Top 10+ Ideas to Design Attractive Packaging for Products!

Top 10+ Ideas to Design Attractive Packaging for Products!

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Exclusive products can be the best-sellers that many customers want and need. Accordingly, many brands (new or famous) have participated in the market competition. Therefore, if you are striving to win the fierce competition in the market, you need to showcase excellent quality products. In this context, you need to have attractive packaging for products. Any ideas for designing it? Below are the top 10+ ideas to design attractive packaging that help you boost your sales!

Let’s Know More about the Importance of Packaging for Personal Care Products!

Let’s Know More about the Importance of Packaging for Personal Care Products!

Without any doubt, your product packaging will be the main point a customer will see before viewing your products. Speaking of personal products, product packaging plays an important role. How?
If your packaging for personal care products can get the customers’ attention, they will take your products home. If not? Sorry to say, but your personal products will only collect dust on the retail shelves.
In addition, your product packaging will be the face of your brand. It will represent your brand – good or bad. Thus, it all depends on how you would design it.

Get to Know Your Market Customers First!

Before you even design any type of packaging, you first need to know the customers in the specific market. Before jumping into the idea of ​​designing packaging for personal products, ask the following questions!

  • Do you know who the customers you are targeting are?
  • Would you like to appeal to teenage girls or career women?
  • What do you think that they expect to get from your products?
  • How can you possibly grab their attention?

Think and Decide Your Brand’s Personality

Thinking and deciding your brand’s unique identity is also important. So, before we dive deeper into the ideas to design your packaging, let’s ask a few more questions!

  • How will you define your business and yourself as a brand?
  • Do you decide if your brand is eccentric, simple, classic, or elegant?
  • What type of identity and personality do you want your customers to see from your brand?

How to Design the Most Appealing Packaging for Products?

We can and should admit that product packaging is as important as the product packed inside. Without compelling packaging, your brand will not go anywhere.
So, to help you increase your sales, you will want to check out the ideas to design attractive packaging for products below!

Choose and Use Proper Packaging with Special Printing Options

Indeed, you need to choose and use the proper packaging material. Additionally, specific printing options for your product packaging are essential. However, you need to keep in mind that the more sophisticated your packaging for products is, the more money you will need to spend on it.

Measure the Exact Size

Perhaps you have heard this a lot but trust me, the size of your packaging matters! An exactly measured packaging is valuable for many aspects, including:

  • It helps you minimize the spending budget.
  • It helps you reduce shipping costs
  • It helps you support sustainability by reducing the packaging waste

In the end, measuring the exact size of your packaging for products will help your business in the long run. This effort will let you minimize the amount of material you need. At the same time, the exactly sized packaging will let you highlight the presence of your products.
Hence, in order to get the exact measurements, make sure you know your product specifications properly. Keep in mind that extra space will lead to higher shipping costs. Most importantly, having the right size packaging will also help you position your brand in the market. Eventually, using the right packaging can also influence your customers’ experience.

A Modern Minimalist and Pastel Color Will Be a Perfect Combination

The combination of pastel color and minimalist design can really make your packaging captivating. Pastel colors soften a minimalist packaging design. At the same time, a minimalist design gives the pastel packaging a modern look.
For example, you can design stylish packaging for personal care products with inserts by applying pastel colors. Or else, you can also try out combining the pastel colors with a minimalist design. This will give a vague look. This unique packaging design will ultimately help you highlight your products and brand.

Know the Layers of Your Packaging

When designing the right packaging for products, you need to know more about the packaging layers. The external package will be the first thing customers see. Meanwhile, the internal packaging is the one that contains your products. You can add custom inserts inside the packaging to provide extra product protection.

Apply Innovative Line Art to Your Packaging

Classy drawings combined with fine lines and details will make your packaging look more ground-breaking. You can also try out applying floral patterns or handmade designs. This trend is ideal if your brand pays attention to the details.

For something elegant and detailed, you can go with a geometric and calm drawing style. In addition, this trend also works if you are looking for a beautiful way to draw and display your product.

Apply Eye-Grabbing Trendy Patterns

Combining vibrant stripes and wild colors in a trendy pattern will make your packaging look dazzling. This design will eventually help your packaging for products stand out. The organized and eye-grabbing patterns ultimately set the packaging scene. In the end, this appealing design will give your brand a confident and professional look. Ultimately, it can help to set your brand apart from other competing brands.

Unique Patterns with Vibrant Colors Are Ideal

A simple pattern is a never-ending trend to add something special to your product packaging. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you need to follow this trend to be noticed in the market. Instead, unique or abstract patterns work very well with any brand. Also, don’t forget to use vibrant colors and shapes for your packaging.

Use Your Own Custom Fonts

Today, the bold font style trend in graphic design extends to packaging. Unique font styles help you add different characters to your for personal care tuck boxes. In fact, custom font styles are a smart approach to expressing yourself as a brand.
Well, we know exactly how a unique font will remain in customers’ minds longer. For example, you can choose a retro ambiance, a bold expression, or a creative style.

Try to Make Your Brand Logo the Main Focus of Packaging Design

To be noted, your brand logo will be your business identity. Even better, a striking logo helps the market customers instantly recognize your brand, even from a distance. In this case, you need to place your brand logo in the center of your product packaging. Why? Because by doing this, you can make it more visible.
Remember that your brand logo will also be an essential part of your marketing technique to win the market. So, make sure to make it the main focus.

Don’t Forget to Include Your Branding Elements

For a new brand that has just entered the market industry, all you need to build an identity is branded packaging for products. When making a purchase, a customer first wants to know which company makes the product. Hence, you should also include your branding elements in your product packaging.
Simply put, a unique brand logo does more than just get the most attention. In fact, your logo also plays a great role in raising brand awareness amongst customers.

Custom Labels Are Worth Trying!

A repost has mentioned that about 66% of customers said that they pay more attention to the label on the packaging before proceeding to purchase a product. Additionally, customers always have a positive image about brands that provide strong information. You could follow this trend by applying custom labels on your skin care product packaging!
Additionally, we know how COVID 19 has significantly changed the shopping behavior of our customers. Unquestionably, modern customers always pay attention to what is written on your product packaging. In this situation, you need to make sure that all the information on your packaging will be easy to read. Don’t try to provide a large amount of text on your packaging. As an alternative, you can eventually use lively images and graphics. After all, it’s not only about providing product information to your target customers. Far better, a well-designed label also helps to get customers’ attention.

Work with A Reputable Packaging Supplier to Design Your Packaging for Products

Work with A Reputable Packaging Supplier to Design Your Packaging for Products

Last but not least, another excellent idea you have to try is to work with a reputable packaging supplier. Professional companies like Instant Custom Boxes will help you manage the design process. We are proud to provide you with the most attractive mailer packaging for the products you need.

Wrapping Up

So, don’t you think that your products deserve the most attractive packaging? If you do so, then what keeps you from designing the best packaging for products?
Happy designing!

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