How To Mail A Bubble Mailer?


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In today’s competitive world, it has become necessary for every business to ensure the efficient shipping of products. Bubble mailers have become the top packaging solution when you ship different products from your store to customers’ doorsteps. These are the most protective and convenient solutions for different types of businesses.

It is crucial to remember that you have to leave a first impression effectively on your customers to retain them. You can consider the custom bubble mailer boxes that have become a seamless source of marketing for businesses. These mailers offer magnificent protection to your products when safety is the main concern for your brand.

Understanding Bubble Mailers

When you are in a business where you are shipping products regularly, it is important to understand the role of mailer boxes. These mailers are available in different styles and sizes to meet your business requirements. The demand for mailers has increased because they cost less than other packaging for shipping purposes.


There are various sizes and styles for bubble mailers. The different types of custom mailer boxes allow your business to choose the suitable shipping solution for your business. You can get custom bubble mailers that fulfill your business needs perfectly. Metallic, self-sealing, and padded bubble mailers are the most common types of mailers.


  • Lightweight bubble mailers than traditional cardboard boxes to reduce the total shipping costs.
  • The bubble wrap offers protective cushioning to protect your products from damage during the transportation process.
  • These are versatile solutions that have become suitable options for shipping different products, such as electronics and jewelry.
  • There is no need for additional tape due to the presence of a self-sealing strip that ensures convenience.
  • These are cost-effective bubble mailers that become the most economical choice for different businesses.
  • Bubble mailers are optimal options because they take up less space for storage and transportation than different shipping boxes.
  • The presence of recyclable material ensures that bubble mailers are eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Suitability For Different Items

Bubble mailers have become the most suitable option for a wide range of lightweight and flat items. These packaging options, such as flat mailers, protect the different products from different types of damage, such as scratches and bends. Therefore, you can easily use these bubble mailers for different items such as electronic accessories, CDs, photographs, and documents.

Selecting The Right Bubble Mailer

When selecting the perfect custom-printed mailer boxes for packaging your products, you need to consider different factors, such as closure type, padding thickness, and size. It means you need to choose a mailer that offers adequate protection for your product. Moreover, a bubble mailer will also occupy minimal space to reduce the shipping costs for your products.

How To Ship A Bubble Mailer?


To boost customer satisfaction, you must follow a step-by-step process to ship a bubble mailer.

  1. Place the items inside the bubble mailer securely to avoid damage during transportation.
  2. Seal the package with the protective strip for a self-sealing bubble mailer and packing taper for the traditional bubble mailer box.
  3. Attach the shipping bale to include the different details such as the recipient’s address and return address.
  4. Check the additional requirements, such as declaring the content inside the package when delivering internationally.
  5. Schedule pickup or drop off your bubble mailer after sealing and labeling it.
  6. Track your shipment to provide the customers with the delivery date and status after sending the bubble mailer to the destination.
  7. Confirm the delivery when your mailer box has reached the destination.

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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Bubble Mailer?

The cost to ship a bubble mailer depends upon the size and weight, shipping destination, shipping carrier, and additional service. Therefore, you must properly weigh the packaging and consider the accurate size to minimize the shipping costs. Moreover, far-away destinations will incur more charges than nearby destinations.

Shipping Boxes VS. Mailers Boxes

Shipping boxes are indeed the optimal packaging solutions for fragile and large items, whereas mailers, such as kraft stay-flat mailers, are the cost-effective solutions for non-fragile and smaller items. This means you need to choose the perfect packaging solution for your brand depending on the nature and weight of the products. Moreover, you can also read a blog about Mailer Boxes vs Shipping Boxes-Which One Is Best for Your Business?

When To Use A Bubble Mailer?

You need to use versatile packaging solutions such as branded mailer boxes when you are looking for:

  • Shipment of lightweight items
  • Protection of fragile and non-fragile items
  • Savage on shipment costs
  • Convenience for packaging items
  • Eco-friendly shipping process

Cost of Mailing a Bubble Mailer

  • Cost of the Bubble Mailer: The price of a bubble mailer is different depending on the quantity, style, and size.
  • Bubble Mailer Shipping Rates: Factors such as dimensions, weight, destination, and delivery speed decide the shipping rates.

Benefits of Shipping in a Bubble Mailer

  • Affordable shipping solutions for small items.
  • Minimal shipping costs are due to the lightweight design.
  • Presence of cushioning for protection against the damages during transportation.
  • Convenient packaging solutions with the easiest sealing, labeling, and transportation features.

Tips for Shipping Bubble Mailers

  • Select the perfect padding thickness and size for your products.
  • Always utilize the additional inserts or padding for the most fragile times.
  • Use the insured or tracked shipping for the most valuable products.
  • Always label accurately and clearly for on-time delivery.


How Do Bubble Mailers Protect Shipped Items?

Answer: Yes, bubble mailers always protect the shipped items to enhance the user experience.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Selecting The Right Bubble Mailer?

Answer: When selecting the right bubble mailer, you should consider the size, padding thickness, and closure type.

What Is The Recommended Process For Sealing And Labeling Bubble Mailers?

Answer: You must use adhesive tape or strip for sealing, whereas labeling should be clear for on-time delivery.

Are There Cost-Saving Strategies When Using USPS Shipping Services For Bubble Mailers?

Answer: You must use the flat rate shipping when using the USPS shipping service for your bubble mailers.

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