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Pizzas, who doesn’t love to have them; be it at a friend’s gathering or enjoying your time alone? Yes, we all have made pizzas as our favorite meals. However, some people would take a look at the product presentation before deciding to grab pizzas. If you are a pizza brand, this means that you need to display your pizzas attractively in their packaging. Well, this is why you need to stay updated with the market trends. So, to help you grab more attention, let’s check out the packaging trends in the pizza industry!

Popular Trends to Try for Pizza Packaging Boxes

Well then, what are the top trends you should know in pizza packaging?


Check out the top trends that are surely worth trying below!

Emotional Engagement Packaging

This packaging focuses on appealing to the emotions of customers, such as nostalgia, humor, or surprise. For example, you can apply vintage-inspired designs, funny slogans, or hidden messages on your packaging.

Personalization is the Key to Grab Customers

Well, we must say that this is one of the best pizza packaging trends. So, basically, here, you allow your customers to personalize their pizzas along with the boxes they want.

For example, you can let them choose the pizza toppings, size, and shape. For a better experience, you can provide boxes with perforated sections that customers can use as plates. By designing your packaging this way, those customers will surely love to get their favorite pizzas from you!

Digital Integration in Pizza Boxes

Get creative by including digital integration in printed pizza boxes. The digital integration we are talking about here is smart devices, sensors, or QR codes. With all these features, you can easily interact with those customers and enhance their experience.

Gradient Colors

Applying some gradient colors to your packaging will create a visual effect. Even better, you can get innovative pizza box designs by representing the heat level or flavor of your pizza.

Smart Packaging for Pizzerias

In simple words, this packaging type uses advanced pizza box materials or technologies. What are they for?

Well, this packaging will help you monitor the quality, freshness, or safety of your pizza inside.

For instance, you can add some innovative indicators on the packaging that change color when your pizza is hot or cold.

Better Portability

Another trend in pizza packaging is portable packaging. As you imagine, your packaging should be easier to carry, transport, and store your pizzas. For this, you can try getting packaging with handles, dividers, or even foldable features.

Artisanal Pizza Box Trends? What Are They?

You must have heard about artisanal pizza, right? Basically, it is a trend of making pizza from original pizza recipes and classic methods. So, if we are talking about artisanal boxes, we know that it’s about designing the boxes that reflect the craftsmanship of your pizza inside.


How to do this?

  • Create artful packaging that tells your brand story

You can use creative and visually appealing designs for your pizza packaging. Remember that the design should tell your brand story and message. To do this, you can draw collages about the pizza’s ingredients, the origin, or the personality of your brand.

  • Funny stories

Write down some relevant and funny stories or slogans to connect with young customers. For example, you can write some jokes on your pizza packaging. Without you realizing it, this will help you to appeal more to a broader target audience.

  • Eco-friendly pizza box materials

As the regulations require, your packaging should use sustainable and biodegradable materials. Well, after all, we know that sustainable pizza packaging aims to reduce the environmental impact, which comes mostly from pizza delivery. So, try producing your pizza packaging from recyclable cardboard or paper.

Pizza Packaging – What Is the Best Material to Choose?

Pizza packaging today acts more than a simple box that packs your pizza inside, More than that, it also keeps your pizzas warm during transit.

Mostly, pizzerias and restaurants use pizza packaging made of cardboard to pack and deliver their pizzas. The reason is that this material will be highly durable to protect your delicious pizzas all through the delivery journey. Even better, cardboard will keep your delightful pizzas inside fresh and warm until they reach those customers’ hands.

Psychology of Pizza Box Design – What Is It?

Now, before you start designing luxury pizza packaging or choosing from custom pizza box shapes, let’s talk about the psychology of pizza box design.

What is it?

In brief, the appearance, shape, color, and material of pizza boxes influence the perception and satisfaction of customers!

Well, one thing you should note is that your packaging design can affect various aspects.

Customer Engagement

Have you ever thought that the features and messages you display on your packaging matter a lot?

Well, no doubt, they do!

In fact, all these design elements can help you engage with your beloved customers. How?

You should consider including emerging technologies in pizza packaging like QR codes. Then, link the codes to a special discount customers can get from your website. This will, in return, create a positive impression on those customers who are not even familiar with your pizzeria.

Brand Awareness

Your brand’s logo, slogan, and style of the boxes are all essential can communicate the personality and values of your brand. This means that a consistent packaging design will help you increase brand awareness.

Taste and Appetite of Customers

Without you realizing it, the color and images you printed on your packaging can stimulate the appetite and taste of customers. In addition, the images of your pizza can enhance the customers’ enjoyment.

Know the Regulatory Compliance in Pizza Packaging

Definitely, you should not ignore regulatory compliance when designing your pizza packaging. Of course, this regulatory compliance can be a very complex and important topic. However, it will affect the safety, quality, and sustainability of your delightful pizzas.

Do note that different countries will surely have different laws and regulations. In general, the rules are there, meant to govern the use, design, and disposal of your packaging materials.

To understand better, have a look at the key aspects of regulatory compliance you should note below!

Safe Food Contact

First of all, the packaging materials you choose for your personalized pizza packaging boxes must be safe, in any case. Moreover, they should be suitable for contact with your pizza inside. Most importantly, the packaging materials should not contaminate your delicious pizza.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

All pizza packaging suppliers must be responsible for the environmental impact of their packaging. In addition, packaging materials should meet recycling targets according to the applicable EPR laws and regulations.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The rules say that all packaging materials for pizza packaging must come from sustainable materials. Yes, this simply means that the materials you use should reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the materials for your pizza packaging must also be recyclable, reusable, or even compostable.

Well, we can see that there are many pizzerias that have been taking action to ensure that their pizza boxes are recyclable and sustainable. This is what we call contributing to the planet while shaping a reliable brand image!

Build Customer Confidence

Your pizza packaging should be able to build customer confidence to choose your pizzas over other competitors. What does it mean?

It simply means that your packaging should meet customers’ expectations and preferences. In addition, they should make it easier for retailers or online marketplaces as well.

In this context, your packaging should communicate the detailed information about your pizza, such as:

  • Origin of your pizza
  • The list of ingredients
  • The expiration date
  • Some recycling instructions

Don’t forget that you can deliver interactive pizza box experiences with the QR codes.

Final Ideas

Well there you have it – the trends, regulations, and essential things you should note before designing your pizza packaging. If you have no idea about designing the right packaging, you don’t need to worry either. In fact, you can do some collaborations in packaging innovation. How?

You can work together with professional designers to design your packaging. If you are into a hassle-free option, you can work with reputable packaging suppliers like Instant Custom Boxes to design your pizza packaging today!

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