packs aim to attract those heavy smokers or those who buy in bulk. Eventually, these packs, famous as “value packs” or “a carton of cigarettes,” can contain somewhere between 25 to 30 cigarettes or even more. The best thing is that these larger packs can be more cost-effective for frequent smokers. Moreover, these packs are a popular choice among certain demographics.

Explore the History of Cigarette Box and Packaging

Without you realizing it, the blank cigarette boxes that we know today have a long history. Yes, their origins date back to the 19th century. So, to be noted, before there was invention of cigarette packs, cigarette brands at that time usually sold their cigarettes in bulk. Yes, this means that they would’ve wrapped the cigarettes in materials like paper or tin foil.

Later on, one of the earliest forms of packaging for cigarettes started, which was known as the cigarette card. Well, these cigarette cards were actually placed inside packs of cigarettes. In addition, we would find some features on the packs, like various images of celebrities to sports figures. For sure, these types of images made this cigarette card a popular collectible item in those days. In fact, so many collectors would purchase them, only to collect these cards with celebrity images on them.

Throughout the time, along with the popularity of cigarettes, there was a demand for a convenient way to package and carry those cigarettes. Responding to this, in the early 20th century, some cigarette brands started introducing types of packaging materials. Even better, they also became more creative in designing their packaging as well.

The Origin of the First Commercial Cigarette Packs

Right in 1915, the American Tobacco Company was the one that introduced the first commercial cigarette packs. The packs were made of cardboard. Plus, it came with the feature of a flip-top lid. With this layout, these packs allowed for easy access to the cigarettes inside. Hence, as we all can predict, this design has become widely popular. In fact, it is still preferred and seen in many cigarette packs today.

Along with the innovation, the designs for cigarette packaging have evolved at a rapid pace. Well, the main aim here is to accommodate various branding and marketing strategies for many cigarette brands, of course. 

However, the most important things to display on cigarette packs are health warnings and other regulatory information. As we can see, many countries require this type of display for cigarette packaging. In general, the warnings on the packs serve as a reminder for smokers about the potential health risks they can get from smoking. Most importantly, these warnings also serve as part of ongoing efforts to discourage smoking.

In simple words, we must say that cigarette packs come with a rich history. Thus, it is no wonder that they have played a significant role in the marketing and consumption of cigarettes. For sure, the designs will keep on changing. After all, cigarette brands have to follow consumer preferences and societal attitudes towards smoking.

Different Types of Cigarette Packs We Know Now


As for today, we can see some different types of cigarette packs available in the market. Accordingly, both their design and size might vary depending on the cigarette brand and country. However, if we are speaking of cigarette pack specifications, there are some popular types available.

Check out below for some of the modern types of cigarette packs!

Hard Pack Vs Soft Pack; Know the Differences!

  • Soft cigarette pack

A soft pack also more famous as a soft pack box, is a type of packaging made of thin paper or cardboard. This cigarette pack is flexible. Better yet, you can easily fold and squeeze it. Mostly, brands use these soft packs to display premium or specialty cigarettes. Of course, this cigarette box price is more expensive than other types of packs.

How many cigarettes are in one packet?

Soft packs will usually contain 20 premium cigarettes inside them.

  • Hard cigarette pack

People know a hard cigarette pack as a crush-proof box. Usually, this packaging is made of rigid cardboard or plastic. As you can imagine, it provides more protection than cigarettes. In addition, it is less likely to get crushed or damaged. Yes, hard packs are mostly ideal for regular or economy cigarettes. Plus, these packs are often cheaper than those soft cigarette packs. So, how many cigarettes per pack?

You will also get 20 cigarettes inside this pack.

Flip Top Pack

A flip-top pack or a hinged lid pack, is a cigarette packaging that comes with a hinged lid. Accordingly, these flips can open and close securely. The flip-top design is perfect to keep the cigarettes fresh inside. Even better, it also prevents them from falling out.

Flip-top packs are quite popular for both premium and regular cigarettes. The same as other options, these packs usually contain 20 cigarettes. For bulk purchases, usually, you can get a cigarette package for short that contains 10 packs of cigarettes. Yes, this means that you will get 200 cigarettes in total!

Cigarette Box Pack

You might have seen a box pack also popular as a slide pack. This is a type of cigarette packaging that slides open to reveal the cigarettes inside. Typically, this packaging is a favorite of smokers. Why? 

