Which Food Container Is Suitable for Transporting Food?


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When you need to take your food from one place to another, the type of container you use is vital. It may have an impact on how stress-free and fresh your food is to carry. Also, there are diverse types of containers such as plastic, glass, steel, and reusable. Furthermore, each type of container has its own effects on food storage. Some are safe for heaven while some are easy to carry. However, definitely, the perfect food container helps to hold the freshness of the food. So, let’s know which food container is right for transporting food!

How Do You Transport Food Safely?

Indeed, carrying food from one place to another safely is challenging. If you run a food business your container can make or break your food brand personality in the crowd.

So, have a look at some tips to transport the food safely!

  • Choose the right container

Firstly, choose a container that is safe and has a snug-fit lid. No doubt, a container of these sorts protects your food from hasty spills and getting spoiled.

  • Keep it cool

If your food needs a cool place, use isolated bags or a cooler with ice bags. These bags prevent bacteria from budding and spoiling your food. Hence, you can deliver your food safely.

  • Separate the food

If you transport various kinds of food such as fruits, vegetables, and sandwiches, put them in single containers. It is a smart way to transport the food safely, without mingling their savors.

Ultimately, you can use seal or closure bags like mylar packaging bags for small food items such as candies, sauces, etc. Also, for delicate items like cakes or pies, plastic wraps and foil are a clever choice.

How Many Types of Food Containers Can You Find?

In the world of containers, a diverse variety of food containers are available to meet the various storage needs of food. Thus, with so many choices, you can store your food for a long time and preserve its taste.


Have a look at some main options below!

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are the most public and widely demanded type of food container. Well, these containers are lightweight and easy to move. Also, their secure and tight lids prevent food from speedy spills.

Glass Containers

Glass containers are heavier than plastic ones but safe for all types of food. In addition, these containers are ideal for storing hot meals because they don’t affect the food flavor as well.

Stainless Steel Containers

The old-style definition of storing and moving the food and ideal for maintaining its freshness. Yes, these containers are super strong and will ensure your food stays safe with tight closure styles.

Mason Containers or Jars

Beyond canning or pickling; Mason containers are ideal for storing liquid food like drinks, shakes, and smoothies. Hence, they are the best option for moving the liquid form of food safely.

Silicon Containers

Silicon containers are handy, foldable, and easy to carry containers. Most importantly, they are super space savers when they are not in use.

Disposable Containers

Lastly, single-used containers are used by restaurants to deliver food in local areas. In addition, they are superb options for on-the-go eating. Also, these containers are safe for the planet.

What Type of Container Should Be Used to Transport TCS Food?

TCS food means temperature control for safety. As the name suggests, it is all about calculating the temperature level for storing the food. So, the key here is to choose the right container to make sure your food stays safe till consumed. But, what type of containers should be used?

Have a look at some points below!

  • Food-grade containers

Use specially designed food-grade containers to control the level of hotness and keep food fresh. But, don’t leave your food in just containers. Over time, you must check your food and take steps to preserve its flavor and taste.

  • Tight seal

Choose containers that come with a safe and tight lid. It is crucial to prevent leakage and wastage of food.

How can you control the temperature?

Well, it is easy but from time to time can be tricky depending on your kind of food. For example, for hot food, you can use insulated containers to keep your foodstuff hot. On the other hand, you must use a cooler or ice bags to keep your food cool and maintain a safe temperature.

What Does It Mean That Food Containers Must Be ServSafe?

When you hear that food containers must be “ServSafe”; what does it mean? It means the food containers follow strict safety regulations to keep your food wholesome.

What are they?

  • Safety standards

ServSafe is a platform to set the standard for handling and storing food. Accordingly, special food containers are designed that meet this standard. Hence, these containers will help you keep your food from getting polluted.

  • Made of safe material

“ServSafe” food containers ensure that you will not become ill by eating the packaged food as the material to produce the containers is safe.

  • Tight sealing

A tight sealing feature will keep your food secure. In addition, labeling helps to mark your custom food boxes. For example, you can label your boxes with food names and dates of preparation. So, customers can track the freshness and safety.

How to Transport Food in Containers Safely?


Food sellers use food packaging boxes to carry the food safely. Well, safe transportation rests on the choice of container.

Here are some points you should note!

  • Food-grade containers

Some food needs cold and some hot, so use food-grade containers that control the heat level for all types of food

  • Separate storage

Separate the raw and cooked food into diverse containers. It is good to avoid mix-ups of aromas

  • Handle with care

Lastly, for moving the food ensure your containers are in a straight position. Plus, when you want to take them out for use, handle them with care.

  • Don’t overload

Avoid over-packing and leave some space in the containers for easy closing. And, it helps to take food out easily.

  • Sealable bags

Use sealable bags to store small items such as chocolates, sauces, sachets, etc.

  • Tight lids

Over time, you must check the lids of the containers before beginning your travel. Make sure that your containers are strongly closed and not open by chance due to moving

Tips for Choosing the Right Food Container

Do you want to preserve food for an extended time? Well, no need to worry, long-lasting food containers are the only way to go. but, the question is how to pick the right one.


Here are some tips you can follow!

  • Think about your food items

First of all, think about your food items like, what kind of food you want to store or carry. Whether you like to store dry food items or a full meal. What’s your preference?

  • Consider your needs

Secondly, consider your needs like whether you can use the container for leftovers or carry lunch. Importantly, destination distance also counts for choosing the right containers. For instance, in the local area you can use disposable while for long distance plastic or stainless steel can be a great choice.

  • Role of material

Choose the right material for the right container. The right material including plastic is lightweight, steel is durable, and silicon is handy or space saver.

  • Size and shapes

Pick a container that fits your portion and can be adjusted in your bags or refrigerators. So, squares and rectangles are smart shapes.

  • User-friendly

People love containers that are easy to open and close. Thus, choose the container by keeping in mind consumers’ convenience.

What Are the Benefits of Using Food Containers to Transport Food?

Indeed, the benefits are endless! Containers are a useful choice to overcome many storing and moving issues.

Some benefits are given below!

  • Lock the freshness of food

Food containers are deliberate to lock your food freshness. Yet, special food-grade containers keep the food far from humidity, and air contact and offer a safe seal.

  • Prevent spills and leakage

Well-fitting lids of containers avoid spills and leakage of food. As a result, people can easily carry their favorite food items by using exceptional food containers.

  • Handy and portable

Food containers are easy to manage for on-the-go feasting. Also, the lightweight and user-friendly design makes these containers easy to move.

  • Eco-friendly

Food containers are reusable and can do more than save you money. In fact, they also play an important role in defending the environment and removing your carbon impacts.

  • They are economical

Using food containers for transporting food is beneficial for both individuals and businesses. How? These containers are washable. Thus, you don’t need to spend money repeatedly buying containers.

Final Notes

Indeed, food containers are important to lock the food flavor. In addition, they help you transport your food anywhere. Also, the right choice of containers helps to keep your food fresh for a long time. Yet, the types of containers such as plastic, glass, silicon, and stainless steel are super handy to transfer the food. Better yet, food-grade containers will surely help you control the temperature of all sorts of food inside. If you need further guidance, you can get assistance from packaging specialists at Instant Custom Boxes.

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