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Today, we can see that the modern packaging industry offers various packaging styles. Well, tuck top boxes are included in the popular choices. In fact, many businesses choose these boxes for some compelling and good reasons. Apparently, tuck-top boxes offer various benefits that every single business wants to get. Let’s have a look at the top benefits of using custom tuck top boxes here!

Tuck Top Boxes – What Are They?

Before we dive into the top benefits of using the boxes, let’s know more about them!

The Materials to Create

Mostly, tuck-top boxes are made of paperboard, kraft, or cardboard packaging material. However, in the case of some heavy products, corrugated fiberboard is the best option.

What Does a Tuck Top Box Look Like?

In brief, a tuck top box is a highly durable box type thanks to its double side walls. Speaking of its shape, you will find the box to look similar to a mailer box. So, the layout comes with a double wall with one opening to the top. In addition, there are two closing flaps that fold into the bottom of the box with a friction lock.

The Top Benefits of Using Tuck Top Boxes

So, now let’s get to the main point, why choose these boxes? What are the benefits of using tuck-top boxes?


Check out the top benefits businesses can get by using these boxes below!

Highly Customizable

Yes, many brands from different industries go with custom tuck boxes because they are highly customizable. Better yet, brands can easily print their designs, colors, and branding elements, directly on the boxes.

The Most Durable Product Protection

Without any doubt, these innovative boxes are highly durable to protect your products. With these boxes, your products will remain good during handling and shipping.


Despite being popular options, tuck style boxes are cost-effective and economical. Why? Because the boxes require fewer materials in their production stage. Even better, your customers can reuse and recycle the boxes easily.

The Best Way to Elevate Your Product Presentation

Tuck top boxes are ideal for displaying products attractively and brand information exclusively. Be it on retail shelves or online, these boxes will elevate your product presentation. Even better, these boxes will also work very well in creating a positive first impression to grab more customers.

Tuck Boxes Are Easy to Assemble

Yes, these boxes are very easy to assemble. In addition, customers can open the box from both ends. Definitely, this feature makes the boxes convenient for packaging and unpacking any product.

Various Styles of Tuck Top Boxes

To meet the specific requirements of businesses, many packaging suppliers now offer custom tuck-top boxes in various styles.


Here are some styles you will find!

Reverse Tuck Box

What are reverse tuck end boxes?

As the name suggests, reverse tuck end boxes box come with a top and bottom flap layout that tucks into the box from opposite directions. Thus, it will be super easy for you to assemble it and for customers to open the box. Some businesses use this style for packaging small items, such as cosmetics, candy, or gifts.

Straight Tuck Box

A straight tuck box comes with a top and bottom flap structure that tucks into the box from the same side. Same as the reverse tuck style, this box is very easy to assemble. Also, this style is an ideal option for packaging small or lightweight products, such as candies.

Snap Lock Bottom Box

The Snap lock bottom box comes with a bottom flap. Then, you can snap the bottom flap into place and close the box. Perhaps you know this box as a 1-2-3 bottom box as it takes three steps to fold and assemble it. Accordingly, this box style is perfect for packaging some heavy-weight products.

Let’s Know the Different Types of Tuck Boxes

Definitely, you need to get the most suitable one, according to your products. So, let’s find out the different types of tuck top boxes!

  • Tuck box packaging for apparel packaging

Many apparel brands prefer tuck box packaging to present shirts, clothing, or accessories. Mostly, the styles of tuck top boxes those apparel brands choose are reverse tuck end and straight tuck boxes.

  • Tuck boxes for subscription boxes

Today, subscription boxes are a popular way of delivering products or services to customers regularly. By offering these subscription boxes, you can build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and generate recurring revenue. The best styles of tuck style boxes you can use for subscription boxes are straight tuck and reverse tuck end boxes.

  • Tuck-style boxes for product safety

If you wish to protect your products in storing and displaying processes, tuck-style boxes are perfect.

  • Holiday packaging with Custom tuck gift boxes

If you wish to deliver enchanting holiday gifts for Christmas, New Year, or other holidays, tuck-top gift boxes are ideal. Yes, you can easily pack some candies, chocolates, or even beautiful cosmetics as gifts in these boxes.

Which Industries Use Tuck Top Boxes?

No doubt, thanks to their innovative layout and easy assembling features, many industries have been relying on tuck-top boxes.

Let’s have a look at some industries that prefer to use custom tuck-top boxes!

  • E-commerce

Many e-commerce businesses use custom tuck-top boxes for shipping their products safely. Even better, these boxes will attractively ship their products directly to their beloved customers.

  • Retail businesses

Speaking of tuck-top boxes for the retail business, you will see many brands use them in retail stores. For example, you will see some products like candies, sweets, and gifts displayed in these boxes amazingly.

  • Tuck top boxes as sustainable packaging solutions

Another great reason that makes many businesses choose tuck-top boxes is that they are very sustainable. So, the materials used to produce these boxes are 100% recyclable and reusable. In simple words, these boxes are the most popular sustainable packaging solutions any brand should choose.

Where Can You Buy Tuck Top Boxes?

Well then, considering all the benefits you can get, it is, indeed, the right time to choose tuck-style boxes. If you want to buy high-quality tuck-top boxes, you get them from reputable packaging suppliers, such as Instant Custom Boxes.

Have a great day ahead!

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