Because it comes with a sleek and modern design. Moreover, these packs can be ideal when it comes to displaying premium cigarettes. Usually, you can expect to get 20 or more cigarettes in this box pack.

Decorative Cigarette Pack

As the name suggests, this one is a type of cigarette packaging that comes with a visually appealing presentation. For example, the pack can feature colorful patterns, unique artwork, or special finishing options. 

Thus, it is not surprising that these decorative cigarette packs are preferable for limited edition or collectible cigarettes. Plus, this is also the main reason why you might find a smaller number of cigarettes in these packs around 10 or 5 cigarettes.

If you are wondering which one to choose from the options above, you must also note that cigarette packaging regulations may vary in different countries. This means that the availability and design of these types of packs may differ depending on the region. To start designing your cigarette packaging, you can work with professional suppliers like Instant Custom Boxes.

How to Decide the Price of Cigarettes in Cigarette Packaging?


As a cigarette brand, you surely want to get profits, even in this competitively dynamic market, right? 

Well if you do so, you will need to consider some essential points here.

Here are some points to consider when deciding the price of your cigarettes!

The Cost of Producing or Buying Cigarettes

What things are included in the cost you should calculate?

  • The raw materials for producing your cigarettes
  • Labor costs you need to make your cigarettes
  • The packaging cost
  • The shipping cost 
  • Other expenses

Know the Market Demand for Your Cigarettes

To be noted, the market demand for your cigarettes also depends on some factors, such as:

  • Your cigarettes’ quality and taste
  • Availability of your cigarettes in the market
  • The customers’ preferences, income, and habits 
  • Your brand reputation

Other Competitors in the Market

For sure, you cannot ignore the competition you face with other cigarette sellers in the market. Some sellers might offer similar cigarette products at lower prices. On the other hand, other cigarette brands might sell their cigarettes at higher prices in the market. Eventually, these two points will influence the market share and profit margin you can expect to get.

Government Taxes

The government taxes on cigarette products, we know that the taxes might vary. It will depend on the type, quantity, and price of the cigarettes. However, definitely, you know that the taxes for cigarettes are quite high.

But what exactly makes the taxes on cigarette products to be high?

Well, there are some reasons for this!

  • To discourage smoking

Governments consider smoking as a demerit good. This means that most customers will not care about the costs of smoking. So, by increasing the price of cigarettes through taxes, the government is trying to make smokers pay the true social cost of their habit. Most importantly, this is the way to encourage them to quit or, at least, reduce their consumption.

  • To raise the government’s revenue and fund public services

Do you know that high cigarette taxes increase government revenues?

Well, it does!

So, here is the scoop; since tobacco is addictive, the demand is inelastic. This also means that as the price goes up, demand falls less than the price rise. As a result, the tax revenues will increase. In the end, the government can use this revenue to spend money. Yes, they can spend the money on other public services like education or health care.

Understand the Legal and Ethical Implications

Without any doubt, there are some legal and ethical implications of selling cigarettes you need to understand. But why do you need to understand? 

Well, this will also affect your reputation, liability, and social responsibility. How?

Note all the points below!

  • Your cigarette packaging
  • How do you label your packaging
  • The advertisement of your cigarette products
  • Your distribution process

In addition, you know that you also have to consider the health and environmental impacts. Yes, it means the impacts made by your cigarettes on your customers and society.

So, after considering all the essential factors above, you need to set a price that will:

  • Cover up all your costs
  • Attract and retain your customers
  • Beat your competitors
  • Pay your taxes
  • Meet your legal and ethical obligations
  • Maximize your market profits

However, do note here that there is no simple formula or rule for deciding the right price for your cigarettes.

Well then, you might have to experiment with different pricing strategies and methods, including:

  • Value-based pricing
  • Cost-plus pricing
  • Penetration pricing
  • Skimming pricing
  • Psychological pricing

Of course, you should also monitor their effects on your sales volume and revenue. Most importantly, you should remember that you must adjust your price according to changes in market conditions and customer behavior.

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it – a detailed guide about how many cigarettes are in a pack and market your cigarettes properly. Hopefully, this guide will help you decide the price and market your cigarette products properly.

Have a great day ahead!


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